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I couldnt think of an apt title, not sure what word I could call myself, without getting my wrists slapped on here.

I sell mainly cosmetics, but on the side I also sell new/unworn and used clothes. Clothes are a bit of a hit and miss thing, therefore some items had to be listed a few times before getting sold.

so today, i finally sold a pair of new CK trousers, that were too small for me, and I went look for them, and I couldnt find them. I have searched high and low, as I only have a box and a suitcase for ebay items.

and now I recall what I have done with it. I had a big clear out session last week, of the clothes I couldnt sell, and thought I might as well give it to a Charity shop, instead of paying more ebay fees. low and behold all the clothes now gone, i did split the things for keeping, and giving away, but as it was nearly midnight when i'd finished tidying, I think i just chucked them all.

I just feel really silly, there were also some other new with tag clothes gone too.

it was only last monday I took them to the Charity shop, do you think i could go back to explain? or maybe buy back :o

o, i'm such a klutz


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    Most charity shops keep things out the back for few days before putting them out, for exactly that reason.

    I once took a bag of brand new clothes that I'd only bought the previous day and hadn't yet got around to unpacking. It was only when I went to unpack the things meant for the charity shop that I realised my mistake!!

    Go back asap to see if they are still there (and maybe offer to make a small donation fo the loss of a potential sale).


  • larmy16larmy16 Forumite
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    bonvonnie wrote:
    i'm such a klutz

    Sorry that has happened to you, but it is reassuring to know I am not the only one who makes unfortunate mistakes. :o Hope you get the stuff back :)
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    I've never done that, but I did once take a pile of clean washing (odd socks, undies, teatowels, etc) on holiday, instead of a pile of clothes I'd put to one side. My daughter, aged 2,had 2 dresses to last all week!!!!!

    Bad luck.

  • Contains_Mild_PerilContains_Mild_Peril Forumite
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    mumof3 wrote:
    Most charity shops keep things out the back for few days before putting them out, for exactly that reason.
    I always thought it was because it took them a few days to get round to sorting them and/or sell enough to make room for more on the rails. When I give clothes to my favourite charity shop it's usually several weeks before they appear on the rails.
    Try to make as complete a list of possible of everything that was in the bag, and what type of bag if you can remember, then go to charity shop, explain your mistake, and ask nicely if, under the circumstances, you could buy the items back at a reduced price/donation. Make it clear as early as possible in the conversation that you would not expect to put them to all that trouble without at least offering a donation in return for the clothes. If it's not a very busy charity shop, hopefully they'll be able to find the bag quickly, and willing to accept the amount you offer!
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    Hi BonVonnie,

    I hope it works out Ok for you.

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    If you can't get the trousers back email the buyer and honest and grovelly explanation and try to make amends if possible. I have really ballsed-up on a few occasions and have always been forgiven by my buyers!
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