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I have 2 Panasonic and 1 Phillips Dect phones all purchased separately.
How can I get them to all syncronise into my single BT line? Can I share the Address Book (stored on one of teh Panasonics) and have internal paging between handsets?



  • You need to choose which 'phone is to be the base-station, and make sure this is the one plugged into the BT line. Then register the phones to the base-station as per the instructions of each 'phone. This usually involves keeping the page button on the base-station pressed down while the phone searches for the base-station.

    As for sharing address books and internal paging, that's up to whim of each manufacturer. The 'GAP' standard only requires DECT 'phones to transfer calls and nothing else as far as I know.

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  • DECT phones again. Question - Having just purchased, charged and set up a BTSynergy 3105 quad set I find that there appears to be no way to chain dial. This means I cannot dial the prefix (for over-ride provider 1899 - thank you Martin you lovely boy you), then call up the memory to call a particular number. i.e. once you've started dialling the keypad is fixed in number mode and no other dial function can be accessed. I shall send the kit back as not fit for the prupose. And, of course, if one stores a number with the 1899 prefix included, caller recognition won't work.

    Does anybody know of any dect phones (minimum 4 pack preferred), that will allow me to do this?
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  • A common problem with various phones that they will only replay memories to initiate a call rather than during one...

    One workaround with some phones is that you can add a PAUSE into the dial string (usually 2secs) allowing the service time to sync/accept your call

    eg 1899 pause pause pause RESTOFNUMBERS

    Of course that means putting 1899ppp permanently into your stored numbers.

    This is typically more useful when you use say an 08718xxxxx number to make cheaper mobile calls

    I used to store two versions of the number on my phone
    and plain NUMBER

    and use the one appropriate for time of day/tariffs/circumstances.
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    Perhaps another option would be to buy a V4 dialler - should solve all your problems and wouldn't limit you to just 1899!
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