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Does anyone have any experience of growing aubergines? I have two in large pots in my conservatory which are kept well watered and fed. The plants have loads of flowers on but they seem to drop off before any fruits form. This is the first year I have tried growing them so wondered if anyone had any ideas.


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    Hi there

    This is my 1st year growing aubergines too -I have had 1 off allready, I have 1 thats only like a plum so far -and loads of flowers.. some of my flowers have dropped off too -so im assuming they are like courgettes -Male flowers that drop off and female ones that lose the petals to revel the start of fruits..
    Hopefully you will get some fruits soon
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  • rockie4rockie4 Forumite
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    We've tried for 2 years now but the same has happened, nice flowers appear then drop off:mad:
    I don't know the answer but i WILL get aubergines one day......
  • sexki11ensexki11en Forumite
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    Mine are doing the same thing. I kep forgetting to look in my books and see if i'm doing something wrong :confused:

    SK x
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  • Gebo26Gebo26 Forumite
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    It could be a pollination problem. Whilst aubergines do not have separate male and female flowers they may still need to cross-pollinate.
    Try hand pollinating by transferring pollen from one flower to another; use a small soft paintbrush ar a cotton bud but go easy or you may damage the flower parts.
  • Blackjack_DavyBlackjack_Davy Forumite
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    Agreed, it's a pollination problem. You need to encourage some insects to get to your plants and pollinate them. Thats why they're usually grown in greenhouses rather than conservatories, people usually don't take too kindly to insects flying around their conservatory!

    Try gently tapping the flowers to knock down some pollen as per tomatos.
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  • MaxjessdruMaxjessdru Forumite
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    Thanks Gebo26 and Blackjack Davy - will give that a go and let you know how I get on. Glad its not just me with the problem - although there are usually far too many flying insects in the conservatory! (two sets of double doors open all day). Will get a paintbrush out tonight and have a go.
  • i have grown them twice, both times no fruit. Mine are in a large greenhouse, in grobags, and next to some toms that pollinated fine, so I am at a loss!
  • JWFJWF Forumite
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    This is my first year growing aubergines but I am pleased to say that they appear to be fruiting fine. I gave them a quick squirt with a mister, but we have loads of hoverflies buzzing around so maybe they did the job of pollenating them for me really!
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  • Red_CatRed_Cat Forumite
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    I am also growing Aubergines for the first time this year. Long purple is the variety, but I have them out doors in a big trough next to my chillies and sweet peppers. all have flowered and are setting fruit, apart from the aubergines so far.

    I would take the tip and use a cotton bud to pollinate the flowers, but it has been so wet this past few days since the flowers occurred. I will await some sunshine before I try this.

    I also feed them once a week with tomato plant food, which I also use on the other crops. Anybody see any harm in this?

    Good luck everyone!

    Red Cat
    Hoping this year is better than the last. :)
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    Hi red cat

    Mine get a feed of tomato food too ;) -everything in my garden that has flowers that turn to fruit get it :p aubergine is in a tub out in the garden -aubergines are very greedy feeders..
    After having my 1st one off and 1 baby one waiting -now about the size of an egg.. i now have 5 more on their way -so far :T .. i have had flowers drop off but only a couple..we do get loads of bees n bugs in the garden -so hopefully that is helping
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