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Window box ideas please?

hi there,

I'd like to grow a window box. The window is east facing and gets a fair amount of light in the afternoon.

Ideally I'd like a perenial that is colourful and has a strong really scent. I've never done this before so any help would be great.



  • roger_croger_c Forumite
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    Window box ideas please?

    Has nobody got any ideas?
  • mary43mary43 Forumite
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    Are you thinking of herbs or flowers ? Or maybe a mixture ?
    A selection of herbs would look good with the varigated leaf colours (purple basil, purple sage, as well as green ones) with the odd flower popped in to compliment..............nasturiums maybe ?
    I must admit I don't have a window box so can only go by what grows in our garden in the areas of afternoon light.
    Maybe someone will come up with a few more ideas.

    I'm creative -you can't expect me to be neat too !
    (Good Enough Member No.48)
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