Orange Retail and the story of a faulty phone.....

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I have posted this also in MOBILE BOARD

Just thought the MSE'ers in Northern Ireland should read what orange is up to !>:(

These are copies of replies posted to my initial query and replies posted by me.
I recently purchased a motorola v220 from Orange, handset one was faulty straight off and so I got a replacement. Handset two developed a fault with gprs within a few days and so I got another replacement. Now handset number 3 has developed a fault. Orange said all that they can do is send it to motorola for repair but to be honest, I'd like a different handset. Can I ask for this? Orange say that their customer policy states that if a phone develops a fault after the 28 day return point has passed, then all they can do is offer a repair. I would accept this if it was the first handset, but surely after 3 I have a bit more leeway?

I'd like to stay with orange as I have an OVP tarriff on my phone. Can anyone offer any advice?

Hi, I too are having a lot of trouble with Orange over a faulty phone.I went into my local store armed with a 5 page leaflet which I'd printed off the Trading Standards website.It states that if they say"It isnt our fault the goods are defective-go back to the manufacturer", it is not true- you bought the goods from the trader, not the manufacturer, & the trader is liable for any breaches of contract(unless he was acting as the manufacturer's agent).I do know for sure before 6 months if it goes wrong they should offer a replacement.If u look thru the pages on this forum, someone has an actual link for the trading standards leaflet.I personally r on pay as u go & I'm considering another network after this. hope this helps you
Hi again, the page you want is page 2, consumer rights over a faulty mobile phone-posted by Bargain hunter.It has the link for the trading standards leaflet that I used! Best of luck to ya, Sanchez (scroll down the page & you will see a link to use)
You say recentley you bought the phone and are now on your third, are you 28 days after reciept of 3rd handset? if so you could still argue the 28 day bit. i had same problem with the v525 when it came out and i had 3 handsets going faulty so i told shop (cpw & voda) i lost faith in the handset and didnt want another so suggested the v600 which i did get and never had a problem with. The problems which occured with the v525 were mostley due to the software/branding put into the phone !

What fault you got this time? just incase its an easy one

Hi all, !

The fault with the current handset is that it keeps switching off and then back on and then it drops network coverage !

I really hope I can get this sorted out as I am so frustrated with the whole thing. !
Quick update, !

Trading standards have been so good and sent me out an info pack with everything I need to know and what to do at each step of the way. There is a specific leaflet in the pack relating to mobiles, so if anyone has problems like I did ( and still do, cos it's not resolved yet) get in touch with them and they are only too happy to help


0845 600 62 62
Further Update

Orange still can't give me a straight answer to my faulty phone. I also discovered today that they have not sent my phone to motorola, as they said they would, but have sent it to a third party repair company !

Below is a copy of the complaint I have just sent to orange using
Dear Orange

Below are the details of a complaint that I wish to pursue with you. I would be grateful if this issue could be dealt with at your earliest convenience.

Ideally, I would like all correspondence (wherever possible) to be via email to me directly at [email=""][email protected][/email] (by replying to this email)

Alternatively, you can contact me in writing at :

or by telephone at: !

Yours faithfully,
Ms xxxxxx


Date of Incident:

Rough Value of Transaction:

The incident occurred at:
Orange Retail !

I have previously contacted the following about this matter:
Orange customer services, motorola, consumerline

Product or service supplied (or issue):
Faulty mobile phone

Main cause of Complaint:
Line/reception is faulty, damaged, ineffective !

The following would be considered a proper resolution:
Resupply product or service

Complaint Details:
I have purchased 3 motorola 220 handsets from orange retail in xxx,since September 2004, the third handset has proved to be faulty as were the first two. Orange said they would send my phone to motorola for repair, I have discoverd today that it has been sent to a third party repair company who is in no way connected to motorola. As this is my third handset of the same model, I feel it is not unreasonable for me to ask for a new phone in a different model/brand. Orange have not been able to give me a straight answer and everytime I try to contact them I get a different story yet again, they won't budge and say it is company policy to only offer a repair. !

Reply from Orange to my intial complaint through "How to Complain"
Dear xxx

Thank you for your mail.

We're sorry to hear about the problems you have been experiencing with your phone.

We are able to confirm that unless you have Orange care or any form of third party insurance it will not be possible to replace your handset once outside of 28 days after it develops a fault. It is possible however if you are a Contract customer to take out one of the following emergency care or an emergency replacement, unfortunately with this we are only able to offer a like for like replacement and not a different model.

If you have any more questions relating to this matter you will please need to contact our Customer services department on 07973 100 450 if you are a Pay As You Go customer or 07973 100 150 if you are a Contract customer. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week where one of our operators can happily assist you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Orange Customer Services

Below is a copy of the letter I intend to send to Motorola to see if I get any joy with them
In September of this year I purchased a new Motorola v220 handset from my local orange outlet (company owned). This handset was faulty straight from the box; I returned the phone the following day and was informed I would have to wait until the next day until a manager was available. I returned the next day and the handset was replaced. This new handset failed after two weeks. Once again I returned the phone to the store and was given yet another new handset. Now on my third handset, the second warranty replacement, it has failed after six weeks of usage. The phone, although the same make and model each time has demonstrated different problems on each occasion. When I returned yet again I was informed that the handset was outside of oranges 28 day return policy and I would not be entitled to a replacement unit. Instead a repair would be carried out by the manufacturer (Motorola). I have since discovered that this is not the case. Orange retail returned the handset to a third party repair centre known as ‘mastercare’, who say they are an accredited repair centre for Motorola, not in ANY way affiliated to Motorola.
I shall not be purchasing any Motorola products in future as I have been left deeply disappointed in thier product and its performance. I await your comments with interest.

I am losing my mind over this......... wouldn't mind if it was the first phone I've had problems with, but to have THREE models all faulty within a short space of time in ridiculous!

sorry for going on, but I really neede to get it all off my chest !:-[


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