breathing difficulties any ideas?

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my mum has had breathing difficulties for years on off but overall never been too bad. she does not smoke but gave up about 27 years ago. at the moment she feels she can hardly breathe at times and her blood pressure is very high. at the moment she is not takjing anything 4 it. the doctors are not sure what it is. they say that part could be psychological but she also feels that there must be something else.
obviously i know that giving medical advice is not really the way of this site but any tips would help or any medical forums people could direct me too would be really useful. thanking you in advance.


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    It is totally impossible to give you any ideas as the range of possibilities is so great.

    I was having breathing difficulties last year, had put on loads of weight, found it difficult to get out of a chair etc etc and the route of the problem was that the nerves in my bladder were no longer telling me when to pee and I was drinking more than I was peeing and so became waterlogged.

    If something like a failure of the nerves to commicate from bladder to brain can lead to breathing difficulties you can see the possibilities for other issues are endless.

    You may find having a go at the tests at NETDOCTOR will give you an idea if she may be depressed or overweight or the information on Allergy and asthma may be useful.
    They also have an "Ask the Doctor" facility and reading through the answers there might also give you some ideas of possible avenues to explore.
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  • Is she breathless on exertion or when she feels anxious?

    Not a Doctor but has she had bloodtests? It could be anaemia.
    Has she got fluid type swelling at all, ankles etc. That could indicate cardiac problems.

    She should go back to the doctor's until she is satisfied with their explanations.
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  • The reasons for breathlessness are so numerous it would be better left to a specialist to discern the cause in your mums case.
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    I have breathing difficulties due to Asthma which is normally well controlled by only spasmodic use of inhalers but the last 2 weeks especially I have had great problems. Does your Mum live in the Midlands? The air here is absolutely dreadful. Quite seriously, if she's up to it, try taking her to North Wales at an altitude above sea level eg near Llangollen or to the Lake Vrnwy area and let her see how she breathes. I find it works every time and reduces the panicky feelings as it shows it is due to pollution in the air not a detioration in me! Obviously all other advice in this thread is vital, ie go to Doctors and do not get fobbed off. Als if she feels well enough and can afford it (about £170) go on a day trip to Iceland. The purest air I've ever had the delight to breathe. Forgot about being asthmatic. Worth the cost for the breathing experience. truly.
    Good luck. x
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    the Original Poster has not asked for any medical advice, just links to sites where she can ask for it
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