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single person water rate discount
Closed Thread
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# 1
Old 17-06-2008, 4:58 PM
MoneySaving Newbie
Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 5
Default single person water rate discount

I live alone in a 3 bed house. I got my annual water rates through and was going to be charged £315.78 for the year. (EXTORTIONATE but perhaps a rate that could be understood if I were a family of 2.4)

I contacted Thames Water about being put on a water meter
1) to save money
2) to be environmentally aware (which I have strong views for)

A meter would cost me £191 a year - a saving of £124.78

A surveyor visited and said I could not have a water meter because my stopcock was not easily accessible. I brought this to the attention of Thames Water who then said because I lived alone I was eligible for a discount (funny how you have to ask and they don't advertise this fact!)but depending on how many bedrooms my property has. I said it was 3 bed although one of these is a small study. This made no difference. So based on a single resident in a 3 bed property I now will pay an annual rate of.........£266.00
Yet again an example of single people being penalised EVEN THOUGH I tried to do the right thing environmentally as well. So single people GET THAT DISCOUNT! I know you get a council tax discount - whoop-de-doo! - but if anyone else out there knows of any more - do tell!
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# 2
Old 17-06-2008, 6:53 PM
Deliciously Dedicated Diehard MoneySaving Devotee
Join Date: Mar 2005
Posts: 23,671

Many flats have the problem of not being able to have a meter fitted and so get an assessed charge as you have done for your house.

You simply cannot say that a meter would cost you(exactly) £191 a year as it depends on how much water you use - although that may well be an average for a single person. The average is 6o cubic metres per person per year.

The bad news for you is that your company(and others) bases its assessed charge on the number of bedrooms. Other companies base the assessed charge on the number of occupants.
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# 3
Geoffo M
Old 17-06-2008, 9:55 PM
Serious MoneySaving Fan
Join Date: Apr 2006
Posts: 1,145

I also live alone in a 3 bedroom property, and decided to move to a water meter a couple of years ago. My annual bill went from £365 down to £132 in that first year, an enormous reduction. By definition, I would have thought a stopcock needs to be readily accessible in case of emergencies. If it is not sufficiently accessible to satisfy Thames Water, perhaps it might be worth getting a quote for the alterations needed to satisfy them. The savings could make it well worth your while.

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# 4
Old 24-06-2008, 8:33 AM
MoneySaving Newbie
Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 5

Unfortunately aside from getting a whole new kitchen, there's not a lot I can do.
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# 5
Old 24-06-2008, 9:00 AM
Fantastically Fervent MoneySaving Super Fan
Join Date: Jul 2007
Posts: 5,293

I asked for the info re getting a Water Meter, i was told that i would need a new electrical earth involving lifting floorboards, as the old one could not be guarenteed. Needless to say this would be at my expense, and needless to say i declined.
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# 6
Old 12-08-2008, 3:34 PM
MoneySaving Convert
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 39

It is indeed interesting to note the numerous water companies that choose to provide capped bills to bathaholic jobless on income support who can't afford to pay for the water they choose to use.
It seems to me that Thames water almost appears to be run by the Labour party with it's choices on who to offer specialised assessed water bills to.
No discounts to the 40% of londoners that are single, widowed etc, war pensioners who fought for their country etc perhaps boris should take over thames water he would show the sods how english people want their water bills and who they want speacial deals for.
I think most londoners who voted for boris if given a vote would happily vote to give the elderly and other single dwellers an assessed bill based on 60-75 M3. Unfortunately some do-gooder in Thames water thinks it's best to keep labour cronies and their supporters happy by giving capped bills to the growing army of hoodie-spawning income support for life families who appear to be bathaholics with a phobia for replacing dripping tap washers or indeed doing any basic maintenance around their Flat - instead preferring to spend their entire lifes grumbling about how the council has not fixed their 5p rubber washer that any old fool could have replaced in 5 minutes other than a total slob!
So the moral of the story is that in london if you work all your life and pay your taxes you'll just have to grit your teeth for the next few years an pray that more folks like boris with a sense of fair play for all get into power - after all it was boris who scrapped the 50% discount for bus fares for layabouts on income support - i accept he may have referred to them as deserved individuals who shoudl not be getting discounted travel on the backs of poor Venezuela and it's oil. I think many would love to pay boris on the back for stopping the rewards layabout luxuries.
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