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    • custardy
    • By custardy 25th Oct 07, 11:36 AM
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    • 25th Oct 07, 11:36 AM
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    • 25th Oct 07, 11:36 AM
    you may/do need a public performers licence in certain situations

    chek the link,do i need a licence
    • adouglasmhor
    • By adouglasmhor 25th Oct 07, 11:36 AM
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    • 25th Oct 07, 11:36 AM
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    • 25th Oct 07, 11:36 AM
    No you need a licence from the performing rights society for all these things + a PPL licence as well so it's dearer, Do you sell things in your shop or just give them away? Do you think the musicians and songwriters work for nothing. If it's one small radio or TV its's under £60 per annum. If you don't pay it

    PRS will take all reasonable steps to ensure those playing copyright music in public are made aware of the need for a licence.
    We have representatives in and around the UK who visit public premises to assess potential licensing requirements and we regularly contact businesses to help ensure they are not infringing copyright.
    Failure to obtain a licence for the use of music in public may result in civil action against you for copyright infringement and you may be liable to pay damages and costs.
    A PRS licence is required for playing music under the terms of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.
    by prs website
    Last edited by adouglasmhor; 25-10-2007 at 11:38 AM.
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  • robert_harper_2000
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    • 25th Oct 07, 11:55 AM
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    • 25th Oct 07, 11:55 AM
    Under UK copyright law (the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988) licences are required if music is to be played in public. The Performing Rights Society (PRS) and Phonographic Performances Ltd (PPL) both issue licences to the owner of the premises. The latter will also issue licences to individuals if they are to hold, for example, a disco, dance sessions or aerobics classes.
    What do these organisations do?

    The Performing Rights Society (PRS) collects the licence fees and protects the rights of the musical and lyrical composition of the music and the publishers. A licence from PRS will allow you to perform the music publicly on the premises.
    Phonographic Performances Ltd (PPL ) collects the licence fees for the public performance of original sound recordings of the music and protects the interests of the record companies and performers.
    This is how it works
    1. If you wish to play, for example, a radio in your shop or factory or an instrument at an event, then you will probably need a licence from PRS. If you have hired the premises for the event, check with the owner as to whether they have one already.
    2. If you wish to play original CDs or tapes, for example, on a 'music on hold' telephone system, at a disco, for aerobics classes, at a special event or in your shop or factory, then as well as the PRS licence you will probably also need a PPL licence. If the sound recordings or music system are rented, the supplier should provide this licence. If you are employed to play the music then the employer is usually responsible for the licences, but do check.
    3. If you want to alter the music on the CD or tape, then you would need to apply for a licence from the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) too. You may find that the MCPS-PRS Alliance will be able to help you with 1 & 3 at the same time.
    4. For clubs, pubs, and those who wish to play music videos in public, you would need to contact Video Performance Ltd (VPL). The Video Performance Ltd link will also inform you of Music Mall, a division of VPL that sources and supplies music videos to a range of clients.
    Help me to help you
  • robert_harper_2000
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    • 25th Oct 07, 12:15 PM
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    • 25th Oct 07, 12:15 PM
    Thanks everyone! Yeap it was £59.36 + VAT just another Tax
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    • Donegal_Paul
    • By Donegal_Paul 25th Oct 07, 2:20 PM
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    • 25th Oct 07, 2:20 PM
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    • 25th Oct 07, 2:20 PM
    I had the twits ring up 3 times last week!!

    The first guy got the wife and didnt let her get a word in and gave me the phone and i finally got to grips about what he was on about, (we get a lot of idiots ring us with scams etc)

    I told him to sling his hook in not so many words.

    Got another call from his super, stating id been abusive, (strong in my way, but not effing and blinding to be fair)

    When i asked him what address he had with this number (as they claimed to have sent us several letters that we'd ignored) he gave me an address in Hertfordshire over 50 miles away!
  • Dangly
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    • 30th Oct 07, 12:35 PM
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    • 30th Oct 07, 12:35 PM

    I have a question on this as well if someone could help. We are EPOS support company and PRS have called us saying we need one of their licences. Now our doors are closed to the genernal public and we play BBC Radio2 in reception do we need any other licences for this other than TV licence?

    The only people that hear the radio are staff and invited guests.
  • Dangly
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    • 31st Oct 07, 1:44 PM
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    • 31st Oct 07, 1:44 PM
    Can anyone confirm if we need a licence to play inside a private building?
  • babiebeany
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    • 31st Oct 07, 5:30 PM
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    • 31st Oct 07, 5:30 PM
    We were absolutely plagued by these idiots earlier in the year and at first assumed they were the usual scammers.

    In the end though it did turn out that they are from an actual organisation - but their methods make them seem like scammers.

    In the end I had a right go at the girl ringing me for the third time on the same day and told her to ring maybe once every 3 months rather than on a daily basis.

    My business is so small and receiving countless calls is just so time consuming even if they do turn out to be legit.

    I think they need to rethink how they contact people as they sound like every other call centre.
  • robert_harper_2000
    True. We ignored them for about a year and the cafe around the corner said he ignores them and they go away. lol
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    • baldelectrician
    • By baldelectrician 9th Nov 07, 1:11 AM
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    When I answer the phone (I am a sole trader) , I tell them the boss is not available.

    I also tell them I am NOT authorised to make business decisions and all communication should be in writing.

    At this point they give up the ghost
  • robert_harper_2000
    awww....but at least I am doing the right thing......
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    • TBeckett100
    • By TBeckett100 9th Nov 07, 10:06 PM
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    there are companies who call "on behalf" of. they are scammers. insist they send something in writing. dont do it over the dog and bone
  • charliejasmin
    Performing Rights Society... What a joke!!!
    My husband came home from work today and his workplace have now banned all radios, mp3s and Cd players because they are not prepared to pay for this ridiculous licence.
    70 people work there, and the PRS want to charge the company 1400.00 per year.
    How many thousands of people listen to the radio at work, which by the way is a public broadcast which artists use to sell their records in the first place!
    People hear a song on the radio which they like then go out and buy it!
    This country really is going down the pan rapidly, will we be charged for the air we breathe next???
    We already pay enough taxes without adding something so pathetic as this.
    Ive just brought the latest Madonna album for 12.99, ive paid for it so why shouldnt i be able to listen to it at work on my headphones to break the day up.
    Why is it now illeagal to listen to a public broadcast such as the radio ( which helps artists make loads of money anyway by advertising their records ).
    Also will i now be breaking the law by listening to my music that i have already paid for, whilst driving to work?
    All I can say is what a load of crap this licence is!!!
    I thought it was a free country ........ how wrong was I
  • matty321
    Yes PRS is a load of crap, tell you what I'll fit a kitchen for you for for 4000 then charge you 50 a month to use it, would I get away with that? No so what the hell makes musicians so special (I am one by the way) you get paid for your work when you sell your CD or download (if it's any good!) lets say you get 1 for each CD album sold and you sell 1 Million, that's more than many paople earn in a lifetime! many popular bands and musicians get pretty rich from what they do before they receive royalties from PRS & MCPS, so what right do they have to extort more money from people for products they have already sold! Oh, sorry I forgot they need that money to fuel their drug crazed, alchohol infused lifestyle, otherwise ooo eeer they might just have to do some real work like the rest of us!
  • charliejasmin
    Well said matty321

    Its a real shame all musicians dont have your outlook!!!
    All the best with your career!!!

    This PRS is just another pathetic way of scamming more money out of decent honest working class people.

    I just cant believe it in this day and age........ political correctness gone way out of control!!!
    PRS........ WHAT A JOKE!!!!
    • savemoney
    • By savemoney 26th Jun 08, 5:25 PM
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    They also get paid from the radio for playing, but that isnt enough for these entertainers they wont to be paid over and over again
    • LittleVoice
    • By LittleVoice 28th Jun 08, 9:08 AM
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    . . . so why shouldnt i be able to listen to it at work on my headphones to break the day up.
    Originally posted by charliejasmin
    If you are listening to your own player on headphones, there is no requirement for a licence. It is only if others also can hear it that a licence is required.
  • charliejasmin
    If you are listening to your own player on headphones, there is no requirement for a licence. It is only if others also can hear it that a licence is required.
    Originally posted by LittleVoice

    Trouble is as soon as you wear headphones it then becomes a health and safety issue.
    So whats wrong with listening to a public broadcast even if third parties can hear it??
    In the work place there is also a noise level restriction due to health and safety, so its not like you can play your radio at full volume anyway!!!
    This PRS licence is just a pc way of scamming money out of people!!!
    What a miserable place work places are going to be now then!!!
    • LilMissEmmylou
    • By LilMissEmmylou 29th Jun 08, 9:33 AM
    • 1,688 Posts
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    If you are listening to your own player on headphones, there is no requirement for a licence. It is only if others also can hear it that a licence is required.
    Originally posted by LittleVoice
    just what i was going to say

    at the end of the day you are charged for the right to air a performance if you like. to listen to it on ur own is one thing, to use it as a motivational tool for your workers, to amuse customers etc is helping a business profits. So why shouldnt you pay for the right? You would pay a TV licence to play a tv in the office right? Thats more acceptable though because you know of it and have become used to it? Also professional artists dont make anywhere near 1 profit per cd! Flip me, they wish they did. In fact those who just sell their CDs after small gigs etc and are not signed... they are the ones to make the most profit per CD.

    This is one of my big bug bears, people who dont like to pay for music or the right to use it to benefit themselves.

    oh and by the way 1400 sounds a lot.... but thats only 20 per year per person working. Personally i think thats a cheap (and also effective) method of motivating staff!
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