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    • Drawingaline
    • By Drawingaline 4th Dec 17, 9:37 AM
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    Drawing a line under the debt. Take two.
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    • 4th Dec 17, 9:37 AM
    Drawing a line under the debt. Take two. 4th Dec 17 at 9:37 AM
    So, I can't believe that I haven't updated my diary since the end of march. So much has happened in that time I feel a fresh new one is better. Here is the link to my previous one.

    So what has happened. Well my husband FINALLY got a job! He was made redundant in April 2016 and started a new role in June 2017. In that time I was holding down two part time jobs so that we could pay the mortgage and bills and in that time I also made a bit of a dent in the debt we owed. The role he got was originally a six month contract through an agency so we were obviously concerned for the future, but within a month he was invited to apply for a full time position and got it. So since the end of September he has been back in a permanent role, and we have no concern that he won't pass his probationary period which is up just after Xmas. The job is also with a very good company, and he gets a discount card for two shops so that is great too. The only downside is that he has to take two trains to get there which is about £300 a month and he is only on what he was on in his previous job, but due to our finances being in much better shape now it is doable.

    I started YNAB in Oct 16 and have used it very carefully for the past year. I adore it and plan to keep it forever

    So what has been happening to the debt. Last time I was here I had cleared our big loan due to wanting to avoid having too much in savings because of a massive mistake by the job centre with my husband's JSA claim. He signed off the week after the interview we had with them and I was planning to xfer the child benefit to his name for his NI to be paid but then he landed the job. We have heard nothing from them at all. I still think they may try to claw back the money that we received that we shouldn't have and of course if that happens we will dispute it as we didn't lie or omit anything, it was a massive error in their part, but we will pay money back if we have to. But nothing, not a word at all

    I had managed to get the debt down from 22k to 17k with aggressive debt payments but in may I received a decent sized inheritance from a family member. Enough to buy a new (to us) car (mine finally died in early September at 17yrs old) clear 10k of debt and do some of the much needed home improvements. The reason I didn't clear all the debts was that we would have been left with nothing at all for the home improvements (and I was bored of having half a kitchen and no bath) and our back fence fell down in July so we have had a lovely new back fence out up, and am getting the back garden landscaped, had a new bathroom put in, finished the kitchen (apart from tiling, need to save for this) plastered the rest of the house, and had some new carpets out in. The relative that left the money was huge on owning your own property and I felt I needed to use some of the money to add value to the house. There is still stuff to do and I am saving for that now.

    So our debt stands at about 8k total. One loan and one interest free credit card. My go going forward is to not add to that and clear the credit card within the time limit.

    This coming year we are planning two big holidays so everything spare is going towards that, I need £3500 by the end of march, I have £1000 towards that already but debt busting will be taking a bit of a backseat while I get all this money together.

    Personally, I have quit one of my jobs. Once we knew my husband was employed full time by the company we looked at the finances and due to some quite serious issues our smallest child is having ongoing at school, we decided it was important that I was home more in the evening. Also the company that took us over a year ago are a shocking company to work for so the decision was an easy one to make and I quit my evening job. I miss it so much, it was a job I adored and I loved most of the people I worked with. But it was right for us as a family. So now I am self employed school hours, mon-fri, which is hard work. I get no time to myself and feel I am constantly playing catch up at home, but it needed to be done. The smallest boy did improve quite a bit after I finished work, but this past week has had a huge backslide again

    Anyway enough about me now, I am off to catch up on the diaries I used to follow to see what everyone has been up to. So pleased to be back
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    • Drawingaline
    • By Drawingaline 21st Dec 17, 7:26 AM
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    Enjoying my half hour of quiet before the kids get up.

    Been a manic couple of days. The girl finished school yesterday, the boys today. So she is coming to town with me to get the biggest boys gift and the last bits for stockings and family members. then she will come to my job in the afternoon as she wants some cash

    Have booked to go to a trampoline park after school, not sure if it is a mad idea, but I like to mark the end of term with an outing, hopefully the little two will last. It finishes at 5 and then we will go to town to look at the lights and meet the husband when his train gets in. He is working from home tomorrow so this is the last 6.30am wake up for a while. I have one job today, then three tomorrow although they all want lie ins too so starting at 10 and finishing at 4 which is later than normal. But then, HOLIDAY! Which I won't like when I get Januarys pay!

    Husband got paid yesterday so Feb bills all sorted in ynab, I couldn't put much to the holiday account as have had to put £300 aside for the carpet fitters but this is the last big thing I have planned in the house for a while, we have had so much work done this past year, and I finally feel like we are getting somewhere!

    Anyway best get the kids breakfast sorted......
    • wishingthemortgaheaway
    • By wishingthemortgaheaway 21st Dec 17, 8:16 AM
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    Hi 5 to you for being the poster person for Ynab and being a month ahead in your budgeting. A month ahead in ynab is something I only ever dreamed about. (Technically I think I could have juggled things to do it from savings etc, but never did)

    Have a lovely end of term, my little one loves the trampoline place near us, but we only ever go during toddler time.
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    • Drawingaline
    • By Drawingaline 21st Dec 17, 10:29 PM
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    Thanks for stopping by, it feels.good to be ahead in ynab. We managed to do it because when my husband was unemployed our tax credits covered the bills. These are paid four weekly so over the year we manage to get ahead.

    The kids enjoyed the trampoline park, so it was worth the expense. They have a quiet day tomorrow, mine is busy, si hours work, but then I am officially off until the 3rd January.
    • Drawingaline
    • By Drawingaline 23rd Dec 17, 2:53 PM
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    Yesterday was such hard work, but all done and got some chocolates from some clients so that was nice.

    Braved the food shop this morning at 7am, with, what seemed like half the town, twas hell but it is done, just a small list of fresh bits to pick up tomorrow, we live within walking distance of a large supermarket, do will pop in after church.

    Because I was up so early I am having a quiet one today, finally got the rest of the books onto the big bookshelves and put up some more pictures. Husband grumbles 'why did we bother paying for all that to be plastered if you are just going to hide the entire wall again', but the awful artexed walls have gone so I don't care it was certainly an expense that wasn't strictly necessary,but I hated them and they desperately needed painting again, so had to take down the shelves and pictures anyway. It's such a big stairwell I actually had to get a local handyman to come in and paint the ceiling and top two inches of the walls where I couldn't reach he had done work for me previously and is very reasonably priced. Well worth the £50 tbh, it gives it that professional finish I just can't achieve when painting, my cutting in is shocking

    Anyway I need to get ready to pick up a friend from town, I have her son here today as her hubby is on nights atm and needed to sleep. She was getting the bus but I offered to take and pick her up as I am free.

    Need to plan out what to do tomorrow, being a Sunday it means two church services, so less time to do the stuff we normally do. Definitely think a trip out to a park is in order at some point though.
    • Mumoffourkids
    • By Mumoffourkids 23rd Dec 17, 4:12 PM
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    Wow you are brave to be doing a food shop today even if it was at 7am! I did mine online at the start of the week and then my dad is going to bring the rest of stuff. I might have to pop to the local shop tomorrow to top up bread and milk but that will be it.
    • Drawingaline
    • By Drawingaline 2nd Jan 18, 8:45 PM
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    So Xmas break done. Had a lovely relaxing time, but back to work tomorrow (along with the normal January viral cold). Sent in my time sheet for December, my pay will cover the mortgage, £50 for 'entertainment' and £50 towards a special relax session for the smallest. Hopefully January should be an ok month wage wise.

    We had a family Xmas, then me and he husband had a night away on the 28th (mum had the kids for 24hrs and gave us money for the hotel and dinner as our Xmas gift) which was lovely and relaxing. Husband was blown away by his present (been saving up for it in ynab for six months, but told him we couldn't afford it ) so he asked if I wanted to go shopping for some jewellery while we were away. I was shocked, mainly because he doesn't buy me jewellery and I don't really wear it, and I told him so and that if we were staying in a hotel NEXT DOOR to an IKEA he was taking me shopping there as I had a list we have been together 20yrs, really, he thinks I want jewellery over IKEA?!!!

    So a fun few hours for me, not for him but we came in budget so all good.

    We had a quick trip to in laws over the weekend which was lovely, and a quiet new year. Been to London to visit my oldest friend today, we never get together enough which is a shame.

    So back to it now, savings goals are not going well this month, and I need to get passports for the three boys if we are to go to France for the smallest birthday like he wants
    • Drawingaline
    • By Drawingaline 4th Jan 18, 9:44 PM
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    Back to school for the kids today. The smallest was so sad, broke my heart. Did my two jobs and joined the boss for an extra one, so another hours pay in next month's money. Also discussed the possibility of taking on a new client, Will mean some juggling of school runs, but hopefully my sister can help out.

    Long day tomorrow, six hours and three jobs. But nothing really planned for the weekend, although I do need to get the flooring up in the kitchen and hallway.
    • FiscalPickle
    • By FiscalPickle 6th Jan 18, 2:05 PM
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    Just popping in to say hello, you are very organised I'm impressed! I would love to get the stage of ageing my money so I'm paying for this month's bills with last month's wage, Utopia
    DFD - 26/10/19
    In the process of shedding £20k and 35lbs
    • Drawingaline
    • By Drawingaline 10th Jan 18, 8:35 PM
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    Thanks for stopping by fiscalpickle. I checked my age of money today on YNAB and it has jumped to 43days, the highest yet

    So had a quiet weekend, I actually lefty phone upstairs and read two books I really should read more, I have found browsing on my phone has replaced reading, which isn't really a good thing. Me and hubby watches the second series of Dirk Gently which had been released on netflix and really enjoyed it. We used to watch a lot of things together, but again technology has made it easier for us to just do our own thing.

    Money wise I have been paid. Mortgage category filled and small amount set aside for entertainment. But I have £200 ready for the weekend away next month and have been looking at how we will sort this (possible) trip to Paris for two adults and four kids been looking at Airbnb, which is a new thing for me, but seems the best option as we have our own space rather than two hotel rooms. Think we can do two nights in may for under £800, which seems reasonable. Then spends/food on top of that, but as it is the smallest birthday and he requested to go we can buy him a small present to unwrap (like £10) and ask grandparents for money to go up the Eiffel tower etc.
    • Drawingaline
    • By Drawingaline 22nd Jan 18, 5:24 PM
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    Right, I have been unbelievably slack at updating the diary again!

    So what has happened. Well my son was in the final of a national talent competition with his dance group. So a trip to the Midlands the other weekend. I decided not to stay over so an early start, breakfast, dinner, petrol, but all budgeted for so no stress. Hubby stayed home with the other kids as the tickets were £20 and couldn't really afford two. So I had to sit through three hours of acts waiting for them to come on. They were the last act performing. They were awesome, but I am well aware that mother's pride doesn't always tally up with what the judges think I thought they might place fourth or fifth, when they weren't called I kind of relaxed as thought at least they had had a fantastic experience. AND THEY WON the whole thing I was a bit gobsmacked so so proud of them all. He is the only boy out of 14, and they practice once a week for an hour, but they were all so commited.

    Then to take the shine off that there has been a big fall out between me and my mother. She isn't in the best of health and I have to rely on her for some childcare. I managed to scale it right back when I quit my evening job, but there is still one time I need her. Well something quite serious happened and I have had to drop a client so I can now be available to cover the time she had the smallest. And my mum is taking no responsibility for any if it at all. The smallest has reacted badly and is having nightmares and separation anxiety which is so stressful for everyone,and he seems to have taken a step backwards. I feel responsible as I knew mum was struggling, but because it was a short term arrangement I thought it would be ok. But mum didn't say she wasn't coping and now isn't talking to me as she thinks I don't want her round the kids because I have cancelled some plans where she was babysitting (mainly down to funds tbh).

    So financially what is going on. Well I sat down and had a serious look at where we are and have come to a realisation. I am beyond rubbish with credit cards. I think nothing about popping the odd £2/3 on it and it ends up adding up. However I am super good at overpaying loans. So I have consolidated saving has been rubbish too so I took out enough to sort the trips we have planned. The loan was a low Apr and I have already made an overpayment in the first two weeks. My plan is to make the normal payment out of my wages, then when hubby gets paid throw anything over at it. Annoyingly this month it will be around £300 as the tumble dryer died. And then I will pay the interest charge extra every month out of my entertainment budget (will be around £20.) I cleared 7k off a loan in 2016 in 8 months, I have high hopes we can do this.

    Going forward I have entered the credit card into ynab as an account and watched some videos on how to use it correctly. I honestly think this will hold me accountable with it. Tbh it will sit in the drawer anyway.

    So total debt atm is £11565.00 we are up for remortgage in September 2019, I want it gone by then. Or at least under 5k so will be updating a bit more regularly now. Have also figured out how to subscribe to the diaries I like reading so hoping to have more time to catch up and comment
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