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    Epson R220 Ink cartridges not recognized
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    • 28th Sep 07, 2:55 PM
    Epson R220 Ink cartridges not recognized 28th Sep 07 at 2:55 PM
    All of a sudden, my pc has stopped recognising the print cartridges in my epson r220. It's not just the monitoring, but it doesn't even try to print, even though there is ink in the cartridge. I've already tried the following:
    • pulling the cartridges out and re-installing them
    • deleting the printer and re-installing it
    • pulling the power plug from the printer and leaving it for a couple of mins before powering up again
    • installing the latest drivers
    I guess it's a software issue because everything was fine earlier. The cartridges aren't OEM, but that's never been a problem - I simply click on the relevant 'Next' button when installing replacement cartridges.

    Any suggestions welcome.
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  • Shazmar
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    • 28th Sep 07, 3:20 PM
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    • 28th Sep 07, 3:20 PM
    Have you tried a new cartridge, you may have a faulty one. Even if that doesn't work it may work if you uninstall the latest drivers and try it again. Don't know if a system restore would help and then try new cartridge.
  • Brooktop
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    • 28th Sep 07, 3:27 PM
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    • 28th Sep 07, 3:27 PM
    Thanks u mean a windows system restore?

    Below is my transcript from the Epson online call. I don't think you'll be surprised by the response...

    Session Started with Agent (Stuart)09/28/2007 04:00:39PMPaul Brook: "All of a sudden, my pc has stopped recognising the print cartridges in my epson r220. It's not just the monitoring, but it doesn"09/28/2007 04:00:52PMAgent (Stuart): "Welcome to EPSON e-Talk. My name is Stuart.

    In order to resolve your issue, we will need you to perform a few simple tests on your product. Are you happy to proceed with these diagnostics?"09/28/2007 04:00:59PMPaul Brook: "yes"09/28/2007 04:01:27PMAgent (Stuart): "What make of cartridges are you using please?"09/28/2007 04:01:44PMPaul Brook: "inkrite"09/28/2007 04:02:34PMAgent (Stuart): "I would always recommend using Genuine EPSON ink cartridges as they contain an anti-congealant to help keep the nozzles clear from any blockages."09/28/2007 04:03:25PMAgent (Stuart): "Non genuine EPSON cartridges can cause the issue that you are experiencing Paul, they lack the consistency of Genuine EPSON cartridges."09/28/2007 04:03:51PMAgent (Stuart): "EPSON now sell ink cartridges and media at competitive prices, with many consumables including P&P. Would you be interested in purchasing from EPSON today?"09/28/2007 04:05:28PMPaul Brook: "it's not a blockage issue...I've had that before on an old epson printer (C64)...I took it to an Epson service centre and they said that was because of letting one of the carts run dry. he said that it was ok to use reputable non-OEM carts as long as you" print regularly and change the cartridge properly before they run out. This seems like a software issue....because all the cartridges are SUDDENLY not being recognised. Even if one cart were blocked, it would still show up on the status monitor09/28/2007 04:06:44PMAgent (Stuart): "Non genuine EPSON cartridges can also cause issues such as not being recognised Paul, I would recommend that you replace the cartridges with genuine EPSON ones in order to resolve the issue."09/28/2007 04:09:06PMAgent (Stuart): "Thank you for connecting to EPSON's e-Talk service. We have had no response from you. If you still require assistance, please confirm by entering text and pressing your enter key to send your response to us."09/28/2007 04:09:43PMPaul Brook: "at the cost of a new printer???? come on...we know it's not that...maybe if one wasn't being recognised then I could buy it, but not all of them surely! I'm not going to buy a full set of Epson cartridges just to see if it is that would be nearl" y 90% of the cost of a new printer. What other suggestions have you got?09/28/2007 04:10:58PMAgent (Stuart): "These kind of issues can be caused by non-genuine EPSON cartridges. As you are using non-genuine EPSON cartridges this creates an uncontrollable variable which makes it very hard to diagnose the fault. I would recommend to replace the cartridges and try p" rinting again.

    If the issue is still evident we know that the issue will be related to either media, application or settings.09/28/2007 04:11:09PMAgent (Stuart): "Is there anything else I may help with?"09/28/2007 04:12:32PMPaul Brook: "thought I'd get this type of answer! I'm not totally IT illiterate...this is just one of those ways in which you try to get round the anti-competition legislation from the EU"09/28/2007 04:14:31PMAgent (Stuart): "Not at all Paul. The non genuine EPSON cartridges lack the technology that genuine EPSON cartridges have. The fault may lie with the non genuine EPSON cartridges."09/28/2007 04:14:32PMAgent (Stuart): ""09/28/2007 04:14:48PMPaul Brook: "let's just say for example that they were epson...what tests would you be running me through then?"09/28/2007 04:15:15PMAgent (Stuart): "In order to diagnose this you will need to replace the cartridges with genuine EPSON ones."09/28/2007 04:16:37PMAgent (Stuart): "We can go through the diagnostics when the cartridges have been replaced Paul."09/28/2007 04:16:38PMPaul Brook: "never mind then...."09/28/2007 04:16:45PMAgent (Stuart): "Is there anything else I may help with?"09/28/2007 04:18:45PMAgent (Stuart): "Thank you for connecting to EPSON's e-Talk service. We have had no response from you. If you still require assistance, please confirm by entering text and pressing your enter key to send your response to us."09/28/2007 04:19:45PMAgent (Stuart): "As no response has been received from you, our system will disconnect you shortly. Should you wish to return to our EPSON e-Talk service, please connect to e-Talk by clicking on the following link -"09/28/2007 04:20:00PMSession Ended
    • roddydogs
    • By roddydogs 28th Sep 07, 3:30 PM
    • 5,908 Posts
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    • 28th Sep 07, 3:30 PM
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    • 28th Sep 07, 3:30 PM
    Now theres a surprise-Epson only recommend genuine Cartridges!
  • espresso
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    • 28th Sep 07, 3:34 PM
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    • 28th Sep 07, 3:34 PM
    Might be worth trying the SSC Service Utility here.
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    • Poppycat
    • By Poppycat 28th Sep 07, 3:36 PM
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    • 28th Sep 07, 3:36 PM
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    • 28th Sep 07, 3:36 PM
    I had this problem the solution is what expresso said

    • General Hogwart
    • By General Hogwart 28th Sep 07, 11:00 PM
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    General Hogwart
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    • 28th Sep 07, 11:00 PM
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    • 28th Sep 07, 11:00 PM
    I've used SSC too, it's great!

    I did have a problem when using mixed brands of cartridges.
  • ER1C
    • #8
    • 9th Nov 09, 4:13 PM
    Epson DX8400 ink recognition
    • #8
    • 9th Nov 09, 4:13 PM
    Last week my Epson DX8400 suddenly decided it didn't recognize the black ink cartridge after printing a page of text. The whole set of inks had been in place for a couple of months. I replaced the black cartridge - it then said it didn't recognize the cyan, I replaced it. It then said it didn't recognize the magenta, I replaced it. It then said it didn't recognize the yellow, I replaced it - but it wouldn't recognize it. All these were third party cartridges. I then found an old genuine epson yellow and tried that - but it still didn't recognize it. i contacted Epson support but they said they couldn't help unless I used gemuine Epson cartridges. I spoke to my son today who also has a DX8400 and, surprise surprise - the same thing happened to his printer last week!
  • digger54
    • #9
    • 30th Jun 10, 10:51 AM
    Epson ink cartridges too expensive.
    • #9
    • 30th Jun 10, 10:51 AM
    Can someone help me with my epson sx100 I want to use tesco cartridges, I dont know how to use SSC service. Thankyou.
    • kwikbreaks
    • By kwikbreaks 30th Jun 10, 11:28 AM
    • 8,836 Posts
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    If your Tesco compatible cartridge doesn't work then take it back for a refund.

    There are cheaper compatibles around than Tesco ones but of course there is always the chance that they won't work.
  • Caveman111
    Im now having the same problem with both of my Epson printers either its says that the OEMcartridges are empty and if they do work every time i want to print something it asks me to confirm on the printer i really want to invalidate my warranty by using sub standard products!!!, This seems to have only happened with the last software upgrade.
    Wondering now if i shuold have brought a HP printer instead !! as i really cant be blackmailed like this everytime i print.
    • slenderkitten
    • By slenderkitten 24th Jan 12, 2:04 PM
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    yeah i hae a epson stylus d78 turned off printer for two weeks then get an incompatible message and all inks say there is nothing in them when i bought printer came with tesco inks from cash generator it worked for two weeks then after turning i back on it wont print

    if you ask me its more to do with tesco, my inks are all full i can hear it when i shake it. this sse utility doesn't support my printer, any ideas?
    My Signature is MY OWN!!
  • minimarvel1
    Hi Do we have a differnt website that does SX100 stylus as the SSC service utility does not list this printer,

  • santer
    Haven't seen one (yet) for the recent printers, maybe because compatibles became more reliable in regard to being recognised. Compatibles mostly show as genuine in the ink monitor.

    If you have compatibles which are not recognised, remove the cartridge or cartridges, switch the printer off, remove the power lead from the printer for a few minutes.

    Replace the power lead, switch the printer on, replace the cartridges when prompted.

    If no change, contact the supplier, who should send replacements.
  • emoff
    Please help
    Hi there, I don't have much computer knowledge but I recently replaced 2 ink cartridges in my epson stylus sx515w (the black and the magenta) after doing this the printer came up with the message that it did not recognise the cyan cartridge. I took it out gave it a shake turned the printer off and back on and it worked again. After printing a couple of pages, the printer then decided the yellow wasn't recognised??? All these cartridges are genuine epson cartridges and I've never used anything else... After doing the same with the yellow repeatedly it still won't recognise it! It is half full so should be no need to replace, plus the fact it worked perfect earlier!
    Please help...
  • santer
    Remove the yellow ink, switch the printer off, remove the power lead from the back of the printer for a few minutes, replace the power lead, switch the printer on, replace the ink when prompted.

    If no change, contact Epson live chat during office hours
  • pinkemsy
    This is a complete nightmare. I have gone through about 10 different inks with a company who reputable and sell 'compatible inks'. I've been through 3 cartridges in 3 weeks with not much printing! The same thing happens time and time again, ink is not recognised. However, this also happened with genuine Epson inks, just not to the same level as these compatible ones.

    I'm absolutely baffled, I had huge problems with HP and connection via wifi. I then switched to Epson, great little printer but a nightmare with the inks!

    Think I might write to Epson instead of spending hours on the phone, in the live chat, doing things I've already tried to fix the problem. Exasperated!
  • santer
    You can write to Epson, though don't mention compatibles as they blame everything on it not being Epson

    They extend this to paper if it won't feed properly etc

    You didn't say which printer, though this should apply to most

    You could ask here if their refillable cartridges with auto reset chips will work in this situation
  • HughSpencer
    I have an Epson SX415 and use genuine cartridges, £30 for a set of 4 through Amazon. I don't use the printer very much as it could be a week or two between printing. I have, in the past, used compatibles but they always caused trouble, Why can't the compatibles contain the special fluid which helps with the flow of ink? I would like someone in the know to explain to me why this can't be done.
  • Raptor19
    I have an R220 and found some ideas somewhere else this tip was for canons but has worked on my Epson.
    1) Revove cartridges
    2) Turn off printer (I pulled the power lead out and closed any printer software to be on the safe side)
    3) Turn on printer
    4) Reinsert cartriges
    5) PRINT

    Hope this helps
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