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    • pollyanna 26
    • By pollyanna 26 11th Sep 16, 9:56 PM
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    pollyanna 26
    OS ways and Poor Health
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    • 11th Sep 16, 9:56 PM
    OS ways and Poor Health 11th Sep 16 at 9:56 PM
    Earlier today I joined a very good new thread on getting back to old style ways . I managed to take it in another direction by mentioning how ill health can impact on doing everything the old style way . As this was off topic to the original post . I will be posting on the original topic but without going off in another direction
    This seems to happen a lot of the time across the threads as many old stylers do have to cope with this problem .
    Many moons ago PREPARE AT HOME began a lengthy thread on being os with health problems and there have been a couple of other threads over the years .
    I am wondering if the time is right for another thread on the subject with the proviso it is not offering advice on medical subjects as that is for the professionals . We all do many things day to day to minimise fatigue and pain and though they are little things we have developed them to cope and others may not be aware of how helpful the little changes can be .
    I would be interested to see if others would like to join such a thread . I am not very techie as you will gather from my rambling post and have never started a thread before - I hope this posts !
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    • DomRavioli
    • By DomRavioli 22nd Sep 16, 11:50 AM
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    Hi all! couldn't read and run. I'm so glad I found this thread - I'm visually impaired and find OS incredibly difficult with not being able to see very well, I had no idea there was so many great things and people out there.

    Oh and Katkin - I'm a 32H, I know that pain! You're a paid up member of the upper decker flopper stopper club lol
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    • Toomuchdebt
    • By Toomuchdebt 22nd Sep 16, 12:22 PM
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    I'm ok-I've managed to do the cat litter today and hoover the corridor where the cats have kicked all the litter. But that's it. I'm in so much pain today I haven't even washed up and the meat is still in the freezer because I can't bend down to get it out
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    • Larumbelle
    • By Larumbelle 22nd Sep 16, 12:51 PM
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    Greetings all

    Well after a rough few days, I m having a slightly brighter one today I have changed support worker, just had a meeting with the new lady and she seems to be fantastic! And not a mention of my cooking arrangements She helped me to apply for PIPs, which I have needed to do for some time but hadn't plucked up the courage to do. And we chatted about what help I needed and it was honestly like talking to an old friend. She understands a lot without making assumptions. So I am feeling a bit brighter again

    I definitely need some of those bags! I will have a 'good' day, get some shopping, then not be able to use everything up because I have too many 'bad' days where I can't use everything up, then I feel even worse because of the waste. Or, I end up using frozen/tinned rather than risk the waste. I had seen the Lakeland bags but wasn't sure that they could really work that well, so thanks for the recommendation! Grunnie, which £1 shop sells them? I would prefer to try some cheaper ones, if only at first LOL

    CHIN UP. TITUS OUT. I love this so much, I think I need to give this a space in my journal

    • LameWolf
    • By LameWolf 22nd Sep 16, 4:47 PM
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    Mr LW and I have just come in from picking blackberries. So that's the 4th plastic box full gone into the freezer. I just pick what I can reach from the seat of the mobility buggy.
    We saw my little Cavalier King Charles friends Lily and Honey, and Cockapoo Amber while we were out, so my dog withdrawal symptoms have been addressed, too.

    Pain-gone vibes for all who need them today.

    Gotta dash - slightly more complicated dins tonight: Qu0rn fillets in white wine sauce and roasted spuds and 'snips (got a big bowl of parsnips for £1 on the market earlier today) so I need to get started with that as I'll have to build some rest periods into the preparation time.
    If your dog thinks you're the best, don't seek a second opinion.
    • Nomoonatall
    • By Nomoonatall 22nd Sep 16, 5:14 PM
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    Hi anyone!

    Not been well for the last couple of days....dizzy spells by the dozen!

    Thankfully, I've stocked up on emergency food! Reminds me of when a 'kindly' brother first found out I had Meniere's. I was having a particularly bad spell..he bought me white chocolate...which I hate and a bunch of roses...which I'm allergic to! Bless him!

    Hope everyone is doing well x
    • CurlyTop
    • By CurlyTop 23rd Sep 16, 8:06 AM
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    I subscribe to this thread and have from the beginning, although I'll be honest I tend to lurk, mainly because reading is all I have the energy to do but got up handy this morning as I couldn't sleep, so thought I would just drop a few lines.

    I too have m.e. and fibromyalgia diagnosed 10 years ago, now. I hate taking tablets unless I have to and over the years have seen the medication become stronger for when I'm having a lesser than bright day. I've worked four days per week for the last few years when I dropped a day due to the tiredness. This last week or so, I've made the decision to drop another day for a few months to see how I feel, as this last year has seen me struggle greatly. People mean well in work but if I had a pound for the amount of times I've been asked have I hurt my leg/ back and how tired I look, I could safely retire now. Luckily I work for a good employer that helps those with disabilities and my manager is very supportive. I will cut my cloth accordingly. Luckily DH and I don't lead an affluent lifestyle so we should be okay provided my foggy brain hasn't messed the numbers up.

    Still, it doesn't help when you get so frustrated and fed up with the situation. When you remember how you used to have tons of energy and could fits tons of stuff into the day, and then some. I have my moments a couple of times a year, where I sit and feel a bit sorry for myself and cry. I look at it as 'better out than in' and once I've shed a few tears, I'm okay until the next time.

    Things I've found that have helped me have been:

    Changed from having carpets in every room to now having laminate floors .... much easier to clean. Quick swiff once a week and then a wet swiff once a fortnight for the upstairs. Downstairs is wet swiffed twice a week (would be less except I made the mistake of choosing darker laminate downstairs and you can see every mark ... aaaagh).

    Food planning .... I do this for the month and ensure I have the main bulk of food stuffs in stock. I don't stick to the list rigidly because I may not fancy shepherds pie on a Monday for instance, but as long as I have say, eggs in, those omelettes I was gonna have Friday will do.

    I do an online shop every 6-8 weeks and then top up. I don't drive and am on the bus or train when I go out or I walk (translate to mean hobble). I take a shopping trolley with me .... very retro and so the 'in' thing don't ya know. I've had mine for years, infact I'm on the look out for another one (my soon to be 3rd one) as I've worn the thread on the wheels down. Ha ha who'd have thought you could do that.

    When I'm at work, I tend to 'cook' easy things that can be whipped up in half hour tops from start to finish. Yep, even if it means fish fingers, chips and beans. The days I don't work, the cooking can take a little longer but once again, I use things like frozen chopped onions (better for my ibs than fresh for some reason), frozen peppers. I blanch some veg when its on the Aldi Super 6, such as carrots and that lasts me a while. Admittedly I chop the carrots over time as I find standing and holding the knife too long, does tend to hurt my limbs.

    I have a fairly minimalist house (translate to mean, less things to dust). This means that, as there are only the two of us in the house which is a little modern two up, two down, I can clean it once a week from top to bottom. I'm nowhere near as thorough as I used to be in flicking a duster. No pulling stuff out and cleaning behind it. Weekly clean of stuff visitors (if and when we have any) could see. Out of sight, out of mind.

    Pain wise, I use epsom salts for a bath (cheaper in Home Bargains) than Amazon and its the same pack. I also find some relief from arnica gel. Last night was a bad night and I took 4 tablets within about 3 hours. THat's probably why I couldn't sleep and was having a horrible dream. Not like I sleep well any other time but at least dreams don't tend to wake me.

    I've been so surprised at the amount of us with chronic pains and problems with m.e. and fibromyalgia on here. I don't remember hearing it talked about when I was growing up. Then again neither were things like Aspergers. When I was little, my mum was told my brother was 'backward'. Not a nice turn of phrase at all for the aspergers he has.

    It's a good community on here and so supportive of each other. I just wanted to thank you all for your posts which I read daily. You're all inspirational. Anyway, long post for a first time on this thread. Long may it reign
    I got there - I'm debt free and intend to stay that way. If I haven't got the cash, it doesn't get bought. It's as simple as that.
    • grunnie
    • By grunnie 23rd Sep 16, 12:10 PM
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    Larumbelle - I think it is poundland. It's in the buildings that used to be woolworths.
    I am going to try knitting again as I found a pattern in JL for a snood that I want. Will let you know how I get on. Big needles and fat wool.I used to knit a lot and it was my way of relaxing till my hands got too sore. I gave up my dishwasher recently and am finding handwashing the dishes help my joints. Will see how that lasts.
    • LameWolf
    • By LameWolf 23rd Sep 16, 2:07 PM
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    CurlyTop welcome! I'm glad you felt up to posting, good to get to know you.

    Yes, I agree about being frustrated thinking about what you used to be able to do - I dropped a screw (don't ask!) last night, which meant I was on my hands and knees looking for it under the dresser - and saw all the cobwebs and grot under there (this to be addressed in a little while).
    Which got me to thinking how I used to have ALL the furniture out from the wall, once a year, every year, and clean behind and under it. I just can't do it any more.

    Also, like you, I food-plan, with the option of swapping meals around; but we don't do a big shop at all, just lots of little ones. But we have a car, and Mr LW is around the whole time since he retired, so that works for us.

    I think in years gone by there wasn't the knowledge, even among the medical profession, of all the different things autistic spectrum can cover; you didn't even here the phrase "autistic spectrum" it was just "autism" and it was thought only boys could have it! I do agree, "backward" isn't a nice turn of phrase.

    Anyways, welcome aboard, and do keep posting when you're able.

    I've just kicked Mr LW off the pc to mow the lawn - he'd long since finished doing his emails and reading the news, and was onto some drivel about what sweets are in a tin of Qu@lity St compared to the 1950's.
    So he's been sent to do something useful.

    What he doesn't know is when he's done the lawn, he's going to be assisting with cleaning under the dressers and cupboards. *evil grin*

    Hope everyone's having a good, pain-free day today.
    If your dog thinks you're the best, don't seek a second opinion.
    • Anoneemoose
    • By Anoneemoose 23rd Sep 16, 5:30 PM
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    Hi everyone! Still catching up but have had an exhausted day, and as such, have eaten rubbish, which in turn makes me feel worse.

    I am plodding my way through the whole thread, but does anyone have any tips about quick, nutritious meals. I am not keep on homemade soups, but don't mind tinned or cartons. I know it's not exactly MSE, but at least it's better than a takeaway!

    I hope everyone is as well as they can be. X
    • westcoastscot
    • By westcoastscot 23rd Sep 16, 6:00 PM
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    Hi guys, nice to see so many supportive posts. I've been reading along but not much to contribute this week - work has been busy and I often find that's all i've got the energy for in a week. I only have 3 days next week though, as due some TOIL, so that will give me a wee break.

    Katkin, I work 4 short days a week 20 hours total, and even though I miss the money of working more I really struggle to do more hours. I've adjusted down (again) and stepped up my OS ways and am managing fine. With working 4 days I have a day's rest on the 5th day, then 2 days to prep food, housework, etc before working again. I try and only do work and fun stuff on work days where possible.

    I love those green bags, been on the same set for years now and they still work fine.
    • Tink_04
    • By Tink_04 23rd Sep 16, 6:27 PM
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    Nomoonatall- I have meniers disease as well as MS and it's a horrible thing to live with! The dizziness and throwing up absolutely floor me!

    Today I have been like super woman but I'm sat tonight thinking it may have been too much! Good job we have a freezer casserole (made in good days and frozen) and micro rice to go with it - I try and make something for the freezer every week so always have something in - it's easier on a good day to just double cook and freeze one - even easier to use the SC!
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    • ariarnia
    • By ariarnia 23rd Sep 16, 6:30 PM
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    I am plodding my way through the whole thread, but does anyone have any tips about quick, nutritious meals.
    Originally posted by Anoneemoose
    When I'm struggling I find it helpful to have components that can cook from frozen.

    One of my easy meals -

    Coop do bags of portions of frozen veg - 4 in a bag for just over £1 - A bag takes 2 minutes in the microwave and is mixed broccoli, peas. carrots and corn.

    Quorn sausage cooks from frozen in the ramoska in less than 20 minutes and the low fat ones are often discounted to a pound a pack (6)

    Combined with a 10 minute microwaved potato and a dot of (salted proper) butter.

    A relatively healthy/balanced meal for around £2.50 for two adults and two babies - or three adults - in less than 20 minutes.

    Alternatively, beans on wholemeal toast are healthy and quick, as is egg on toast now and then (or spaghetti hoops - surprisingly not as bad for you as you'd think).

    Baked potatoes in general with a mix of fillings - soft cheese, sweetcorn corn or (frozen) diced peppers, and tuna is a staple in this house - Philadelphia cheese can't be frozen and used as normal, but frozen and mixed with something like tuna is absolutely lovely.
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    It's amazing how those with a can-do attitude and willingness to 'pitch in and work' get all the luck, isn't it?
    • Larumbelle
    • By Larumbelle 23rd Sep 16, 6:38 PM
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    I was in Lidl earlier and they had lots of aids, including bottle/jar/can openers, shower stools etc in. I couldn't find them on the Lidl website but did find a blog on them here:
    I hope that is of use to someone!

    Hi to the new posters and welcome

    Thanks grunnie, I will look out for them - my town is overrun by poundland, I have three different branches within walking distance of me so one of them is bound to have them! I never look at that aisle usually since I have enough regular bags to last me a lifetime (I am a Tightwad Gazette fan so I wash and reuse them LOL).

    Anoneemoose I struggle this way too, when you are exhausted it is so much easier to live on rubbish, but so much worse health-wise, and it can be a vicious circle.
    One thing I do is cook batches on a 'good' day to tide me through bad ones. That can be a huge relief! But often I am not organised, and have not shopped or cooked. I am still trying to train myself to make something simple from what I have in as otherwise I just won't bother to eat at all, so far my 'foraged' meals have tended to be:
    • Jacket potato (cooked quickly in microwave then crisped up in oven). There are a million and one toppings you can have, depends on what is in the cupboards really!
    • 'Something' on toast or in a sandwich (again depends what is in). Sometimes I make pretend pizza on pitta breads.
    • Salmon or cod steamed in the microwave. Served with either frozen/tinned veg and some kind of potato (frozen potato products, tinned new potatoes, or mash), or rice (cooked or micro pouch depending on fatigue), frozen/tinned veg, with beaten egg and a little curry paste stirred in at the end to make a kind of kedgeree
    • Stir fry frozen veg mix with noodles (just soak in hot water) and a dressing made of 1tsp each of light & dark soy sauce, sesame or chilli oil, and honey

    I have had to change how I eat substantially, I never used to rely on frozen or tinned as much as I do now. I still don't like it as much, especially tinned veg, but it is the only way I am likely to eat something reasonably nutritious on bad days, so needs must! The above are all pretty tasty, even if I have no appetite I can usually persuade myself to eat them if I make them lol
    Last edited by Larumbelle; 23-09-2016 at 6:43 PM.

    • Nomoonatall
    • By Nomoonatall 23rd Sep 16, 10:00 PM
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    Nomoonatall- I have meniers disease as well as MS and it's a horrible thing to live with! The dizziness and throwing up absolutely floor me!

    Today I have been like super woman but I'm sat tonight thinking it may have been too much! Good job we have a freezer casserole (made in good days and frozen) and micro rice to go with it - I try and make something for the freezer every week so always have something in - it's easier on a good day to just double cook and freeze one - even easier to use the SC!
    Originally posted by Tink_04
    Hi Tink,

    Yes, Menieres is quite rubbish!

    I've lost most of my hearing now. Relying on Bahas, which aren't as great as advertised! I also have Migraine Associated add to my ailments!

    I don't even have my looks to get me through!

    Anyway, batch cooking is the way forward. I really recommend keeping basics in the cupboard. And tablets nearby!

    Hope all is well with people. I know that my ailments are not the end of the world...even though they feel like it sometimes. x
    • Anoneemoose
    • By Anoneemoose 24th Sep 16, 1:18 PM
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    Good afternoon everyone.

    I am feeling wrung out again today. Have managed to do a couple of things, but resting with a cuppa now. I hardly had any food in yesterday so I have had some groceries delivered today. I used to use Aldi a lot, but I found a lot of their stuff lacking..I appreciate others swear by it though. I read a thread on Netmums where people said it seemed to be area dependent as to quality, in particular with the fruit and veg.

    I ate loads of 'rubbish' yesterday - Greggs pasty and toast and biscuits. It wasn't a 'normal' day, but by the evening I craved actual food!! I have ordered some ready prepped veg - only a few tubs, but I think it will help get me some nutrients. And I know it's expensive, but I think when we are ill, it's about reality and what we can actually do. And as I said, it's cheaper than a takeaway.

    Hope everyone is 'ok'.x
    • LameWolf
    • By LameWolf 24th Sep 16, 1:39 PM
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    I don't even have my looks to get me through!
    Originally posted by Nomoonatall
    Aww, sweetie (((HUG))) I bet you have a beautiful spirit. x

    Re quick'n'easy meals - this one I can do on autopilot.

    • Sling some diced onion in a small saucepan (I use the milk pan) with butter or your choice of oil. Fry gently.
    • Sling 2 frozen veggie hot dogs per person on a plate, microwave for 1 min to thaw. Cut them into small pieces.
    • Boil up half a kettle of water, put this into another pan. Add 75g per person of tagliatelle, and leave to cook (I cook it on simmering heat)
    • Add the hot dog pieces to the pan of onion, followed by a tin of chopped tomatoes, and some dried herbs if you like.
    • Warm this all through, stirring it all in well.
    • Carefully drain the lasagne once it's "al dente" - I haven't done this myself, but I like the idea of something like a chip basket in the saucepan - and divide up onto your dinner plates.
    • Put the tomato/onion/hot dog mix on the top.
    • Ensure you have serviettes to hand, as this is somewhat messy to eat - at least it is for Mr LW.
    • Pour a glass each of white wine if you're allowed it (I know some meds preclude alcohol) and enjoy.
    It's probably taken me nearly as long to type that out as it would to make the meal!!
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    • maddiemay
    • By maddiemay 25th Sep 16, 1:15 PM
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    In the spirit of Marie Kondo I am trying to get rid of unused or un-needed stuff in this house. a few kitchen gadgets have gone because either they are not used now we are at home all the time or because I can no longer operate them safely. I have, however, this week purchased a soup maker and so far have made two batches, chicken and mushroom and leek & tattie (OH's favourite), very impressed and I think that this will get a lot of use through the Autumn and Winter. I really struggle to peel and chop veggies, but while OH has been busy with other stuff I have managed My lovely, but quite aged Magimix food processor has stopped working and I miss it so much, I do have a FP attachment for my Kenwood Chef, but it is smaller capacity and I sometimes have to stand on the single step thingie to be able to locate it on top of the Chef There is no obvious place around here to take the MM to see if it can be repaired, so must quiz my lovely neighbour to see if he knows anyone who does such things, I really cannot afford to buy a new FP at the moment, anyway I am of the age that thinks things should be repairable

    I hope that everyone is having a good Sunday, OH just returned home and told me my line of washing has just been subject to a short sharp shower that I obviously missed whilst sitting with back to the window
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    • pollyanna 26
    • By pollyanna 26 25th Sep 16, 2:11 PM
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    pollyanna 26
    Apologies for not being in for the last few days . Daughter has been going downhill rapidly over the last month or so and narrowly escaped hospital rehydration twice in the past few days . On Friday gp added more medication but advised contacting her rheumo nurse as only the consultant can alter any of the medication . Everything is flaring worse than seen before and the effect on her mental health is creating a perfect storm . Phone was just ringing out in Rheumatology on Friday and nurses answering service was not responding but giving a normal ring tone . Will hit the phone again tomorrow morning .
    I've phoned dwp and been granted an extension on the form return date on the doctors recommendation . I could finish it myself as her appointee but she is determined to do it .
    Sunny , cold and very windy here today but no spoons left to hang out the washing or worse bring it back in . At least those on here will understand that one !
    Wishing you all the beat day possible . Not really remembered any of the posts so will say welcome to new friends and gentle hugs to all . I'll be back .
    polly x
    • Nicki
    • By Nicki 25th Sep 16, 2:46 PM
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    You sound like you've got more than enough in your plate at the moment Pollyanna.

    It was my youngest DS's birthday yesterday so grandparents came to visit. Even though we went out for lunch with them, this was still fairly exhausting and I ended up falling asleep on the sofa whilst they were still here

    Today I'm having a bad flare and am very sore and tired all over, and feeling quite bad tempered to boot. Anonymooose asked about quick and easy meals for days like today. I didn't manage breakfast, but for lunch I put some pre chopped onions, a teaspoon of lazy garlic, some pre prepared cauliflower florets, a tbsp of curry powder and a chicken stock pot in the soupmaker, topped it up with boiling water, and had the resulting soup with a bread roll for lunch. It was very tasty and hopefully reasonably nutritious. Am hoping my eldest DS will make dinner for everyone, and plan to spend the rest of the day on the sofa wrapped in a rug.
    • Nomoonatall
    • By Nomoonatall 25th Sep 16, 3:03 PM
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    Sorry to everyone that's having a rotten time. Best wishes to Pollyanna and daughter. x

    Hi Nicki, I've been really bad tempered lately and I've not spoken to anyone for days! I'm blaming it on the weather..and the fact that I'm a lady of a certain age! Plus the wobbly spells and migraines. Oh well.

    Hope everyone has at least one good day soon x
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