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    • Jumblerina
    • By Jumblerina 29th Aug 16, 8:45 AM
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    A path out of the Jumble
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    • 29th Aug 16, 8:45 AM
    A path out of the Jumble 29th Aug 16 at 8:45 AM
    Morning Everyone,

    Just had what feels like my millionth lightbulb moment and it's pretty bright! I've used MSE in the past and seem to have tumbled off the wagon too many times.

    I don't want to continue spending and living the way I have, things have got to change and I ready for them to

    Between 2012-13 I cleared just over 8.5k in debt in a year, with just 6k to go - then an unexpected career break and some long overdue house renovations put me back in debt

    Since then I've had my head throughly buried in the sand, it's time to draw a line in that sand and come up with a plan To dig through the jumble that is my life, to set some goals and get back on track.

    I'll be posting every day to keep myself motivated, I've spent the last few days reading diaries on here which have given me a real boost hope you enjoy my random ramblings

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    • little_miss_spendtoomuch
    • By little_miss_spendtoomuch 19th Sep 16, 10:34 AM
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    You'll get there Jumblerina!

    I know what you mean about life not turning out quite how we thought it would. It's certainly not as easy as my teenage self once thought it was going to be.
    It also seems like other people find it a lot easier

    Keep going xx
    LBM May 2015 - Total debt 11685.56 / September 2016 6550
    Honeymoon fund: 700/700 PAID!
    Honeymoon savings 100/500
    Holiday 2017: 6 /1500
    Joint house/emergency savings: 600
    • Jumblerina
    • By Jumblerina 19th Sep 16, 6:22 PM
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    Thanks LMSTM I know what you mean about it seeming like others have it a lot easier. It's funny thinking back to my teenage dreams - I've achieved some things I never thought possible, so I guess it works both ways
    Last edited by Jumblerina; 19-09-2016 at 6:23 PM. Reason: Spelling
    • doingitanyway
    • By doingitanyway 19th Sep 16, 6:43 PM
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    Sorry you are feeling unsettled. You are very aware of all the positive things in your life. I am amazed by 8.5 of debt you managed to pay off already and I find your approach to tackling debt and clutter inspirational. When we are unwell we feel vulnerable, but as you say it is temporary and you have that awareness to help you through. Life for me has turned out remarkably different to the life I envisaged. It has taken me time to adjust and in truth I am still adjusting. Your honesty is one of the reasons I enjoy your diary so much
    DIA x
    JANUARY 2016/SECURED DEBT=23,322/SEPTEMBER 2016=17,173
    MORTGAGE FREE 25/07/16
    • Jumblerina
    • By Jumblerina 20th Sep 16, 10:13 AM
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    Thanks for your kind words DIA whenever I'm having a tough time, I always try and remind myself that it's only temporary. Then also remind myself of all the things I do have and what I should be thankful for xxx
    • Jumblerina
    • By Jumblerina 20th Sep 16, 10:32 AM
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    All you need is coffee
    Morning Diary,

    I'm writing this from C@sta having just enjoyed a panini and a latte it did cost 7.60 and for some strange reason some biscotti fell into my bag

    At times you need a little treat - I decided as its been almost 2 months since I came in all by myself to sit with a coffee and my book, why the heck not! I got a lift with my OH this morning for my Drs appointment so saved on some bus fare.

    Today will be a spend day, likely low spend day (other than the aforementioned coffee and panini). I need to pick up some bread, milk and a few essentials.

    Feeling a little shaky on my legs today, so if I'm still feeling a wobbly after my coffee I'll get a taxi home. This happens every now and again, when I'm ill it makes my long term condition worse and walking is a little tough. Nothing some rest and my physio exercises won't fix

    My plan for today is to take it steady, focus on a little light tidying and cooking dinner for this evening. My shredder is on the blink, it keeps stopping and turning itself off! It is pretty old and I do put it through its paces every few months so may have to consider getting a new one. I'll try it again when I get home and see if I can make a dent in the shredding mountain

    Only 3 days to payday

    Hope you're all having a wonderful day

    Jumblerina xxx
    • doingitanyway
    • By doingitanyway 20th Sep 16, 11:33 AM
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    So pleased to hear you are taking time out for a little treat. Enjoy!
    JANUARY 2016/SECURED DEBT=23,322/SEPTEMBER 2016=17,173
    MORTGAGE FREE 25/07/16
    • Jumblerina
    • By Jumblerina 20th Sep 16, 7:50 PM
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    Having managed to resurrect the shredder, it's on the blink again! Ah well, may take a little longer than I anticipated to conquer the shredding mountain.

    Managed to sell some items from my de-cluttering efforts and have 40 to help pay off my credit cards there are a few more things to sell but other than that it will be good old fashioned budgeting that helps me pay off those cards!

    Writing everything down this month has been an eye opener, with the unexpected Dentist and drain unblocking costs I need to factor in an amount each month for an emergency fund. I've got my London trip coming up in November and of course Christmas - so need to get my act together!

    With pay day looming, my thoughts are going to next months budget and this month it needs to be spot on I also need to get on top of cleaning the house, things have kinda fell by the wayside with me feeling grotty. I'm going to have a big clean tomorrow to get back on top of it, having a puppy has certainly added to my chores list. I wouldn't swap him for the world, the puppy cuddles are definitely worth the extra cleaning

    Hope you're all having a lovely evening

    Jumblerina xxx
    • Jumblerina
    • By Jumblerina 21st Sep 16, 8:28 AM
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    Almost payday
    Morning Diary,

    Woke up feeling like today was going to be a planning, tidying and organising day I always feel better when my house is tidy and I've got a plan.

    This morning I'll be doing a budget review of September to help me move into October with the right mindset. My pay day is the 24th, so each month starts a little early in our house if it works I might keep it up, in a similar style to my weekly reviews, they're good at keeping me on track

    I already know an emergency fund is needed and after starting to read Dolly Rockers diary, I've been thinking about a holiday fund too yes, debt freedom may take a little longer if I allow for emergency and holiday funds. Yet it's not having a savings plan of any kind that got me here, so thinking about a regular amount for those things that come up, such as Christmas, birthdays, dentist trips, holidays.

    I'm a firm believer in having things to look forward to in life, I've learnt before if I'm too strict - I just end up throwing the towel in! I've done this with weight loss as well too, hmm starting to see a pattern here

    I'm going to keep an eye out for free events/activities in my city too, we went to a fab free art gallery on Saturday and I really enjoyed it having fun and making memories doesn't always have to come with a hefty price tag.

    I also need to finalise hotels and train tickets for our London trip in November I'm so excited to be going, just need to make sure I'm on the right track budget wise.

    Hope you all have a lovely day

    Jumblerina xxx
    • doingitanyway
    • By doingitanyway 21st Sep 16, 8:44 AM
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    Looking forward to the monthly review. Good idea
    JANUARY 2016/SECURED DEBT=23,322/SEPTEMBER 2016=17,173
    MORTGAGE FREE 25/07/16
    • Jumblerina
    • By Jumblerina 21st Sep 16, 9:41 AM
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    September Budget Review
    I've decided to do a review of this months budget to help me see where things have gone well and where I need to make changes. I'm hoping this will help me keep on track and catch bad habits before they start to impact my quest for debt freedom.

    I've been using the spreadsheet that helped me pay off 8.5k in a year and it's worked well for this month, I'm going to make a few changes for next month to give me greater visibility of exactly what I'm spending my personal allowance on.

    Overall budget for September: 2761
    Actual spend for September: 3047.51 (- 286.51 )

    Food Spends

    Budget: 275
    Actual: 291.55 (-16.55)

    I've done a few top up shops this month for bread, milk etc. which I don't normally do, yet these have helped us to make our own lunches and not spend 3-5/day each. At the start of the month I spent 75 on a weekly shop while I was still getting in the zone on budgeting and I think that's the biggest impact.


    Budget: 110
    Actual: 84.51 (+25.49)

    Yay somewhere I've come in under budget I've started to take the bus where I can and when my bus pass comes through that will really help with costs there. Next month I'll just keep focusing on taking the bus.

    Personal Spending

    Budget: 150
    Actual: 352.13 (-202.13 )

    This is where I'm most over budget, mainly due to unexpected dental costs (137.70), forgotten subscriptions (9.99) and eating out/takeaways (86.98). There's a few things I can do to keep on track with this;

    1. Review all my subscriptions to make sure there aren't any surprises in future
    2. Record my eating out/takeaway budget on my spreadsheet separately and keep to budget
    3. Start a savings plan for dentist/opticians/prescriptions - anything I don't spend can be put towards my debt re-payment.

    Household bills

    Budget: 649
    Actual: 641.01 (-7.99)

    These costs tend to be pretty static, the only variable tends to be the home phone costs if we need to use it. We mainly use our mobiles, apart from 0845 numbers etc.

    Puppy Costs

    Budget: 218
    Actual: 229 (-11)

    Here I forgot to budget for his booster shots (16.77) and some shampoo/balm for his dry skin (21.98). I was hoping to come under budget this month as I saved 80 on his dog walker due to her being on holiday. Need to budget for his regular expenses such as worming tablets, food etc as he's eating much more now at almost 5 months.

    Debt Payments

    Budget: 1250
    Actual: 1332.97 (-82.97)

    I've paid a little more this month and the rest has gone in my savings to pay off balances as they get to the end of the 0% deal. My budget already includes over-payments on all my cards, when I get my act together with my budget, any surplus each month will go into my online saver to pay off the cards.

    Other costs

    My mobile phone bill has been higher for the last 2 months due to a mistake by @2, I'm hoping it will be all sorted when my bill comes on 4 October - when I'm due a big credit this will help pay for my bills for a couple of months!

    Extra costs for unblocking the drains, was very, very reasonable at 25 and shows the importance of an emergency fund.

    Need to be mindful of this as I start to put together my budget for October.

    Jumblerina xxx
    • BettyBones
    • By BettyBones 21st Sep 16, 1:06 PM
    • 63 Posts
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    Hi Jumble, you're doing amazingly well! I would definitely say get some emergency and holiday funds on the go. An emergency fund gives you peace of mind for when the unexpected comes up (as it always does) and having a holiday to look forward to just keeps you going I find that saving into these two funds stops me from getting so frustrated with the debt busting as I can see my 'wealth' increasing as the debts are decreasing. My wealth.... hahaha!
    • Jumblerina
    • By Jumblerina 21st Sep 16, 7:14 PM
    • 106 Posts
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    Thanks DIA it was definitely an eye opener, will see if it helps me stay on track this month!

    Thanks for your comments on emergency/holiday funds I'll be feeling wealthy in a few months time
    • Jumblerina
    • By Jumblerina 22nd Sep 16, 9:10 AM
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    Simple things
    Morning Diary,

    It may be drizzly and a little grey outside today but I'm feeling more upbeat after having a grumpy Sunday, I've been working my way back to my usual, happy self sometimes it can be all too easy to let's things get the better of you.

    At times like these, I like to think about the wonderful and usually free things I have I my life. Every time I do this,I always end up feeling a million times better, today I'm thankful for friendship.

    I know a lot of people yet I can count my true friends on one hand, people who are always there for you, at the best and very worst of times. People you can be yourself around and whenever you spend time in their company you feel energised and happy

    I'm very lucky to have 3 friends who make feel like this, it's even more important when you're going through a tough time. So I'm extra thankful for them and having seen or spoken to them all yesterday, it's given me a wonderful boost.

    Had a good clean of the house yesterday too, I do love the smell of polish, seeing shiny taps and clean floors sadly the clean kitchen floor was only temporary as my puppy has developed a love of digging my lawn is presently a patchwork of holes in varying depths, it's almost artistic certainly makes walking on the lawn in the dark interesting!

    Had a little play around with Octobers budget, it's looking pretty tight as I've factored in 150 for an emergency/Christmas fund. I need to look closely at my personal spending budget and make some decisions about what to spend/what to cut this month.

    So today I'll be.....

    Re-visiting my October budget and getting it finalised
    Attempting to reduce the shredding mountain
    Make a cake
    Make a list of subscriptions/renewal dates
    Cleaning the rest of the house
    Mopping the kitchen floor

    Hope you all have a wonderful day

    Jumblerina xxx
    • doingitanyway
    • By doingitanyway 22nd Sep 16, 10:04 AM
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    Funny but all I can see on that list is CAKE
    Glad you are feeling happier...
    JANUARY 2016/SECURED DEBT=23,322/SEPTEMBER 2016=17,173
    MORTGAGE FREE 25/07/16
    • Jumblerina
    • By Jumblerina 23rd Sep 16, 8:44 AM
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    Morning Diary,

    Is it me or are pay days even more exciting when you're debt busting? it's a beautiful, crisp Autumn morning out there and I'm feeling motivated

    Yesterday I wasn't as productive as I could've been as I had a headache on/off all day, when I woke up with it I thought it would go, yet it decided to stay as an unwelcome guest until the evening! Still got a bit of a niggly headache this morning but I'm not going to let it stop me, I'll just take parcetomol and chug water

    I did tinker with the budget and make some fluffy American pancakes - yet I abandoned the rest of the jobs I had planned in favour of playing with my puppy, he needs tonnes of exercise at the moment and watching N@tflix! It was indeed a day of two extremes

    So I'm going to have some coffee, eat the rest of the pancakes and plot out my goals for the week and month ahead I'll be back later to review the week and post some goals for the month ahead - I do love a good planning session

    Hope you all have a wonderful day xxx
    • Jumblerina
    • By Jumblerina 23rd Sep 16, 9:34 AM
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    Weekly Review
    Morning Diary,

    It's that time of the week again, I'm finding looking at my spending each week is really helping, although I did I have a mini puppy related spending spree last night

    So, here's this weeks spending

    Saturday 17 September 2016
    Travel: 5
    Lunch & tip: 37.35
    Tea: 1.95

    Sunday 18 September 2016

    Monday 19 September 2016

    Tuesday 20 September 2016
    Bus fare: 2.60
    Coffee/Panini: 7.60
    Takeaway: 10
    Top up shop (bread, milk): 6.33
    Brush for puppy: 5.60

    Wednesday 21 September 2016
    Puppy food: 46.99

    Thursday 22 September 2016
    Puppy toys: 22.18
    Puppy food bowl: 7.91

    Friday 23 September 2016

    Total weekly spend: 153.51
    NSD: 3/7
    Takeaways eaten: 1/7

    What went well this week

    I've managed to meet my NSD goal and when I went top-up shopping I stuck to the essentials and avoided buying things as they were on offer. I also got the bus home despite being tempted by getting a taxi.

    What I've learnt this week

    Despite having nothing left in my personal spend budget for the month, I still spent 56.90 I didn't really focus at the start of the month on what I'd be spending my personal budget on, it left me with nothing at the end of the month. I'll need to do things differently this month.

    The puppy spending is still tough to budget for, I got the essentials food and bowl for him. He's eating a fair amount at the moment as he's growing so quickly and his food is expensive! I've found a slightly cheaper brand my Vet recommended, so we'll transition him onto that at the end of the month.

    I did guilt purchase 22.18 worth of balls, ball thrower and toys last night as I'm so worried about his exercise. I'm not up to walking him as much due to being ill, he has a dog walker 4 days a week who takes him on a 20 minute walk. He's a Labrador so needs lots of play, running and 2x 20 minute walks a day.

    Review of last weeks goals

    Aim for 3 NSD's

    Do a de-clutter/cleaning plan
    Didn't do a plan but house is clean and tidy, not much de-cluttering done this week. Need to get back onto that for the upcoming week

    Take the bus to my appointments

    Review my subscriptions
    It's kind of a boring job, so I've left it typical of me, I'll get to it this week

    Build in an emergency fund to my monthly budget
    Done I've set up an emergency fund and a debt payments online saver. I've moved the money I've allocated to them straight away from my pay, that way I can't spend it

    Goals for the upcoming week

    Aim for 4 NSD's
    Make a de-clutter plan
    Review my subscriptions
    Send off my application for my bus pass
    Plan my personal spends to avoid over-spending
    Don't guilt buy for my puppy, it doesn't help me or him - ask for help from OH if I'm not up to walks or play

    Jumblerina xxx
    • Jumblerina
    • By Jumblerina 24th Sep 16, 8:27 AM
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    A little experiment
    Morning Diary,

    I read a really interesting article about online life, smartphones and always being connected. It's really struck a chord with me, I do occasionally have phone free weekends to just detach from the constant whirl of messages and emails.

    To start off with I catch myself wanting to check my phone but then I get used to it and enjoy the time to think and connect with people in person

    I've been thinking I need some time to re-connect with myself, I'm possibily the most easily distracted person ever so, some time offline with my own thoughts, spending time with my OH and friends is something I'd love to do, yet have always been scared to do.

    There are so many benefits to being online, this lovely community is one of the best with all the things you stand to gain by being online, you don't always realise what the trade off is.

    They do say, doing something that challenges you helps you to grow and this can't be as bad as the time I gave up chocolate for 30 days in March

    So, my dear readers - I'm going to switch off my smartphone and my iPad for a week and have a little foray into the offline world. I'll be back on Saturday 1st October at 8.30am to let you all know how it went,

    I hope you all have a great weekend and a wonderful weekend ahead

    Jumblerina xxx
    • Tinkerbelle2000
    • By Tinkerbelle2000 25th Sep 16, 12:45 AM
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    Hi Jumblerina what an interesting and inspiring diary you have. I've just finished reading it when I should be in bed lol. I love your weekly updates, its something I might just write in my planner to myself. I must admit I'm another who loves a good list (and a bit of a stationery addict).

    You will be in London the same month as us, I wonder if it is the same weekend. How funny would that be.

    My emergency fund is a 0 at the moment so I do need to re-budget after the London trip. Every spare penny is allocated until we go. I too had the problem of too many take-aways and have managed to cut right back on those.

    I also love your year plans. I've been thinking about this for a couple of weeks. I'm 45 now and have a few goals that I would like to meet before I'm 50 and being debt free is just one of them. It might do me good to write them down as I still keep checking back on the resolutions I made at the new year.

    Well I guess I'll speak to you in a week, thank you for posting on my diary. Hope you have a good week.

    Tink xx
    LBM 11/08/15 - Total Debt Owing:- 10338.89 01/09/16 - 14027.85
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