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    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 22nd Jul 16, 10:44 PM
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    Crazy Cat Lady Chapter 2 - Groundhog Day
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    • 22nd Jul 16, 10:44 PM
    Crazy Cat Lady Chapter 2 - Groundhog Day 22nd Jul 16 at 10:44 PM
    Good evening everyone, and hello to anyone looking at this who hasn't seen or heard from me before. About this time last year I finally plucked up the courage to join in with the forums after months of lurking. I was almost finished paying off a lot of debt, and one of my crazy cats had just stung me with a large vet bill that I was worried about paying (think 4 figure sum). Well, the lovely people on here helped me through - I paid using an emergency credit card, which I paid off in just over 2 months.
    After that my life went on in the usual way it does - never a quiet moment. My husband got sick with depression, I paid the debt off a couple of months early thanks to tips on here and extreme frugality and then the week before Christmas dh was admitted to hospital. It was a tough time, no lie but we worked through it and after 6 months off work he went back. Then things came to a head between us and we had a really tough time that I didn't think we were going to get through, but we did. Then dh went and broke his ankle - another 8 weeks off work, which he's just gone back to this week. I will moan about him lots, but I love him dearly and wouldn't want to be without him.
    So apart from dh I have dd (11) and ds (7) and 6 lovely moggies. I work as a science teacher in a secondary school and have just finished one of the toughest school years that I can remember. I was looking forward to feet up, relaxing and spending a bit of time with the kids - I've spent the past 6 weeks exam marking to try and give us enough money to enjoy the summer, but unfortunately much of it has gone to make up the shortfall in dh wages.
    The naughty tortie cat, who brought me here last year has been to the vet again. She needed some dental treatment. I don't have her insured any more because every time she was ill or something happened, her insurance just refused to pay out. So I've been squirrelling away a little bit of money to try and pay for anything that came up. Well, today's bill 'came up' at a shade under £500. It's gone on that emergency credit card that I haven't used since last year and the aim is to pay that off again asap.
    I've lost my mse mojo while I've been wrapped up in end of term stress and exam marking and this bill has been the jolt I've needed to make a fresh start. So fresh start, fresh diary, and away we go.
    Please do pop in and say hello - I hate to think that I'm talking to myself.
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    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 9th Sep 17, 3:04 PM
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    Had a lovely catch up with bestie - and now the boys have gone off to watch Sunderland lose at football, so just me and dd for the time being. We're going to watch some tv together because I'm determined to have a day off from school stuff even though I've got loads to be getting on with. As I was saying - I get fewer free lessons now than I did last year, which seems a bit unfair as I now have more responsibility. I've moaned (of course) but just been told to suck it up and get on.
    So the plan is that Saturday will have nothing work related at all - I may even have a nap - but that might muck up tonight's sleeping pattern. I've done the bare minimum of housework in terms of hoover, washing etc. Getting the cleaner has been life changing to be honest - it's taken so much of that stress away. I'm planning to spend the rest of the day crocheting now, see if I can get some of my many works in progress finished. I've got loads on the go at the moment.
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    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 10th Sep 17, 8:58 AM
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    Morning all
    Well, yesterday went as planned in that I sat on my bum and did loads of crochet. Unfortunately didn't get anything finished but making lots of progress on stuff and feeling motivated to get it done.
    I have to do a couple of hours of school work this morning as I did nothing yesterday but I'm going to do it as soon as I'm done here and before I do any crochet or go to my mam's house so that it's done and I can enjoy the rest of the day without stressing too much. I will stress, because that's what I do best, but less than if I had work to be getting on with.
    I haven't seen my mam for almost a month so it will be lovely to see her and catch up. I'm taking crochet with me as there's lots to do and not lots of time to do it in as Christmas is approaching sooner than I would like. And I can multitask - she can knit and I can crochet while we natter.
    Right - time to get a move on then.
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    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 11th Sep 17, 6:24 PM
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    Evening everyone
    Excuse mistakes as I'm typing from my phone whilst ds is at his swimming lesson. I'm utterly exhausted today- we've already had 1 member of the department off on the sick today and we were 2 short anyway. Plus head of department is out tomorrow so I'll be in charge - of a seriously failing and understaffed department - ah well - I can only do what I can do....
    Not much else to report, bagged a bad yesterday and today. Finished a baby blanket and got some school work done. Busy, and I've already forgotten the summer hols - little pool of joy I am.
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    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 12th Sep 17, 7:59 PM
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    Oh my goodness. I can't believe that I'm this tired and it's only Tuesday I feel really worn out. Work went as fine as work ever does at the moment but there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. I have a full day on a Tuesday plus all of the other joyous things I'm meant to get done in the time I'm at work. Plus I had to leave early tonight to come home and meet the man that is going to fix the outside of the house.
    I didn't post this, but when I got home from my mam's on Sunday, one of the drainpipes and some of the guttering at the back of the house was hanging off - so I found a man online to come and quote me to fix it. He's also a self employed window man, so I've asked him to measure up and give me a quote for new windows and doors. We have needed them for the whole 13 years we've lived here, but never had the money. I don't really have it now, but I think it may be way past time. We're still single glazed and very draughty round the door - and winter is coming in... I'm looking for excuses, but I'll see what the quote says when it comes in. I feel reluctant spending, but I know it really needs doing...
    Diet going ok - Mediterranean this time and much more enjoyable than anything I think I've ever done before. Meals are quick and easy.
    Open evening tomorrow so 12 hour day to do - don't expect too much from me tomorrow night
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    • PurpleFairy26
    • By PurpleFairy26 13th Sep 17, 5:11 AM
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    Cat hope the quote is acceptable and the drainpipe got fixed. The disruption was minimal when we had our windows done, couldn't believe how little time it took, albeit we only had 2. Can't wait to have the rest done, we really notice the difference between the rooms with newer windows and those that are 25 years old

    Hope open day goes well.
    • SpekySquarehead
    • By SpekySquarehead 13th Sep 17, 8:34 AM
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    CCL - i'm sure you don't need me to say it, but it's perhaps worth getting a couple of different quotes to compare prices and ensure you're getting the best price.
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    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 14th Sep 17, 9:04 PM
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    Quick check in from me... The window quote came in at about half of what I was expecting it to be. And he fixed my guttering and drain pipe for £30. Brilliant! I'm meeting with him next Monday after work to discuss next steps.
    Other than that I'm just shattered. I did a 14 hour day yesterday, and a full day today. I'm on my way to bed now, but I promise/threaten to catch up properly tomorrow.
    NSTSeptember #32 NSD 8/18 RYSAW17 #1 £1313.42 20p Savers #88 £1 a day for Xmas # DFD 6 Nov 15 - paid £28,447
    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 15th Sep 17, 6:09 PM
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    Another week done and dusted, with just a bit of work to do over the weekend. It's hard. I can't remember if it's always this hard at the beginning of term, but I feel exhausted and I'm starting to wonder if I did the wrong thing taking the promotion. I thought it was just that I'd be getting paid for stuff I was already doing, but I have been given way less time to do it in which is already piling the stress on. Plus we're still massively failing and way understaffed. And strangely enough recruitment and retention is a particular problem in science... Ah well. I'm always ok, and I'll get back into the swing of things. This week has been long and tiring and I'm still getting to know my classes so I'm sure it will be better next week. Just need to keep on.
    There's nothing much else to report really, just work and being too shattered to do anything else at all. I'm planning to flake out on the sofa and have an early night and hopefully make the most of the weekend ahead. It's freezing here - been cold enough for the heating to kick in - and I have it set at 14 degrees...
    Decided that we can scrape the money together to get the windows and doors done before the weather gets too bad. Meeting the man on Monday to choose designs etc - quite exciting, but quite scary at the thought of handing over that much cash that I haven't had to borrow or anything. But on the other hand, it's cash that I have to pay for it.
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    • lcc86
    • By lcc86 15th Sep 17, 10:15 PM
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    That's fab that a. The windows came in cheaper than expected and b. That you can pay for it outright. Hope you have a restful weekend!
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    • louby40
    • By louby40 16th Sep 17, 9:33 AM
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    Enjoy your weekend. I too am exhausted after only 2 weeks at school.

    Our new head seems to be ok, in fact he's introduced a few positive changes!
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    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 18th Sep 17, 9:29 PM
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    Evening all
    Louby, I'm so pleased to read that it's so-far-so-good with your new Head. Long may it continue.
    Apologies for the lack of updates over the weekend - I had a fantastic, but a bit busy weekend, and in spite of all that, my mental health is quite poor at the moment and I'm struggling a bit. I'm way more anxious and emotional than I usually am, which isn't great. The good news is that I'm aware of it and I know that these things just come and go and I need to ride it through. Bad news is that it's a struggle at the time, which is now. And I feel guilty that it was a lovely weekend but I still feel a bit rubbish, but I can't help it.
    Work is stressful. There seems to be an awful lot riding on just 2 of us in the department, which doesn't feel fair - and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight or a solution to the problem, which has been going on for years. That's the majority of the issue. I had so much faith in the new Head that things would improve - and without a doubt they have school wide, but in our department, it's still as bad as it ever was - if not worse. I'm seriously overworked already and run down... and my head of department is equally demotivated, so we can't really encourage each other along because neither of us are feeling great.
    Home is fine, but things aren't great with dh. Not bad, by any stretch - I still love the bones of the guy, but we really don't do much as a family. It strikes me that we are basically living alongside each other rather than together, which I find sad. I know that a relationship requires effort on both sides, and I think that we're perhaps both guilty of not making the effort. Sometimes it bothers me, and sometimes it doesn't - tonight it does... along with all of the other stuff I'm bothered about.
    Caught up with a friend I'd not seen for ages on Saturday. It was lovely - and I wish we were closer so that I could see her a bit more often. She's head of department at her school and has tried to poach me once - I may not say no if she asks again. I could be working in a more complete department, and earning more money for doing the same job I'm doing now. I'm going to make the effort to see her more regularly if I can because she really helps me feel better (as do most of my friends).
    Sunday went out with bestie and dd to the Metrocentre My idea of hell but dd and bestie love a bit of shopping as they are both skinny and beautiful. DD conned me out of a fortune on new underwear (it's her birthday and that's what she wanted), and I also spent a reasonable amount of £ in Primark as well. It was a lovely day (again) and nice to be out and about, which is why I feel so very guilty that my mood is so low at the moment.
    Went into work today, nearly in tears and really had to psych myself up to go in. It got better as the day went on but it was a real struggle. Came home early to meet the window man. We've chosen our new windows and they are now on order. He reckons it'll be done in a month, so I'm quite excited about being double glazed and hopefully draught proof before the winter arrives. It'll be lovely getting up on a cold morning and not having to wipe condensation off mouldy windows. Small pleasures
    I've had to do a couple of hours of work at home this evening as I left so early, which I also haven't fancied doing but it is at least done now.
    Gosh I am a bundle of joy and a barrel of laughs at the moment. Sorry people.
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    • Eager_Elephant
    • By Eager_Elephant 19th Sep 17, 7:34 AM
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    Sorry to read things aren't great - I echo your point about accepting the lows and riding with it. I think if you didn't you would get worked up about it and that would lower your mood even more.

    Sorry that work is no better - is it teacher sickness or are posts unfilled or do they think you can manage with just a few staff?

    Yay to the new windows - hope you will be cosy all winter.
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