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    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 22nd Jul 16, 10:44 PM
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    Crazy Cat Lady Chapter 2 - Groundhog Day
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    • 22nd Jul 16, 10:44 PM
    Crazy Cat Lady Chapter 2 - Groundhog Day 22nd Jul 16 at 10:44 PM
    Good evening everyone, and hello to anyone looking at this who hasn't seen or heard from me before. About this time last year I finally plucked up the courage to join in with the forums after months of lurking. I was almost finished paying off a lot of debt, and one of my crazy cats had just stung me with a large vet bill that I was worried about paying (think 4 figure sum). Well, the lovely people on here helped me through - I paid using an emergency credit card, which I paid off in just over 2 months.
    After that my life went on in the usual way it does - never a quiet moment. My husband got sick with depression, I paid the debt off a couple of months early thanks to tips on here and extreme frugality and then the week before Christmas dh was admitted to hospital. It was a tough time, no lie but we worked through it and after 6 months off work he went back. Then things came to a head between us and we had a really tough time that I didn't think we were going to get through, but we did. Then dh went and broke his ankle - another 8 weeks off work, which he's just gone back to this week. I will moan about him lots, but I love him dearly and wouldn't want to be without him.
    So apart from dh I have dd (11) and ds (7) and 6 lovely moggies. I work as a science teacher in a secondary school and have just finished one of the toughest school years that I can remember. I was looking forward to feet up, relaxing and spending a bit of time with the kids - I've spent the past 6 weeks exam marking to try and give us enough money to enjoy the summer, but unfortunately much of it has gone to make up the shortfall in dh wages.
    The naughty tortie cat, who brought me here last year has been to the vet again. She needed some dental treatment. I don't have her insured any more because every time she was ill or something happened, her insurance just refused to pay out. So I've been squirrelling away a little bit of money to try and pay for anything that came up. Well, today's bill 'came up' at a shade under £500. It's gone on that emergency credit card that I haven't used since last year and the aim is to pay that off again asap.
    I've lost my mse mojo while I've been wrapped up in end of term stress and exam marking and this bill has been the jolt I've needed to make a fresh start. So fresh start, fresh diary, and away we go.
    Please do pop in and say hello - I hate to think that I'm talking to myself.
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    • Florence J
    • By Florence J 12th Jun 17, 8:20 PM
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    Florence J
    Can't wait to hear your news CCL
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    • kirtsypoos
    • By kirtsypoos 12th Jun 17, 8:52 PM
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    That sounds exciting CCL - I hope you aren't taking your mothers comments too much to heart, I'm overawed by how much you fit into a day and Iam 100% with you - there are more important things in life!
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    • Eager_Elephant
    • By Eager_Elephant 13th Jun 17, 7:02 AM
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    I had a moan on Parsnips diary about CHAOS and I do need to get my butt into gear but too be honest I have never been that keen on housework plus I don't have the time.

    As you know CCL we are a family of 4 and I do the majority of the housework although yesterday DS (back from Uni on Sat) washed up - he said he was hungry and there were no plates or bowls so he washed up!! I actually cut back on the number of plates, bowls and glasses etc so that the washing up stopped piling up and we actually had to wash plates if we wanted to eat!!

    I guess your mum was trying to be helpful in suggesting a cleaner but shouldn't have said the things she did. Does she know your situation and that DH barely gets out of bed except to go to work?

    I think my DH washed up a few weeks ago, that was the first time in months. I think he may also have hovered the living room a month ago!!!!

    You can only do what you can do CCL - you could spend all evening on housework but when would you get any 'me' time and when would your lovely crochet be done.

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    • SpekySquarehead
    • By SpekySquarehead 13th Jun 17, 8:39 AM
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    I'm excited for the news too. I hope you had a better nights sleep last night and ready to seize the day!
    Debt Free Date: 29/09/16
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    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 14th Jun 17, 6:19 PM
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    Evening everyone
    Thank you all for your reassurance and kind comments. I'm less tired than I was so less hysterical than I was on Monday. Still no official work news I can share, but it is good news so I will make sure I let you know as soon as I can. Just home - I've been watching the news for most of the day about this huge fire. It actually makes my blood run cold every time I see it. I know it's a much smaller scale but it really reminds me of 9/11. Just scary. There's been so much bad and sad news these past few weeks.
    I try not to take my mother's comments too much to heart but I find them really hurtful. She makes me feel lazy, and like I can't look after my family because the house isn't pristine. I don't like housework, or gardening, or DIY. It's not mse but I'd far rather get someone else to do it for me and concentrate on things I want to do, like work and my crochet. Not that I've done any crochet for weeks mind you. But the exam marking is going fine... the end is almost in sight for the first 2 papers. Then next week at this time I'll be on my way to London to start the next paper. The exam was this morning, and my triple chemists seem to think that it was fairly straightforward so fingers crossed.
    Not much else to report. Work, home, sleep, repeat.
    NST June#24 NSD 8/15 RYSAW17 #1 £412.74 20p Savers #88 £1 a day for Xmas # DFD 6 Nov 15 - paid £28,447
    • sidsmum
    • By sidsmum 16th Jun 17, 10:11 AM
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    There are two sorts of people and I'm one of the Messies, though not as bad as when I was younger. You need to push the switch that stops you hearing all this Stuff about how somebody has a spotless house and so forth, when she never reads a book, Which is more useful?
    It should be DH who organises and pays for help in the house: there, that's a shocking suggestion. After all, the stuff you do saves him vast sums of moneyand I don't know how you manage it. Do you have a turbo attached to your vacuum cleaner or some little men hidden behind the kitchen door who come out to complete tasks you couldn't quite manage to finish?
    I'm still a bit frazzled, so not posting much, but all the best from Auntie Maggie. Still plodding on with Criminal Case.
    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 16th Jun 17, 10:38 AM
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    Thanks Auntie M (I must get back onto Criminal Case although goodness knows where I would ever find the time for it). I can't help how I am - as long as we are clean and fed with clothes on our backs and a roof over our heads then I don't much care about the other stuff. There is a lot of guilt though - that's what I do best. I have been slowly decluttering over the week though and trying to make the place a bit clearer. I nearly had a complete meltdown last night over chicken nuggets. Well, not exactly, but it was the last straw. Everyone accusing everyone else of eating the last of the nuggets and then it somehow being my fault that there were no chicken nuggets when I don't even eat them. Because I should have known and bought some more. I feel like a right whinge bag but I do work longer hours than anyone else in that house, I earn more money, and I also do more work at home. When on Earth is someone going to help me out a bit and stop blaming me when things are not there and they want them? I've asked dh to empty the recycling today, so fingers crossed. And told dd that she needs to hoover right through the house, so double cross...
    Still really, really busy with the exam marking and now also very tired as well. I need the weekend off to be honest but I don't think I'll be finished in time to do that. I'm 3/4 of the way through both so if I work hard tonight and tomorrow I might be able to take Sunday off. I'm also a bit jealous of my teacher friends because all exams at our place are done apart from 3 science ones. So we're still busy in our department and everyone else has finished...
    Nothing else to report. Busy as ever but not exciting busy... mind I'm happy enough without excitement.
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    • Florence J
    • By Florence J 16th Jun 17, 8:57 PM
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    Florence J
    Oh CCL, heck if I lived nearer you you could pay me to be your cleaner and that might solve both our problems.

    It's YOUR house and YOUR life. Now my house isn't a pigsty, but neither would it be featured in any home magazines any time soon. If OH and I have dinner and then get engrossed in a boxset or fancy going to the park because it's nice weather then we will do that instead of the washing up which will get down in the eventuals of life but the weather won't always be nice.

    If you can stretch the budget to a cleaner and you have decided that you can't live with how the house looks, then get a cleaner. If you don't mind how the house looks, or can't afford it, or think that the kids and DH should do more as a first measure, then don't get a cleaner.

    It is your life, your house, your priorities. No one elses to judge.
    Sealed Pot Challenge 10 #553 (£90) Wombling free 2017 = £851.64 Pay off all your debts by Xmas 2017 #53 (£2060.37/£3000) Debt to OH paid back £643.75/£1001.75
    June 2017 Credit Card Debt: £4628.46
    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 18th Jun 17, 9:32 AM
    • 3,879 Posts
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    Thanks for the kind words Flo - they are much appreciated. I've been too busy to be more proactive about it but I'm still quite hurt by the whole situation.
    Excuse typos and lack of formatting but I'm typing from my phone while ds is playing in the skate park.
    Today is the marking deadline for the first of my exam papers and I still have 500 bits of question to mark, so that is now urgent. However, I slept later than expected this morning so haven't gotten started on it yet. Ds begged me to bring him to the skate park, then we have to pop to visit my dad, then I have my final ever 2 hours of tutoring. I am unlikely to be home before 3pm then will have to get straight on with marking...
    I wouldn't care but I worked really hard all day yesterday with marking and feel like it should be done by now.
    Other than that I'm continuing my plans of getting the rest of the family to do more. We will see...
    Last edited by crazy_cat_lady; 19-06-2017 at 10:13 AM.
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    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 19th Jun 17, 10:23 AM
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    Morning all
    I am really struggling in this head today. I haven't been sleeping well because it's too warm and I can't cope with it being too warm. I've had less than 5 hours, and of course I'm as busy as ever with work and exam marking. I was so tempted to pull a sickie today but decided not to because there's lots to do here and at home. It's disgustingly warm in my classroom and I'm struggling to get me and the kids motivated at all. I only have 2 lessons left before the last Year 11 chemistry exam and I really need to drum some last minute stuff into them for it. Something tells me there will be a motivation problem there this afternoon.
    I've done one lesson and marked a set of books, plus one exam paper is done and dusted (1 down - 5 to go) so I see some progress. I just wish I felt a bit better within myself.
    Not too much to report on the mse front. We took dh out for dinner last night - first time in ages that the four of us have done anything as a family so it was really nice. Plus I had a voucher for a free meal and a pint for dh as it was Father's Day so that was a bit mse.
    Right - best be getting on.
    NST June#24 NSD 8/15 RYSAW17 #1 £412.74 20p Savers #88 £1 a day for Xmas # DFD 6 Nov 15 - paid £28,447
    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 19th Jun 17, 8:40 PM
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    Still marking...
    Still tired.
    NST June#24 NSD 8/15 RYSAW17 #1 £412.74 20p Savers #88 £1 a day for Xmas # DFD 6 Nov 15 - paid £28,447
    • Sallyforth
    • By Sallyforth 21st Jun 17, 9:54 PM
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    Hoping you're okay. I read your diary every day so when you're mia I worry. Just settling down under a sheet with three cats - no fun in this heat!
    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 22nd Jun 17, 8:13 AM
    • 3,879 Posts
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    Thanks for thinking of me Sally - I'm fine, just mega busy. The deadline for the first 2 exam papers has overlapped with the starting of the next 2 so I've had a really busy couple of days with trying to get all of that done along with work and then last night travelling down to London.
    It was quite pleasant at home yesterday - much cooler with occasional heavy rain but when I got to London at 10pm I felt like I was dying it was so hot! It's been a bit of an uncomfortable night but I'm up and almost raring to go for my meeting today. Trying to get an hour of marking in before I go but the internet here isn't so great so I thought I would catch up on here while I'm waiting.
    There really isn't much else to report. Hopefully I'll get a bit of time later this evening.
    NST June#24 NSD 8/15 RYSAW17 #1 £412.74 20p Savers #88 £1 a day for Xmas # DFD 6 Nov 15 - paid £28,447
    • crazy_cat_lady
    • By crazy_cat_lady 25th Jun 17, 12:04 PM
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    Did you think I'd died under my pile of marking?
    Well not quite, but I had a load of deadlines arriving all together between Friday and yesterday on top of being in London, travelling home etc. So I've basically just been too busy to do anything at all. I'm ok, and things will ease up a lot over the next couple of weeks but at the moment I'm still more busy than I'd like.
    I just thought that I would pop on and say hello - I will be back properly over the next day or two for a catch up but for now, just checking in.
    NST June#24 NSD 8/15 RYSAW17 #1 £412.74 20p Savers #88 £1 a day for Xmas # DFD 6 Nov 15 - paid £28,447
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