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    • fairyclicks
    • By fairyclicks 15th Feb 16, 8:50 PM
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    $10+ a day Neobux Challenge 2016
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    • 15th Feb 16, 8:50 PM
    $10+ a day Neobux Challenge 2016 15th Feb 16 at 8:50 PM
    I will be adding quite a bit of information to this first post ASAP regarding how to earn - I need to write it first lol, please check frequently for new info!

    This challenge was inspired by the Amazing £10 per day thread and is specifically for earning on Neobux. If you haven't joined the site yet please consider using a referral link from the referral board here.

    Neobux is a Pay to Click (PTC) site that has been online for over 8 years now and is a highly trusted online earning option. Personally i joined several years ago and didn't really understand it so have only started earning on it again recently.

    This challenge will be about working your way up to earning $10+ per day just on this site (it will take a bit of time to get there but it is certainly possible as people earn a lot on it when they know what to do )

    There are several ways to earn on Neobux:


    This is the most basic way to earn on Neobux and you literally get paid to click adverts. There are different types of adverts with different payment rates. If the only thing you do is click on ads it will take a long time to even get to the low claim rate of $2

    Offer Walls

    There are several offer walls available:

    The Points Wall, Trial Pay, Super Rewards, Token Ads, Matomy, Offer Toro, Personaly, and Adsend Media.

    Please be careful when completing offers - they can lead to spam, downloads may not be safe and many offers can be for recurring payments. Personally i stick to the free ones and use a different email address for signing up to things.

    A few things on offer walls worth knowing about:

    There are 1 click offers under Offer Toro wall which you can do daily (all will not pay every day but easy to click them all) NOTE: i do those on Clixsense for my bonus rather than Neo


    I do video offers daily to boost my account as they are quick and easy

    Points tab - There are usually 2 - 4 videos here.

    Coin offers - There are often videos under Superrewards, Matomy, and Offer Toro walls.

    Mini Jobs

    There are all sorts of mini jobs that become available from Crowdflower tasks. You now have to have a facebook account to be able to complete tasks on Crowdflower, so you will need to sign in with facebook before you can start.

    I would like to highlight the need to read the instructions and follow them very closely or you will not get credited for your work. If you click on the Instructions button on the top left corner you will get detailed instructions which i advise you read especially if you are new to completing these tasks.

    I recommend trying to complete 2 or 3 mini jobs per day on Neobux. They can easily help add $1 or $2 to your account in a short space of time which is very useful when you want to earn a bit more.


    Renting Referrals

    This is a huge topic and i will be adding a lot of information here.

    Basics of Renting

    You can only have direct referrals after you meet these conditions:
    - Been a member for at least 15 days
    - Have made at least 100 clicks

    There are limits to the number of referrals you can rent or add direct depending on your membership type and time using the site.

    Rented referral renewal discounts:

    - 15 days = 0% discount
    - 30 days = 5% discount
    - 60 days = 10% discount
    - Autopay = 15% discount
    - 90 days = 18% discount
    - 150 days = 25% discount
    - 240 days = 30% discount


    Try to extend RR's for 240 days ASAP to minimise costs and maximise profits.

    If extending for less than 90 days enable AP but if extending for 90 days and over turn AP off.


    AVG is (#RRClicks/#RR)

    Daily Profit = Daily Earnings - Daily Expenses

    Daily Earnings= Your clicks, your referral clicks, minijobs, adprizes, offers, all in terms of money. For example 10 clicks from referrals = 10*$0.005=$0.05

    Daily Expenses= Daily referral extension cost, daily membership cost (if any), recycling costs. Example if you extend your referrals for +240 days you need $1.12 every 240 days or $1.12/240=$0.0047 daily cost for 1 referral. Multiply for more refs.

    How to calculate BEP for standard membership?

    Referral cost is $0.20 (30 days)
    Referral Click Value (Standard): $0.005
    Formula is: ($0.20/$0.005)/30=1.33 AVG

    Basic cost is $.20 rental + $1.12 240 day extension so at $0.005 per click a rr needs to click 264 ads before they are profitable (1.1 ad clicks daily) - if you recycle then the number of ad clicks needed before a profit is made increases.

    Useful Terms/abbreviations

    AP - AutoPay (automatically extends refs for you if they have more than 20 days left) Don't forget to manually extend refs with less than 20 days.

    BEP - break-even point (the point at which cost or expenses and revenue are equal)

    DR - direct referral (joined using your ref link or user name)

    PTC - Pay to Click

    RR - rented referral (rented on site)

    Points, Coins etc


    Currently you earn Points by:
    Viewing advertisements: Each advertisement = 1 Point
    Completing Point offers
    Winning Points in AdPrize

    Points can be used for:
    Golden Membership: 30000 Points = 1 year Golden Membership
    Recycle and/or extend your rented referrals
    Increase your direct referrals limit: 500 Points = Increase the limit by 1 direct referral


    These can be converted to money directly into your Main Balance.

    Currently you earn Coins by Completing offers Only and are credited after 60 days

    The conversion rate is as follows:
    2,500 Coins = $0.8 for each 1000 Coins = $2
    5,000 Coins = $1.0 for each 1000 Coins = $5
    10,000 Coins = $1.1 for each 1000 Coins = $11
    20,000 Coins = $1.2 for each 1000 Coins = $24
    30,000 Coins = $1.3 for each 1000 Coins = $39
    40,000 Coins = $1.4 for each 1000 Coins = $56
    60,000 Coins = $1.5 for each 1000 Coins = $90
    80,000 Coins = $1.6 for each 1000 Coins = $128
    100,000 Coins = $1.7 for each 1000 Coins = $170


    Neobux offers a multitude of membership types and prices. We’ll be discussing all memberships available to Neobux members, how much the Neobux Membership costs, the we’ll look at the overall benefit of a neobux membership to you. A Neobux Membership can come in many different forms, and some Neobux memberships are better than others. And since I want you to have the most profitable Neobux account ever, I’m also going to be laying out which Neobux memberships I like or Dislike.

    Neobux Membership Types

    Tier 0: Neobux Standard Membership
    Tier 1: Neobux Golden Membership
    Tier 2: Neobux Emerald and Sapphire Membership
    Tier 3: Neobux Diamond and Platinum Membership
    Tier 4: Neobux Ultimate Membership

    Neobux offers 4 tiers of membership, the higher the tier, the more expensive, but also the more benefits you receive in your account. The Neobux Membership with all the benefits is the Ultimate membership.

    Neobux Membership Prices

    Standard $0
    Golden $90
    Emerald $290
    Sapphire $290
    Diamond $490
    Platinum $490
    Ultimate $890

    Neobux’s Common Membership Discount Periods
    January 1st
    February 14th
    March 24th (Neobux’s inception)
    April 30th (Neobux’s official launch date)
    October 26th – 31st (Halloween)
    December 15th – December 31st (Admin typically does 3 – 4 randomly timed discounts throughout this period)


    Neobux Handy Manager Tutorial
    Last edited by fairyclicks; 22-03-2016 at 1:17 PM.
    Debt at Aug 2010 (LBM) £21,908.86, Debt Freeeeee Date 4th Nov 2013 Massive Thanks to the £10 per day thread Next goals:
    Savings £1203.16/£10,000******Mortgage to Zero: £52,579.46 to go
    Feb Earnings: £711.20/£500 March: £434.41/£500
    Currently compiling an A-Z of earning sites and happy to share it
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    • GromitFan
    • By GromitFan 14th Apr 17, 10:30 PM
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    Just had 126 mini-ads appear - Suppose I'd best get clicking!
    My ads always renew at 9:10pm, but there were no mini-ads then, so was wrongly assuming that they wouldn't appear tonight.

    Recycling can be frustrating - I certainly haven't mastered it. One day my RR average can be quite good and not the next. Can't really make out why. Hopefully figure it out one day...
    Like you say - trial and error.
    • Kantankrus Mare
    • By Kantankrus Mare 27th Apr 17, 9:45 AM
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    Kantankrus Mare
    Arghhhhhhhhhhh Im so mad with myself!!

    There's me banging on about the rise in costs to extend refs after 750 and what do I do?

    Add another 15 refs because I saw that green referral button and pressed it without thinking.

    Two minutes later it hit me.........I was supposed to be waiting till after the promo.

    Oh well ......I suppose in the big scheme of things it wont make that much difference.

    Maybe those extra 15 refs will make me my millions

    Hope everyone is being more diligent than me and got lots of funds to use in the promo due at end of week.
    Make £10 a day challenge Jan/£215.84/ Feb £146.45/ Mar £192.55/Apr £171.20/ May £156.40/june £95.55/ Jul £383.85/Aug £211.60/Sep £282.35/Oct £122.54/Nov £200.77
    Walk 2000 miles in 2017....1490.18 miles
    • GromitFan
    • By GromitFan 28th Apr 17, 2:50 PM
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    Ooops KM

    Oh well, what's done is done. Hope that they are earning you money.

    I've not bought any more - too many to extend within the next few weeks to even contemplate. 102 needing extended before beginning of June.

    Have been trying to save what I can in the hope the expected promo arrives. Almost at $27, but obviously that wont even do half of those soon needing extended.

    Did manage to win $0.50 in adprize yesterday, though hadn't won anything in absolutely ages. Fingers crossed for more wins. Could do with them.

    Thread seemed to have gone to sleep for a bit, so hope everyone else is doing good and managing to control any urges to buy, buy, buy
    • GromitFan
    • By GromitFan 30th Apr 17, 6:29 PM
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    The promo we've been expecting at the end of this month is now live.

    "Today our 10th year begins officially.
    We're saying goodbye to our 9th year - which was our best year ever in every way - and entering what already promises to be a better one.

    Let's celebrate:

    Renewal discount on referrals for all memberships:
    30 days: 8%
    60 days: 13%
    90 days: 20%
    150 days: 27%
    240 days: 32%

    Discount on Golden Membership purchases and / or extensions:
    $15 discount = $75

    Discount on new Golden Pack purchases:
    $5 discount = $285
    $5 discount = $285
    $15 discount = $475
    $15 discount = $475
    $30 discount = $860

    Discount on Golden Pack renewals:
    $5 discount = $265
    $5 discount = $265
    $15 discount = $430
    $15 discount = $430
    $30 discount = $770

    The promotional period will end on May 5th at 17:00 server's time."
    • Kantankrus Mare
    • By Kantankrus Mare 30th Apr 17, 6:44 PM
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    Kantankrus Mare
    Yay So I have emptied my account once again leaving me 0.80c.

    Managed to extend 93 referrals which leaves me just 5 with 50 days remaining and then I have none that need extending till 72 days.

    So now my long journey to 1000 refs and Ultimate.

    The plan is:

    Rent 10/15 refs per week extending them for 240 days as I go along.

    Add $1 a day to my Ultimate account which at the moment stands at $213 (Once I have reached 1000 refs I will increase this amount to hopefully reach what I need by New Year)

    I will extend 1 ref per day to 240 days to try and keep ahead of myself.

    Of course this all depends on funds available but things can be tweaked.

    Hope the promo has helped everyone else and would like to hear your future plans!
    Make £10 a day challenge Jan/£215.84/ Feb £146.45/ Mar £192.55/Apr £171.20/ May £156.40/june £95.55/ Jul £383.85/Aug £211.60/Sep £282.35/Oct £122.54/Nov £200.77
    Walk 2000 miles in 2017....1490.18 miles
    • GromitFan
    • By GromitFan 8th May 17, 11:55 AM
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    Hi KM.

    Had been meaning to reply for ages, but somehow never quite found time until now.

    Well done on having saved as much to manage to extend so many when the promotion started. Guess you easily managed to also extend those other 5 as well during the promotion.

    I managed to get 37 in total extended during the promotion. (28 at beginning and 9 whilst promo was running).

    Now got 65RR still needing extended within 30 days. Should be tight, but I think doable, just!
    After that I wont have any needing extended until beginning of October.

    I'm currently sitting at 250RR, so I think my current plan once I've got those 65 extended is to try to reach 500RR by October and then have a break from buying to make sure I've got all RR extended for a decent time. I reckon it will take me the month to get the 65 extended, so wont be buying any extra right now. Hopefully I can start buying RR at the beginning of June. That should then give 17 weeks until October. Therefore if I buy 15RR for 16 weeks and buy 10RR on the other week that should take me there.

    Of course though I may want to check promo dates, etc to alter exactly how I go about things, but think the buying 15RR each week from June onwards is definitely my rough plan.

    What date are you hoping to reach 1000RR?

    Points-wise, I'm at just over 8000, but guess as I've got Golden until August 2018, I'm less watching that these days and as long as those mini-ads keep coming should easily get another year Golden long before it's due.

    Hope everyone else is doing good.
    • Kantankrus Mare
    • By Kantankrus Mare 8th May 17, 11:08 PM
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    Kantankrus Mare
    Hi Gromit.......not having any to extend till Oct after doing your next 65 sounds great!! Gives you a good breathing space to head towards 500 refs.

    Not sure when I am planning to reach 1000.........sooner the better and then I can concentrate on saving enough for Ultimate and I need to look back at the early part of this thread for a link that I put in a post. I vaguely remember it saying something about staying at 1000 refs when you first reach Ultimate until you can renew all your refs for 240 days ....... This saves a heap load of money with the price for renewal going up again at 1001 refs.
    Dont think I could extend them all twice but I get the theory of it so will save as much as I can and extend as many as I can till I move forward.
    I do feel that Im waffling somewhat but will see how it goes.
    Rented 20 last week and can invest $10 earnt from other sites from paypal in the next few days and $10 from clixsense in a week or so.
    Its good to have plans.
    Make £10 a day challenge Jan/£215.84/ Feb £146.45/ Mar £192.55/Apr £171.20/ May £156.40/june £95.55/ Jul £383.85/Aug £211.60/Sep £282.35/Oct £122.54/Nov £200.77
    Walk 2000 miles in 2017....1490.18 miles
    • GromitFan
    • By GromitFan 26th May 17, 11:43 AM
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    Well, don't think there's any way I can manage to extend all those 65 RR for the 240 days I'd hoped. I did manage to extend 25 already, but tomorrow I've 20 needing extended and looks like I'll be $3 or $4 short to manage to extend all 20 for 240 days. I'm likely to be facing the same next week when I've another 20 needing extended.
    So, now I'm debating whether to extend as many as I can for the 240 and do the last few just at 15 days, which would be enough time. Or the other thing I'm thinking is perhaps to extend 15 of the 20 for 240 days and then the remaining 5 for 90 days. Reason I'm thinking of the 90 days is that I know that's where break even point is for having the AutoRenew turned off.
    Or suppose my other option is to pay for the last few of each 20 using points. Think probably that would be fine to do if we continue to get as many mini ads as we've been getting, but obviously there's no guarantee. Right now I'm at 12,004 points and golden until August 2018.
    Extending for 240 days costs $1.12 or 1493 points.
    Probably swaying slightly towards the mixture of 240 and 90 days (or maybe even the paying for the last few with points which I've just thought about) as then I could start with my plan of buying 15 more RR weekly in just over a week's time and surely I'd be able to extend those few that I did for 90 days when the next promo appears.
    Decisions, decisions...

    KM - Did you manage to find that link about staying at the 1000 RR when you reach Ultimate and extending all for 240 days? Sounded as though it would be potentially useful reading.
    How's things going with you? How many RR do you have now? And how's your ultimate pot?
    • Kantankrus Mare
    • By Kantankrus Mare 4th Jun 17, 11:14 AM
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    Kantankrus Mare
    Hi Gromit..........sorry for late reply. Have just got back off hols. Been to Lake Garda for three nights and then a 7 night Greek cruise so had a break from neo.

    My daughters friend clicked for me while I was away but she missed two or three nights. Not a major problem but now I need to get my head back in gear.

    What did you decide to do with your renewing dilemma?

    I may have the same issue soon. While i want to increase refs all the time.......I am conscious of the fact that in about a months time......I have lots of refs that will need renewing. Will just go for 15 I think when my next slot comes up which will take me to 850. Then I think I will just go for five a week till the next promo, which I havent got a clue when it will be lol, and extend as many as possible.
    Make £10 a day challenge Jan/£215.84/ Feb £146.45/ Mar £192.55/Apr £171.20/ May £156.40/june £95.55/ Jul £383.85/Aug £211.60/Sep £282.35/Oct £122.54/Nov £200.77
    Walk 2000 miles in 2017....1490.18 miles
    • GromitFan
    • By GromitFan 4th Jun 17, 10:27 PM
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    Hi KM
    Your holiday does sound lovely. We went to the Italian Lakes just over 3 years ago in our campervan. Not Lake Garda though - We were at Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta. Would love to go back some time. And the Greek cruise sounds lovely too. Crete is the only Greek island which I've been to; really hope to go back one day, but guess the cruise let you see a lot of Greek islands.

    My extending dilemma? Well, when I was posting just over a week ago, it wasn't actually that bad. I actually managed to have enough funds to extend all but 1 of the 20 for the 240 days, so in the end I decided to extend 19 for 240 days using money raised in neobux and then pay with points for the final one.
    Yesterday though, wasn't anywhere near as good.
    I had 20 needing renewed around 10am this morning, so I didn't dare wait until this morning in case I forgot. Anyway I was a long way off with those. In the end I only managed to extend 5 of them for 240 days. The other 15 - I extended 14 of them for 90 days and had just enough money to extend the final 1 for 150 days.

    My averages and recycling seemed to be going well until end of May. Then for some reason my averages took a nose-dive. Hate it when that happens and I'm not doing anything different. Just hoping I manage to get it to pick back up again soon.

    I've only got one RR to extend later this month, then 14 at the beginning of September. And from beginning of October for a couple of months there's a steady stream of RR needing extended (roughly 10-15 per week).

    Anyway, now I'm about to start thinking of stepping over the 250RR and buying more RR. Originally I'd been thinking of buying 15RR per week with an aim of getting to 500RR by October. However in the past few days my mini-ads have pretty much vanished, so now not sure if 15RR would over-stretch me, so now thinking of perhaps 10RR per week and seeing how that goes, though obviously would take me a good while longer to get to the 500RR.

    Although from a neobux perspective I wish the mini-ads were still there, in another way I'm quite glad they aren't as there's loads I need to be doing away from the computer this month, so at least neobux shouldn't distract me quite as much as normal.

    Anyway, good to hear from you KM and hope you get things running as you want with neobux.
    • Kantankrus Mare
    • By Kantankrus Mare 8th Jun 17, 9:56 AM
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    Kantankrus Mare
    Looks like you have it all under control Gromit and I wish you all the luck with starting to increase refs. You sound like me being cautious not to over stretch yourself. I would be gutted if I had to ever let any refs expire through trying to move on too fast.

    Just rented my 15 refs which takes me to 850.

    Bit of a quandry now though. After another 4 weeks I have a steady stream of refs that will need renewing for a few months till it calms down a bit again so not sure whether to stay static and save like mad or rent just 5 a week to move a little closer to my goal each week.

    I hate seeing that rental button and not doing anything with it.

    Will probably go for the 5 a week option.

    Greek cruise took in quite a lot of places. Montenegro, Corfu Town, Athens. Mykonos and Kefalonia.

    Our first time cruising and it was with Royal Caribbean. Would definitely cruise again but not with the same company.
    Drinks on the ship were extortionate and with all the other hidden charges that they are shoving in your face all the time, makes it an expensive trip. A bit too americanised for us as well.

    Italy I could definitely go back to though!!

    With a bit of the time we can afford to go on holiday next year.......I will be Ultimate and happily go away knowing I have a bit of passive earning going on at home.

    Thats if everything goes to plan of course.
    Make £10 a day challenge Jan/£215.84/ Feb £146.45/ Mar £192.55/Apr £171.20/ May £156.40/june £95.55/ Jul £383.85/Aug £211.60/Sep £282.35/Oct £122.54/Nov £200.77
    Walk 2000 miles in 2017....1490.18 miles
    • Kantankrus Mare
    • By Kantankrus Mare 7th Jul 17, 3:47 PM
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    Kantankrus Mare
    Paypal has been removed from neobux .

    Not quite sure what I will use now. I have a skrill account set up for clixsense payments but only transfer funds back into neo with this as the charges are quite high to put into bank account.

    Will have to have a look at other options.
    Make £10 a day challenge Jan/£215.84/ Feb £146.45/ Mar £192.55/Apr £171.20/ May £156.40/june £95.55/ Jul £383.85/Aug £211.60/Sep £282.35/Oct £122.54/Nov £200.77
    Walk 2000 miles in 2017....1490.18 miles
    • GromitFan
    • By GromitFan 7th Jul 17, 11:27 PM
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    Hi KM

    Yeah, just noticed that paypal has been removed

    Paypal is turning out to be a total pain. I now no longer bother with clixsense, but used to get paid via paypal for prolific academic. It's still possible to get paid via paypal for prolific academic, but they now charge a fee, so think most (me included) switched to using Circle as that is free to use once over £20.

    Haven't yet had time to look at if there are possible neobux options - just hope there are or that something gets added to neobux soon.

    Sorry not been on this thread for quite a while. Had computer issues where it was hanging up after about 30 minutes use, so after I few days of trying things I eventually refreshed windows, which thankfully has seemed to sort out that issue, though had then to reinstall software, but at least I ended up with a usable system. Then in the midst of doing up our bathroom and then been away this past week (only back today).

    With the exception of this week though I had still been clicking away what I could on neobux.
    Now at 325RR.

    How are you doing with your RR? Have you been buying more or are you concentrating on extending?
    • Kantankrus Mare
    • By Kantankrus Mare 8th Jul 17, 7:43 AM
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    Kantankrus Mare
    Sorry to hear about your computer problems Gromit. Pleased you got it sorted. My laptop completely gave up the ghost so I had to buy a cheap laptop and consequently lost all handy manager data. Will reinstall at some point.
    Nice to see your increase in refs! Mine is moving up slowly. 865.
    Still not added to Ultimate pot which stands at $230. Frantically saving for next discount day whenever that will be. Have sooo many coming up for renewal. Then once that has happened I will be putting as much as I can in the Ultimate pot.
    My New year goal is still there but have been thinking. As one of my main reasons for Ultimate is the holiday mode where you dont lose your referrals earnings whilst away, I could leave it till the end of April. (Holiday booked for end of May)
    Will play that one by ear. Not sure what payment processor to use but again not urgent as I wont be withdrawing for a long time.
    Where have you been away? Hope you had a nice time.
    Make £10 a day challenge Jan/£215.84/ Feb £146.45/ Mar £192.55/Apr £171.20/ May £156.40/june £95.55/ Jul £383.85/Aug £211.60/Sep £282.35/Oct £122.54/Nov £200.77
    Walk 2000 miles in 2017....1490.18 miles
    • GromitFan
    • By GromitFan 8th Jul 17, 11:42 AM
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    Hi KM

    Yeah, I wasn't intending to cash out in the near future, so will just keep plodding along for now and hope that there's a suitable payment platform sorted out before I want to withdraw any money.

    I was thinking at one point that I'd need to buy a new laptop, but couldn't really afford it at the moment, so would probably have looked at Argos and put on the buy now pay 6 months later thing. Was so glad to get the computer running again, even though I did lose some things.

    We were just down in the Lake District. Stayed in a lovely lodge at Lake Windermere - Quite spacious and lovely views.

    Your idea of aiming for ultimate before you go on holiday sounds sensible. Fingers crossed you get there.
    • GromitFan
    • By GromitFan 12th Jul 17, 5:47 PM
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    Express Promotion on neobux just now:
    Renewal discount on referrals for all memberships:
    30 days:
    60 days:
    90 days:
    150 days:
    240 days:

    This promotion will end on July 15th at 19:00 (server's time).


    I know that I've been buying RR, so will extend as many of them as I can for the 240 days - currently at $44, so should manage to get quite a few extended for the 240days.

    • Kantankrus Mare
    • By Kantankrus Mare 12th Jul 17, 7:22 PM
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    Kantankrus Mare
    Just switched on and found promo..........Yay

    Have extended 163 refs which gives me a month till any more need doing. Hopefully will manage a few more before promo ends.

    Had nearly $200 saved and now have .73c but I guess it has to be done.

    Am siitting at 870 refs.
    Make £10 a day challenge Jan/£215.84/ Feb £146.45/ Mar £192.55/Apr £171.20/ May £156.40/june £95.55/ Jul £383.85/Aug £211.60/Sep £282.35/Oct £122.54/Nov £200.77
    Walk 2000 miles in 2017....1490.18 miles
    • GromitFan
    • By GromitFan 12th Jul 17, 7:56 PM
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    Well done on extending so many KM! You must be so happy not to need to bother with them for a while.

    I extended 36, so have just over $3 sitting in my account - Want to buy another 15 RR on the 14th, so decided to keep enough funds for that.

    That's great you're at 870RR - getting closer to your aim for 1000RR.
    I'm currently at 325RR, so still aiming for 500RR around October and will then have a break from buying RR to get all sorted again.
    • Kantankrus Mare
    • By Kantankrus Mare 11th Aug 17, 10:27 PM
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    Kantankrus Mare

    I finally found the site I was rambling on about and think you were enquiring about?

    Having another read myself.....I can see the logic in it but as Im not investing any money, I cant see it as being doable.

    Hope you are doing ok?

    I am on 890 refs and plodding away keeping on top of renewals which just keep on coming.

    Transfers to ultimate on hold at $276 until I get a bit ahead of myself with renewals.

    I am hoping to become Ultimate in April next year.
    Make £10 a day challenge Jan/£215.84/ Feb £146.45/ Mar £192.55/Apr £171.20/ May £156.40/june £95.55/ Jul £383.85/Aug £211.60/Sep £282.35/Oct £122.54/Nov £200.77
    Walk 2000 miles in 2017....1490.18 miles
    • GromitFan
    • By GromitFan 14th Aug 17, 1:12 PM
    • 281 Posts
    • 1,398 Thanks
    Hi KM

    Thanks for that link. Have just had a quick nosy and does look interesting. Will try to get a proper read at it next week - School goes back here next Tuesday, so theoretically should be easier for me to spend time to try and understand it then.

    Think I'm doing ok and roughly on my plan of having 500RR by beginning of October. Just need to hope I manage to keep renewing them all with 240 days as I go, but obviously can't say for definite on that.
    Anyway, at present I'm at 400RR and have almost 20,000 points, though my Golden membership isn't due for renewal until around now next year.

    Sounds like you are doing good. Sensible to try and get a bit ahead with renewals. Once I reach 500RR, I'll take a break from buying RR to try and get ahead with renewals before I take the next step up to the 750, but not sure when that will be.

    Fingers crossed for you reaching Ultimate when you aim in April next year. And more importantly when you get there, hope Ultimate is worth it.
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