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    • By COOLTRIKERCHICK 4th Oct 14, 10:37 AM
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    Daydream fund challenge part 4
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    • 4th Oct 14, 10:37 AM
    Daydream fund challenge part 4 4th Oct 14 at 10:37 AM
    back in march 2009. this thread started, as I had daydreamed of having a smallholding for far too many years than I can remember.. since then, we are now on our 4th new thread.. and have a nice bunch of mse'rs who are at various stages of their dream... even if you ream is to have a plot of land, or a house with a nice garden.. join in, all are welcome..

    here are the links to the other 3 threads

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    • alfie 1
    • By alfie 1 1st Dec 17, 12:40 PM
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    alfie 1
    morning all

    having averaged minus 3 at night here and no more than 6 during the day, I could say its a tad chilly !! ponds have a light freezing on , koi have stopped feeding and the wild birds are eating me out of house and home !
    I get through a 15k bag of seed and a tub of 140 fat balls and a 2k bag of nuts ...A WEEK
    I have a neighbours cat [one of many well looked after ] that has moved into my summer house ,having left a window ajar.... so being daft, im fitting a cat flap so theres not the draft in there from window and put a sheepskin on the armchair for cosiness .... owner finds this hilarious considering their cats live in a virtual mansion... I told him this cat is obviously "finding his roots"
    this cat is HUGE, white and has no ears [had to be amputated due to skin cancer] and resembles a white badger stalking through the field ... had my brother in law convinced hed seen a rarity !

    TILLY IS IN FOAL so its panic stations to be prepared as its going to be an early foal.. due anytime from mid January to mid march but I think the earlier dates more likely. we are going to put a 3ft bed of straw in the shelter in the corall and cross fingers .....

    im still rescuing frogs and newts from next doors swimming pool although temperatures are proving fatal

    I have just hauled out the usual array of xmas lights from my cupboard .. THEY WORK ... but somehow lost 2 transformers ..
    im setting up 2 xmas trees either side of my cattlegrid and will decorate the outside of house...... tastefully ! no leaping/waving/nodding santas/penguins/snowmen
    considering I live up a track off a rural road I rather light up like a bolisha beacon in the darkness [no street lights ere in the forest ]

    off to visit my dad today, his speech and attention are now poor but he always asks how my son and the dogs are...
    mum has had the dreaded lergy so ive had to keep her supplied with meds/food ... she said she could go to local shop but I did get her to remain in the warm !

    son is still keen on getting a rottweiller pup. we almost bought one but owner changed his mind and decided to keep this one .... I saw the most gorgeous AKITA the other day and im trying to sway him over to the "other" side ...

    right , well keep safe/dry/warm peeps

    • DaftyDuck
    • By DaftyDuck 4th Dec 17, 8:03 AM
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    Really just posting something - anything - to knock the "make money" off the " most recent post" bit!

    Dog settling in. Spends much of his time upside down as his legs are too long. Cats are distinctly smarter than dogs. Sheep too.

    Will post a photo ... panoramic needed for length. Need to find time to upload somewhere.

    Had ill sheep, now better.

    Well, at least Mr Fishsick's post listing (ah autocorrect, was fish wick .. It knows all) has finally been burned off the internet!
    • Davesnave
    • By Davesnave 5th Dec 17, 9:02 AM
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    Davesnave looks like outdoor jobs will be off the menu for a while soon! With this in mind, I kicked-off the chain saw season yesterday with an attack on the silly of bit hedge between the entrance splay and our drive entrance.

    It's hard to explain. There's a walled entrance splay, ending in pillars,then the private road goes from there to the barn complex, but 3m along the road is an entrance serving us and next door. Between our entrance and the pillars was a laid elm hedge on top of a walled bank.

    Anyway, the hedge was a mess; just a thing like Dennis the Menace's hair, made of severely mangled stumps and a few laid branches, restricting our view. So, down it came. It was the biggest test yet for my battery saw, but it flew through it, beating stumps over a foot thick.

    Now I have some stumps to kill, as there's no way those can be removed. Everything on the bank is covered in ivy, so I'll keep that for now, but eventually it would be nice to plant it up with whatever will survive up there and not look unkempt.

    Assisted by hungry sheep eating the grass tight, I think I've finally found all the beer bottles you-know-who threw into our top field. It was about a dozen., none recent. However I'm about to start laying more roadside hedge, so who knows if that will set him off again!

    Meanwhile, up there by the road, where we 'lost' four huge trailer loads of soil in a couple of depressions, the grass has sprouted-up well. I've never planted grass seed in November before, but it looks like I'll get away with it....

    Over the last week or so we've been converting our remaining lights to LED. Seeing our smart meter's monitor exceeding £3 daily finally convinced us.
    'A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they'll never sit in.'
    • DaftyDuck
    • By DaftyDuck 6th Dec 17, 6:19 PM
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    Conservatory is going up. Well, the old porch on the rear came down, then foundations went down further still. They've found an old floor from when the house was larger, probably around 1600. Too macerated to be of any use, but still curious to see. It seems they moved the house steadily to higher ground, presumably to avoid flooding... so just the place to extend with a conservatory! I swore I'd never buy anything that could flood - ever. Oh well

    Things seem to be going well, and the chap doing the building work is a character - has an old house in France, up in the Midi wilderness, that he's been rebuilding for donkeys years, and he isn't the fastest. However, he then decided to use up all the aggregate and cement he'd been allocated on the foundations, and then ordered another lorry for the construction. His boss is going to love him! Oh, and the lorries can't get down the lane by the house, so they have to drop it in the farm yard.... so little tractor has come into its own, moving stuff about. There's another huge load of sand and cement due tomorrow... garghhh!

    Dog. Now, he's probably going to be allowed to stay. Possibly. Well, maybe, we'll see.... His legs are too long, as is his nose, and his tail. He doesn't like things that go BANG, and even pop is too much, really. The builders are all doing everything as quietly as they can - even bricks to be split get taken by wheelbarrow a further twenty yards, so's not to disturb the pooch. (Again, their boss will be delighted at their speed...). He does curl up really, really, really small, and he can just fit on a lap. Well, he can't, but he won't accept it. He ignores the sheep utterly (they might as well not exist), is scared of the donkeys, horses, doves (!) and cats. They make him curl up extra, extra tight.

    He just sort of folds in the middle when there's a cat in the vicinity!

    I'm knackered. I've loaded eight tonnes of aggregate and thirty bags of cement, and restacked four pallets of bricks. I'm covered in cement dust (even when bags aren't burst, they just leak by osmosis). But, progress.... for now. I can't help but remember Dave's trials... and worry! Oh well, fingers crossed. How is that panning out, anyway?
    • Davesnave
    • By Davesnave 6th Dec 17, 7:31 PM
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    Conservatory is going up.....

    I can't help but remember Dave's trials... and worry! Oh well, fingers crossed. How is that panning out, anyway?
    Originally posted by DaftyDuck
    The conservatory? Oh, it's fine; just about to gain electric points and lights, any day now.....maybe. No floor covering or skirtings till January now.

    The GGF decided that our case didn't warrant independent arbitration, but we weren't told this officially, or the reason why. I'd guess they know their member would lose.

    We've said we won't pay any more without a ruling from an arbitrator or a court, and who takes the customer to court when they have broken their own T&C, big time?

    So, I'd say our decision to award ourselves a discount of £4k was the correct move.

    Had the plumber today, or rather his sidekick, who isn't the brightest button.....Just after it became pitch dark, he told us we wouldn't have central heating tonight! Stumbled around, found logs and lit woodburner for the first time since April. We'll not freeze after all!

    That's an 'interesting' dog. I like dogs, but cats are easier and Lila is almost a dog anyway.....
    'A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they'll never sit in.'
    • DaftyDuck
    • By DaftyDuck 6th Dec 17, 8:16 PM
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    Oh, cats are indisputably better. It's my wife's dog. Especially just before evening walk in the rain. Cats prefer fire and sofas. As do I!
    • Davesnave
    • By Davesnave 6th Dec 17, 8:50 PM
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    Oh, cats are indisputably better. It's my wife's dog. Especially just before evening walk in the rain. Cats prefer fire and sofas. As do I!
    Originally posted by DaftyDuck
    Ours are still out, but they'll be in around 21.00, and if they aren't, they'll come when we call them in.

    They'll get a pleasant surprise tonight, with the wood burner being lit.
    'A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they'll never sit in.'
    • Jojo the Tightfisted
    • By Jojo the Tightfisted 7th Dec 17, 12:01 AM
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    Jojo the Tightfisted
    Ours are still out, but they'll be in around 21.00, and if they aren't, they'll come when we call them in.

    They'll get a pleasant surprise tonight, with the wood burner being lit.
    Originally posted by Davesnave

    My Idiot Cat decided last night was the perfect time to go for wander up the shed, along the wall and into the building site a few doors down.

    Five hours later, once he'd finally worked out where he lived, I heard something wailing and keening like a Banshee at the front door, and opened it to find a slightly agitated puff ball of Stupid waiting on the doorstep. His only experience of being out the front has been when he's fallen out of the living room window into the windowbox.

    Tonight, the soppy, non aggressive twit tried to get away with refusing to get off my coat, getting quite insistent with leaping back on it. After being unceremoniously placed upon the floor, he's been attached to the furry throw on the sofa since 5.40pm.

    I think he might be able to tell that the weather is changing and doesn't want a repetition of last night's debacle.

    Grumpy Fluffy Cat hasn't left her spot, eight inches away from the radiator since about the same time of day.

    I've had one of those days at work where the Offspring of the Parish were the least of my concerns. When you go and see the nice lady in Accounts to chase up progress on the order you placed three weeks ago, she asks what it was for, you say 'tinsel and holly garlands for the Christmas Show' and not only does she say she hasn't got around to placing the order yet, but when did you want it for - well, what do you do?

    I'm really trying to be a good person. I answered her calmly and patiently and then stepped out the office.

    I think somebody (not me) might be dashing off to the Poundshop to get some tut for decorating the Church.
    Last edited by Jojo the Tightfisted; 07-12-2017 at 12:09 AM.
    I could dream to wide extremes, I could do or die: I could yawn and be withdrawn and watch the world go by.

    Yup you are officially Rock n Roll
    Originally posted by colinw
    • alfie 1
    • By alfie 1 10th Dec 17, 12:42 PM
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    alfie 1
    hiya peeps

    well.... its certainly blowing a hooley here !!
    my outside xmas trees are half way down the track trailing lights in the process.
    they are following the ditch line and seem to have "landed" now so will retrieve them when its settled down...

    I have to brave the elements and go check the horses soon. will take some hay if only for the sheep. im sure its ME that THINKS they need it as they don't seem to share my worries

    son has to go for a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow they know he has an immune prob, white cells too low but have to put all the pieces if the puzzle together to get a result...
    so I will be sat around in hosp for a while ..

    I just LOVE your dog dafty.. looks a right goop and if its anything like my friend bringing in 2 kittens [years ago] and her husband proclaiming [loudly] that they are HERS and nothing to do with HIM... to increase the "flock" to 20 by HIS insistence as they all are now HIS babies... about 6 always go for a walk with him round the property , its hilarious to watch considering his early protests ....

    I have had the dreaded flu this last week so have got lots of home jobs done that I have happily ignored for...ever !
    got my xmas decs up indoors yesterday.. always a bit daunting but once I start I can finish !!

    my sister is visiting mum /dad this weekend [rarity] so im staying out of the way.. its a shame we don't get on but she has a problem with lots of things/people so im not alone !

    well, as im still in my PJ's I better shift my butttt into gear .. like going out into the abyss but gotta be done

    keep safe y'all
    • lucielle
    • By lucielle 10th Dec 17, 10:32 PM
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    Hi All. Sounds like you've all been really busy.

    Week before we went to Sri Lanka DD2 broke her ankle and it needed operating, pinning and plating. It was looking doubtful if we were going to go but we did. Had an amazing time and what a wonderful place it is and I can't wait to go back!

    We have also got a new addition to the family and another puppy has joined the clan. She's half sister to Izzy and has slotted in beautifully.
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    • Davesnave
    • By Davesnave 11th Dec 17, 9:49 AM
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    Hope it all goes OK for your son, alfie, and for you, now you're over your flu bug.

    Not much going on here, except the 'lectricity has finally been finished.......err....almost. The boss still needs to test everything and sign it off, but I have a feeling he'll do that soon, because then we'll pay their final bill! It's been going on so long that the guy who was just the apprenctice at the start has qualified and now works unsupervised....and he's the best of the lot of 'em. Really careful and precise.

    Oh, and the heating's been extended/completed and the shower installed in the main bathroom, so we're almost done in there. Just an en-suite to go.....but all the pipework's there for that now too.

    First read-through of the Panto script tonight. When I gave it the once-over yesterday, I discovered a few characters are on stage almost all the time.....and I'm one of them! This never happens, as writers normally allow all characters decent sized breaks.

    Lots of wind and stuff earlier and it's now trying to snow, but our main problem here is just rather a lot of water.

    Edit: Just checked the river cams and we are OK for now, flood wise.

    Who's the new addition, lucielle?
    Last edited by Davesnave; 11-12-2017 at 9:56 AM.
    'A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they'll never sit in.'
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