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    • Pushkin
    • By Pushkin 16th Aug 14, 2:57 PM
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    The Road to Financial Security
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    • 16th Aug 14, 2:57 PM
    The Road to Financial Security 16th Aug 14 at 2:57 PM
    I've been reading a lot of the posts on this website and been very inspired by many of the mortgage free wannabee diarists. After a roller coaster of a year I think we are finally in a position to start making in roads into our mortgage.

    Without wanting to waffle on too long here is a summary of our situation:

    We are a family of 3, (my, husband & 12 year old son) plus our 9 year old labrador.

    Lived in current house for 15 years and were hoping (and got very close) to move to a bigger house as part of our long term pension plan!

    Still the chain fell apart and rightly or wrongly we have decided to stay put, spend some money on getting this house how we want it and more importantly OVERPAY on the mortgage!

    Shamefully I'm not even on the mortgage (husband bought house in early stages of our relationship and it's one of the many things we never sorted out. So the list for the immediate future is:

    Get my name put on mortgage
    Get on line access to mortgage - think they all do this right?
    Set up regular over payment

    Still working through figures but wanted to kick this off as I am hoping it will inspire me to make progress. Quite nervous posting but so many inspirational folks here
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    • amycool
    • By amycool 29th Sep 16, 10:43 AM
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    Thank you for mentioning washing - mine was sat in the machine wondering why I hadn't pegged it out. Not that it's likely to dry as we've reached the point in the year when the sun stops visiting our garden and the lawn becomes a bog.

    My bedroom is the messiest room in the house! I spend so much time trying to keep the living rooms and DD's room tidy that I don't notice the piles of rubbish in mine. Oh well, if nobody is going to see it, does it matter?

    I keep meaning to meal plan or cook ahead but it somehow never happens.
    Mortgage (Start Sep 2014)- £70,295/£37880.12- 46.1%
    Overpayments - £18935.03
    • Pushkin
    • By Pushkin 30th Sep 16, 8:32 PM
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    Very stressful day - woke up and DH informed me our internet was down, in a rather mean, cavalier way he said he'd looked at it, couldn't see a fault and I needed to ring BT - then he left for London!

    Rang BT, while madly texting DH to get the answers to the questions they were asking me, they ran all their diagnostic tests and said the fault was within the house not at their end.

    To cut a long story short DH fixed it when he came home, had to do some resetting on his laptop or something.

    Anyway was reduced to reading email on my mobile phone and unable to do very much else work wise as unable to access any databases or web sites.

    Call me paranoid but not a good feeling to have to email your boss telling him you have no connectivity. Probably should have gone to a cafe for a couple of hours but couldn't face it.

    Enough waffling on - so a very odd day quiet but stressed.

    Have just done an hours work now the net is back up and sent a few emails just to look eager!

    Enough now, weekend is here and I want to forget work til Monday.
    • Pushkin
    • By Pushkin 1st Oct 16, 11:26 AM
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    Love autumn days like this although rather stupidly took the dog out with neither a jacket with hood or an umbrella - very wet!

    Out for lunch today as sister & her kids are down, then we are at the theatre this evening - so busy day.

    Just had to pay for DH's car tax & insurance - not cheap Still at least both are only annual.
    • Pushkin
    • By Pushkin 4th Oct 16, 5:41 PM
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    Finally got the tap on the shoulder yesterday - invited to a mandatory business briefing - aka you are in scope for redundancy conference call.

    Pool of 19 with a target to reduce to 6 - not great odds!

    Ironically the name of the selection pool is a different group to the one in which I work (typical inefficiency) so have queried it although I doubt it will make any difference.

    So I am seriously considering volunteering - for the following reasons:
    • There is a small cash enhancement if you volunteer
    • I would be taking control of it rather than it being done to me - firmly believe it's a case of when not if I am made redundant
    • I am not happy in the job
    • I have nearly 20 years service so would get some breathing space with a payout without having to find another job straight away

    I am scared to death, haven't had a job interview for 20 years, lack confidence and having worked from home for years the thought of full time in an office appalls me.

    However given that I think this will happen it is better to get it done sooner (while I am a little bit younger )

    So thats whats going round in my head while I wait to hear back from the woman to confirm I am definitely in scope.
    • BookWorm
    • By BookWorm 4th Oct 16, 8:02 PM
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    Sorry to hear the news Pushkin...but trying to look at it positively at least you know the position now (ie - no more wondering). Sounds like you are doing all the right things and considering what you need to. Good luck with whichever route you decide on
    • Pushkin
    • By Pushkin 4th Oct 16, 8:28 PM
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    Thanks Bookworm - just writing it down helps. In some ways the complexity of the process in the UK means it prolongs the uncertainty (doubtless a few restless nights coming up) - the US may be more barbaric but at least its quick there!
    • Pushkin
    • By Pushkin 8th Oct 16, 11:03 AM
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    Made it through the week and actually feel more positive about the thought of VR than I did at a few days ago - maybe a good sign.

    Haven't heard anything from the company since the call, sent a passive aggressive, stroppy note to the person managing this and copied in HR. Likely won't change anything but made me feel better.

    One of the other errors that was made was that instead of blind copying the in scope staff on the call they were merely copied - i.e. visible to everyone. One of those names is a colleague in my team who is on long term sick due to cancer. I thought she should know so rang and told her about this.

    She got in touch with her HR rep- it got escalated and she has received a grovelling apology from the company - apparently under our company's policy staff on long term sick are not at risk of redundancy so she should never have been in scope in the first place.

    Given how many staff have been made redundant over the past few years it's stunning how incompetent they are

    Up early today for a hair cut and once DS finishes drama we are driving over to Kent to see friends.

    DH has booked the dog in for a pamper session this morning - this includes something called a blueberry facial ?! Not sure I approve of labs having pamper sessions anyway but now she is having beauty treatments I have never had!
    • Pushkin
    • By Pushkin 9th Oct 16, 9:52 AM
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    Very welcome lie in today- poor dog still hasn't been out yet.

    One of the biggest worries I have with redundancy is that I won't be paying into my pension until I get a new job and under my plan that may not be for about a year as I plan to do some temping.

    It's a shame that my parents are on holiday - I could do with speaking to my father - aka my financial advisor!

    My pension is better than DH's and I do worry about the impact of missing payments for a year and if I get another job and its lower paid than my current one (highly likely) then future payments will be lower.

    Sorry for the redundancy ramblings - just got so much swirling round my head.

    Usual household chores on the list for day, very dull but am always pretty content mooching round the house. Certainly cheaper than going out anywhere.
    • gallygirl
    • By gallygirl 9th Oct 16, 10:26 AM
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    One of the biggest worries I have with redundancy is that I won't be paying into my pension until I get a new job and under my plan that may not be for about a year as I plan to do some temping.

    It's a shame that my parents are on holiday - I could do with speaking to my father - aka my financial advisor!

    My pension is better than DH's and I do worry about the impact of missing payments for a year and if I get another job and its lower paid than my current one (highly likely) then future payments will be lower.
    Originally posted by Pushkin
    No reason you can't pay into a personal pension while you're temping - even if you don't work at all in the tax year you can pay £2,880 in. Good to be thinking about it so early .
    A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort
    Mortgage Balance = £0
    "Do what others won't early in life so you can do what others can't later in life"
    • katiegizmo
    • By katiegizmo 10th Oct 16, 2:45 PM
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    Sorry to hear your news Pushkin but it has been hanging over your head for so long it may give you some relief to actually be moving forward!
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    Big new mortgage from 2017

    • Pushkin
    • By Pushkin 11th Oct 16, 9:24 PM
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    Thanks for the comments Gallygirl and Katie Gizmo, I think you are both right and leaving this job will be a good thing - doesn't stop me being scared to death though.

    My son is nearly 15, I can't imagine my life without him as he's such a big part of it - I've been at this company for 19 years so leaving will be a huge change. Not that I love the company like a child - just the easiest way I can phrase it.

    All that said - not a peep from the 'transformation team' since the initial call on Monday 3rd, I sent my chase email Friday pm, no response. I know 2 people that missed the call as they were on leave, both of them have contacted the manager and not heard anything. It's a master class in how not to do redundancy I think or maybe some kind of Carry on Film...
    • Moneyfordreams
    • By Moneyfordreams 11th Oct 16, 9:57 PM
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    I felt like my arm had been chopped off when I left the organisation were I had trained and spent 20 years. I've had a few jobs in last 7 years... time heals feel a touch of the nomad still, as left a 5 year post to only stay one year in the next. Hopefully this job is a keeper as keeper

    good luck with your plans, I hope they all go smoothly for you
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    CC daughter gift and holiday spends £2200
    • amycool
    • By amycool 12th Oct 16, 1:32 PM
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    From what you've said, VR sounds like the best option but I know it must feel terrifying. At least this way you have more time to start looking for work and planning. It's not like you're completely unskilled and starting from scratch, you have 20 years of experience, which counts for a lot. Just trust in your own abilities and skills.

    I hope you hear more soon - your company sounds pretty inept!
    Mortgage (Start Sep 2014)- £70,295/£37880.12- 46.1%
    Overpayments - £18935.03
    • Pushkin
    • By Pushkin 15th Oct 16, 1:11 PM
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    No news on any front really - my life sounds really boring!

    Had a bit of a rant about the poor communication around the redundancy thing on our management call on Wednesday & made my feelings very clear to my boss. Have decided to just roll with the flow on this and not chase things up as it just upsets me.

    DH thinks any redundancy amount they offer me is negotiable - I'm not so sure and I'm rubbish at that kind of thing anyway but we'll see. I've worked out what I think my £ entitlement is and I reckon if being careful it could last a year.

    That is not stopping me feeling like we should be cutting back financially already - DH suggested a take away tonight and I really snapped at him then backtracked and apologised.

    Ironically I then did the C0stc0 shop alone and spent over £200

    So suffice to say subconsciously I may be battling a few conflicting emotions over all this losing my job stuff ....
    Last edited by Pushkin; 15-10-2016 at 5:17 PM. Reason: typo
    • Pushkin
    • By Pushkin 16th Oct 16, 10:40 AM
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    Really wet dog walk this morning - my shoes are a bit leaky and it reminded me I need new wellies.

    Up to Heathrow at lunchtime to collect my parents who are flying back from their holiday. Love going to airports - really weird hobby huh!

    We are going to have a what we call a 'trolley tea' tonight - fresh bread, lots of toppings and nibbles all laid out and you help yourself. When I was a kid this used to be put on a trolley and wheeled into the lounge - hence the name.

    One of the nicest things about winter is a trolley tea

    Housework has been sadly lacking this weekend I am turning into a terrible slob I think.
    • Pushkin
    • By Pushkin 20th Oct 16, 6:14 PM
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    Bizarrely work has been really manic this week & it's making me bad tempered due to the black cloud of redundancy in the background.

    Still no further updates from work, the initial !!!! up call was two weeks last Monday - I presume they are working in the background to get their ducks in a row before scheduling another meeting. I think it's appalling they cant' tell us that and say things are delayed etc but this is a big, bad commercial company with consideration only for the share price certainly not the employees. Wow I'm turning into a left wing militant

    Anyway I've decided just to let it roll along in its own time. Getting worked up won't influence anything and will likely end up making me more wound up. The speed things are moving I think it may stretch out until the New Year anyway

    No money news, having to buy some jazz shoes for DS as his current pair have a hole in them - thats £20.

    Had an eye test today, no change in my prescription but they did offer me a free contact lens trial. I was seriously tempted - glasses are such a faff (with me it's pure old age - didn't need glasses til I hit 40). However with the work situation I thought best not - don't want ongoing costs of contact lenses if I'm going to lose my job.
    • QB Wolf
    • By QB Wolf 20th Oct 16, 9:06 PM
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    QB Wolf
    Hi Pushkin, good luck with the redundancy thing, I've been through it a few times, never a nice experience, but things always seem to turn out for the best and I'm sure it will for you too - keep smiling.
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    • Watty1
    • By Watty1 21st Oct 16, 10:24 AM
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    just reading (sorry about the redundancy carp) and have to say I love the idea of the dog having a blueberry facial
    Mortgage at start of diary Sept 2013: £132,995 Aug 2015 £0
    Overpaying next mortgage. £79,491 now £27152
    • Pushkin
    • By Pushkin 22nd Oct 16, 9:00 AM
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    Thanks for the comments guys - this forum is such a great outlet for whatever is going on in my little head!

    Well thats another week gone - no more news on on the big R.

    I have a week's leave now so will try to put it out of my mind.

    Just started making a list of jobs

    My biggest promise is to get up and dressed immediately, have a coffee, walk the dog then do some chores. Then I can be lazy. At weekends I have got into very bad habits f getting up and watching telly for a couple of hours then getting dressed and taking the dog out. It's lunchtime by then - and I'm actually a morning person!

    So my late year resolution is to be productive in the mornings and slob out in the afternoons if I want to.

    Went to see the new Jack Reacher film last night- really enjoyed it and thought it a very positive feminist film - the female soldier held her own.

    Right best start my morning of productivity
    • Pushkin
    • By Pushkin 22nd Oct 16, 4:14 PM
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    Job List:
    This Weekend
    Clean kitchen
    Clean Hall
    Clean downstairs toilet
    Mop Floor
    Dust, tidy, hoover lounge
    Sort washing
    Do more washing
    Sweep front of house

    Next Week
    Clean Bathroom
    Clean Master bedroom
    Hoover stairs

    Know it's a bit cheeky but I often start job lists with things I've already done - think it helps psychologically
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