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    • edinburgher
    • By edinburgher 2nd May 14, 3:58 PM
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    Only freedom will do
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    • 2nd May 14, 3:58 PM
    Only freedom will do 2nd May 14 at 3:58 PM
    It has come to my attention that I have been here for a very long time

    I joined these forums in a dim and distant past, where money was my enemy and the weight of my student debts left me crushed and panicked, unable to picture a future where I would be able to get a debit card (never mind a mortgage).

    5 years later and the milestones of marriage, first home and first car have come and gone. Throughout it all, I have had a creeping feeling that something wasnít quite right. I donít get the world of work, and while Iíve never been unemployed in my adult life, Iíve tried too hard to try my hand at too many things and Iím left feeling like Iím an actor who recognises the play, but does not understand his motivation.

    As some of you will know, I have experienced some real heartache of late. Your messages of support and hope have been so touching and in many cases, I have got more comfort from anonymous individuals who took the time to get in touch than people I know in the Ďrealí world.

    While money would have done nothing to prevent it, the luxury of savings and our hard work over the years meant that we were in a position to make the right decisions and take our time with our next steps. Returning to work has been a real blow and without sounding even more melodramatic, I donít think Iíd realised just how damaging I find the merry-go-round of rote work, office politics and bureaucracy.

    It wonít do, I canít believe that this is as good as it gets and to quote one of my favourite singers ĎWe can always build a world better than thisí.

    From this point on, I plan to dedicate myself to achieving financial independence. Not MFW, but freedom from all the nonsense that we go through to just to pay for a pile of bricks and a few years of leisure at the end of our span.

    Hopefully you can join me for the journey
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    • Karmacat
    • By Karmacat 18th Oct 16, 9:29 AM
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    Awww! That's lovely! Agree with both of you - hospitality looks like it has horrendous hours, but being able to look after yourself well when you leave home is A Good Thing
    Retired August 2016
    • edinburgher
    • By edinburgher 19th Oct 16, 8:25 AM
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    Yesterday was manic! Mrs E was down sarf, so I was left to fend for myself and DD. Luckily she was zonked and on good form, so took her little sleeping bag and rolled about on the rug downstairs
    • Spreadsheets updated
    • Christmas present ordered for nephew, tried to help sibling's partner choose a gift, but was probably as much help as a chocolate teapot
    • Put another half coat of paint on the bannister rail (can only paint top/bottom as it's clamped to a work bench)
    • The house is not a !!!! tip!
    • Invented a random dinner with HM chicken broth, vermicelli noodles, roast chicken, pak choi and loads of diced chilli and ginger. Obviously getting in the mood for my trip to See Woo at the weekend
    • edinburgher
    • By edinburgher 20th Oct 16, 2:57 PM
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    Joiner has been battling away with our new doors since 08:00 this morning, they are looking fantastic! 5+ done already of the 10 he needs to fit, leaving him to it so that he isn't distracted. One slight problem is that he only has 3 of the sets of door handles, so we are being veeeeery careful when we go to the bathroom!

    I have finished the rail as well, so our house is really starting to look like a home. New carpets coming a week tomorrow along with the new living room storage etc. from Ike@
    • Karmacat
    • By Karmacat 20th Oct 16, 4:00 PM
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    It sounds wonderful! At last all the improvements are gelling together, very pleased for you
    Retired August 2016
    • edinburgher
    • By edinburgher 23rd Oct 16, 10:59 AM
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    A pretty miserable weekend

    Joiner finished the doors and did a really good job for the most part, he is coming out in a few weeks to trim them once our new carpet goes down.

    Guys putting up our fence, on the other hand, are a total 'mare! They are currently on their 3rd day (they'd predicted 2) and while the quality of the work is solid (I won't say good, they have definitely scamped a couple of things), their attitude is !!!!ing terrible!

    Huffing and puffing at the slightest problem; moaning and standing around as if I have the solutions to the fact that they never picked up on various potential obstacles when they came out for the quote; cursing a blue streak; listening to neddy (chavvy) radio at volume 500; generally making a mess; spilling concrete and filling my wheely bin with soil!

    I am not fond of confrontation, but I have been kicking asses and taking names all weekend. As KC will probably appreciate best on here, it's exhausting for us INs.

    Not helped by the fact that DD has been in abject misery as she cuts her sharp teeth and has also been playing up generally all weekend, with next to no sleep.

    Mrs E and I are at each others' throats, not good.

    Trying to relax with a nice slow cooking project now, cooking up some very meaty Vietnamese Pho

    Will be fixing the squeaking floorboards on the landing this afternoon, that's about it for me...
    • edinburgher
    • By edinburgher 23rd Oct 16, 3:54 PM
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    Aaaand I've drilled through a hot water pipe
    • mrsp1987
    • By mrsp1987 23rd Oct 16, 4:25 PM
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    oh dear!
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    • chickadee
    • By chickadee 23rd Oct 16, 6:17 PM
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    Oh dear Ed that's not good at all. Its really unsettling, I find, having workmen about the house anyway. I hope that you get the pipe and the fence sorted out soon. I know its difficult, especially with no sleep, but try to see the big picture. This nightmare will pass and you'll be looking back on your horrible weekend and chuckling about it soon enough.

    When my brother moved into his house all was well, except he was convinced he could smell gas. BG came out. No, no leak, all's fine. He could still smell gas. After about a week he got them back again. No sir, you don't have a leak, there's no problem. About two months later he was renovating the bathroom and lifted some floorboards to plumb a new waste for the bath which he was moving. The previous occupants, who proudly told him they did all of their own renovations, had drilled through a gas pipe! They whole place could have gone up!

    I'm sure that's no consolation for your current situation but you won't be the first or last to do something like that.

    Hope it's not too much of a mess and is soon sorted.
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    • edinburgher
    • By edinburgher 23rd Oct 16, 7:26 PM
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    Thanks both, fixed now, we had a really friendly young guy come out who charged a fairly reasonable £70 (the only other quote we had was for £225, how can some people sleep at night)?

    It was worrying and annoying, but I have no regrets. I used a pipe detector throughout and had grazed an 8mm pipe directly on the side (I was literally 1mm off) I wouldn't do anything different if I had to do it again...
    • misscousinitt
    • By misscousinitt 24th Oct 16, 3:55 PM
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    But glad sorted now.

    It's tough doing up a house - just keep thinking of the final goal (that's what everyone keeps telling me!!)

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    • edinburgher
    • By edinburgher 24th Oct 16, 4:24 PM
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    It is starting to feel like home. It is amazing how ridiculously small things can have that effect (like putting up a coat rack on a wall). It's probably linked to my love of mise en place
    • Secret Saving Squirrel
    • By Secret Saving Squirrel 27th Oct 16, 8:15 AM
    • 3,929 Posts
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    Secret Saving Squirrel
    Getting the carpets down will be the real shining glory. Warm and comfy, with that lovely new carpet smell. And then you will forget all the hassle.

    And aren't ikea bookcases cheap? You can't buy the materials to make your own for that money. And the books are less likely to slide from one end to the other........
    Paid off mortgage nine years early in 2013. Now picking and choosing our work to fit in with the rest of our lives!
    Still thrifty though, after all these years
    • edinburgher
    • By edinburgher 27th Oct 16, 10:29 AM
    • 10,730 Posts
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    Getting the carpets down will be the real shining glory. Warm and comfy, with that lovely new carpet smell. And then you will forget all the hassle.

    And aren't ikea bookcases cheap? You can't buy the materials to make your own for that money. And the books are less likely to slide from one end to the other........
    Originally posted by Secret Saving Squirrel
    I am sure we will Squirrel. I don't like all the stress and hassle of renovating, Mrs E and I have not been as kind to each other as we should have been. Hey ho, plenty of time for us to mature a bit

    Ikea bookcases are wonderfully cheap and while they're not exactly design classics, they fit the brief of clean lines, function and size that we're aiming for. I will be very proud of our our living room once it's done, it will have gone from 70s housefrau erm, chic to elegant seaside cottage (the colours, not the vintage tat) meets minimalist designer's TV room (the minimalist designer tat, not the colours)

    Lovely DD has lent me an infectious bug, so I am working in the kitchen today (although will probably spend a sneaky half hour taking out the hall carpet).
    • edinburgher
    • By edinburgher 27th Oct 16, 8:39 PM
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    I despair.

    We knew that the previous owners had put carpet over !!!! laminate which is in turn over the floorboards. What we did not know was that they have cut a giant square out of the laminate in the centre of the floor and have put cheap underlay underneath the other cheap underlay. So we basically have a two tier floor with a thin dip in the middle of the room.

    Carpet fitters coming tomorrow to fit underlay and carpet to continuous room, but my skin crawls at the thought of leaving the ancient cheap underlay festering under our nice new carpet.

    Ideas? Call carpet shop first thing and ask them to bring some extra underlay? Doubt we'll catch them in time

    So !!!!ed off with this house right now, everything that can be badly done, is badly done.
    • A Frayed Knot
    • By A Frayed Knot 27th Oct 16, 9:09 PM
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    A Frayed Knot
    I'm sure you will catch them in time, but if not, they may just carry a few spare rolls in the back of their van.

    I can recommend either Cloud 9 or Dreamwalk.
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    • Brodiebobs
    • By Brodiebobs 27th Oct 16, 10:15 PM
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    I can empathise on the house, we had rose tinted glasses when we bought our money pit, almost 4 years on we're still plodding on and its a way of finished.

    Not one job has been easy every seemingly simple job reveals numerous problems and extra costs, the previous owners lived here since 1942 and self built the extension so you can imagine some of the things we've found.

    Its stressful, and pushes us to the edge but we will have a house we would have never have been able to afforded 'finished', have built alot of equity, & started to be more self sufficient (have a bit of land) all of which will will help us in the future.

    long story short every couple of weeks i'll have a melt down and want to sell it but then little things remind me why we fell in love with it and what it means for our family. Cant see the wood for the tree's!

    Just keep going...
    Addicted to MSE.
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    • wantabetterlife
    • By wantabetterlife 27th Oct 16, 10:55 PM
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    They will definitely have underlay in the back of the van so don't panic.
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    • smallholdingsister
    • By smallholdingsister 28th Oct 16, 8:47 AM
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    Hi Ed. Go steady it will come together.

    Totally with you on confrontation with Workmen!
    • Watty1
    • By Watty1 28th Oct 16, 8:49 AM
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    Look at it as a masterclass in how not to do things! Having renovated three, I totally know where you are - but - it does come together in the end.
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    • edinburgher
    • By edinburgher 28th Oct 16, 12:26 PM
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    I resolved it. Me, incredible Hulk style annoyance, crowbar

    Carpet fitters are here. One of them is very rude, must be pals with the fence guy.
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