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    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 26th Jan 14, 3:19 PM
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    Cheery Daff
    Cheery's buttling diary: tea in one hand, plant pot in the other, running shoes on
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    • 26th Jan 14, 3:19 PM
    Cheery's buttling diary: tea in one hand, plant pot in the other, running shoes on 26th Jan 14 at 3:19 PM
    <sneaks in hoping nobody will notice>

    Hi all

    Goodness me, it's been ever such a long time since I've been here! It seems I disappeared without a trace almost two whole years ago, and then life got in the way, and you know what it's like when you've been gone for so long, it's quite hard to come back...

    In fact, it's been so long since I went that maybe nobody even remembers I was here in the first place If you feel the need to delve into my history the latest (not-very-up-to-date) version is here, and the one before that is here.

    Anyway, I'm back again now and if I disappear again I promise I shall leave a note explaining myself

    I've decided to come back for two reasons:

    (1) I'm not in debt, but I'm also not-quite-as-much-in-control-as-I'd-like I've FINALLY combined finances with Mr Daffs (after 8 years) and there's lots of messing around related to that to be done

    (2) I've just spent a cheery couple of hours reading back through my old diaries (how very sad ) and remembering JUST HOW CHEERFUL it was in the old days of hanging round here

    I confess I'm a tiny bit daunted about coming back - one of the reasons I vanished was because I was spending FAR too much time on the internet and I'm wary of doing that again... But for now I've decided there's plenty of other things to worry about without bothering my little head about that one

    Ooh, I should probably explain the 'buttling' in my title It's a word I invented (although I suspect other people have invented it before me). It's kind of what butlers do, you see - they buttle - make tea and open doors and tidy up, and generally buttle around getting on with little things

    And while I don't intend to put on a suit and act like Jeeves any time soon (although actually come to think of it, he was a valet, not a butler), i LOVE using the word and spend much of every day buttling around doing all kinds of cheerful activities

    Suppose I'd best do something like talking about money now...
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    • rtandon27
    • By rtandon27 6th May 17, 3:30 PM
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    Hope the car repairs went smoothly! - any news on the bathroom door?????

    Popped on to share our contents insurance win! This year we saved up to pay the full lot upfront, but pesky company sent a document with a 50 pound increase! Went online and took 5 minutes to get a quote from their own website, as we were prepared for a 15% increase & low and behold, quote was for 60 pounds less than their quote - we have saved 10 off from the price we paid last year.

    Remembering the frustration you had earlier this year with trying to get the price lower, I quit while ahead! so 124 for the year instead of 187!!! (and the bloke I spoke with was not even surprised when I told him to cancel the renewal of the other policy and why!)
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    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 6th May 17, 10:37 PM
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    Cheery Daff
    Ooh, excellent work Rt, well done!

    We have a bathroom (and bedroom, and spare bedroom) door but no car which is being held hostage by the garage while they figure out just exactly how unfixable three of our four fuel injectors are fingers crossed, should get a phone call on Monday...

    I myself am currently quite drunk, icredibly stuffed full of curry, sticky toffee pudding and rose wine, and on my way to amother party Must remember I"m not 17 any more (and I was rubbish at this type of thing when i was anyway )
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    • Greying Pilgrim
    • By Greying Pilgrim 7th May 17, 8:01 AM
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    Greying Pilgrim
    *whispers* - How's the head this morning Cheery?

    I was in bed (asleep) by 9pm last night, I didn't used to go out until 9pm when I was 17.......

    Glad you've had a chance to let your hair down - you've been working hard of late.

    Greying X
    'Ich habe genug'

    'I am not in the pursuit of happiness, only in the discovery of joy' - Joyce Grenfell
    • rtandon27
    • By rtandon27 7th May 17, 12:24 PM
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    ***tiptoes in***

    ...well GP she hasn't surfaced yet, so I'm guessing it was a very 'successful' night out!...

    I've got to admit that I too can't remember what anything past 10pm looks like! - need a solid 8 hours a night just to function during the day!

    ***tiptoes out so as not to wake Cheery***
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    Not Mine/His: June 20168175.38Oct 20160
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    PSST - WE ARE DEBT FREE!!! (24 OCT 2016)
    (With heartfelt thanks to those who have gone before us & their indubitable generosity.)
    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 7th May 17, 1:46 PM
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    Cheery Daff
    you lot I've been up for hours! Went out to a local cafe for breakfast and bumped into some friends, so spent a happy hour waking up in the cafe then there was a little local market, so we spent another hour or two pottering round the charity shops and the stalls bumping into other people we knew Most enjoyable

    Flagging a bit now though Just curling up on the sofa for an hour with the door open and a nice breeze
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    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 12th May 17, 9:53 AM
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    Cheery Daff
    Crikey, what a week

    Work is ludicrously busy at the minute for various reasons, and I had an assessment deadline for a course I'm doing which led to me up working til midnight for the first half of the week, and I've not finished til gone 7 the last two nights either.

    Combine that with ongoing car fiasco (been in garage for a week, cost 516 and STILL doesn't !!!!in start...), culminating in a pinged leg for Mr Cheery (trying to push car), several blood tests for me (all fine), and a new grim family crisis, and it's been a rather trying week...

    Been ignoring YNAB, but I fear the time may have come to grasp the nettle. It's not going to be pretty - we've been doing what we can to just get through this week, and that has involved pizzas and various other expenses on top of the car etc.

    Back in a bit...
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    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 12th May 17, 9:55 AM
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    Cheery Daff
    Oh, but on the plus side, I HAD to make scones for breakfast as we just didn't have anything else in...
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    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 12th May 17, 10:10 AM
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    Cheery Daff
    Right, all done

    Horrendous mess, but I've sorted it with 56 odd going into budget fiddling I've been out for various cups of tea, dinner, snacks at street market, but there was no earthly point me guessing at those different things with no receipts

    Logged as budget fiddling, big red number at the top of the screen, but I'm paid in a few days so will sort that out then. Fortunately actual ban account is NOT a big red number - I will be forever grateful that a 500 car bill hasn't crippled us as in the past it would have So much gratitude for that.

    Right. Best get on. Working at home today so the man can come and sort the blithering car out.So far that's mostly involved scones.
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    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 16th May 17, 7:48 PM
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    Cheery Daff
    Bleurgh. Feel like I'm just surfacing after over a week of being submerged Just one thing after another after another after another...

    So. Mechanic came to house last friday and fixed the car - but showed me a nifty thing to squeeze in the engine "if it doesn't start again" Started fine on Saturday (hooray!) so i didn't call him, but Sunday, when I had to make an unexpected trip to see family, the bloody thing wouldn't start

    Squeezed thing in engine and thank goodness it started - but I can't be fiddling round under the bonnet every single morning! So it's gone back to the garage again this morning.

    I'm a teensy bit annoyed having spent 550 now over two garages over three weeks, and we're still no further on - and in fact this seems to be a different problem than originally. Aarrgghh!

    However, this is one tiny boring practical buzz in the cachophony of nonsense and noise that is in my head this week. But several work deadlines have passed now, Mr cheery's leg is mending, and I'm just throwing up my hands and doing whatever I need to do to get to the next day.

    Which means frozen pizza tonight, takeaway last night, and the hoovering has gone to the dogs

    Still, have agreed to take part in sone research next week which will get me a 10 for a nice treat so it's not all spendy spendy
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    • EssexHebridean
    • By EssexHebridean 17th May 17, 11:19 AM
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    Sometimes we need to accept that there are more pressing things in life than budgets, and just go with the flow of "path of least resistance" I think - and of course thankfully this is exactly what emergency funds enable, isn't it.

    Crossing fingers for the car returning today full of vim and vigour (or at the very least actually starting when you turn the key!)
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    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 17th May 17, 12:08 PM
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    Cheery Daff
    Tis indeed, and I am grateful for savings that mean this is most definitely a 'minor annoyance' rather than a 'debt-causing disaster'. Also thankful that I don't actually NEED the car for anything - I can be everywhere I need to with a combination of walking/ public transport / bike. Mr Cheery is in slightly different position with needing to cart equipment round, but even he doesn't need to go that far and there's always been someone able to collect him - he's done a lot of ferrying people and stuff in the past so is now reaping the rewards I suppose.

    Hoping I'll at least hear something today even if I can't collect it today... I at least want it back for the weekend as I want to go to the tip and we're meant to be going to a bit of a get together in another nearby town. I'd adventurise by train/foldy bike but suspect Mr cheery and his gammy leg won't be too keen... might be able to cadge a lift though as others near us are going. We'll see.

    Only spends today should be the charity cake sale at work and donation at meeting tonight (unless I get car back in which case I'll go food shopping).

    Right, best get on!
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    • Karmacat
    • By Karmacat 18th May 17, 10:53 AM
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    Cake sale

    They really know you, don't they
    Retired August 2016

    Goal: earnings of 25k from new opportunities from September 2016 to December 2020 when my state pension kicks in.Save
    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 20th May 17, 10:46 AM
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    Cheery Daff
    They do indeed

    So. Other money news. Door-hanging-bloke texted the other day to ask if I'd got his email - ie gently prod me because I hadn't paid him. Except I was convinced I had A quick check of the bank account suggested I had, er, got distracted in the midst of transferring money it seems, and didn't finish the transaction (there was no indication I'd ever started...). How embarrassing. All done now though - 180...

    Car has been back and forth to the garage like I don't know what. Took it in again Tuesday and they had it two nights - and it started perfectly both mornings. Collected it yesterday, and it started perfectly first time today thank goodness. Fingers crossed that's the end of it. They didn't charge me anything else as they suspected they'd just dislodged something last time they fixed it... Breakdown cover ran out today so renewed that yesterday - 66 for a year of home start which I think is excellent value Also need to check when tax runs out - have a vague feeling I had a letter that I've ignored...

    What else? Went to a friend's gig last night, so between entry tickets and beer/tea that was about 20. Don't mind at all - always happy to support a pal and the venue was a good community spirited type thing too

    Got a rare free day today Need to hatch a plot. In fact, I can feel a vague list coming on...

    * clean kitchen
    * hoover kitchen
    * tidy living room (want to be able to get out of door into garden!)
    * hoover living room
    * clean bathroom
    * hoover bathroom
    * hoover bedroom
    * put new sheet on when dry (I did the rest of the bedding yesterday but the sheet was still in the wash)

    * fix hoover (might need to do that before above list )
    * sort pile of stuff for the tip
    * go to tip
    * paint garden wall
    * touch up outside window frames
    * clear entrance ready for plasterer next week
    * strip woodchip off ready for plasterer

    * sort pots and plant out new plants I bought last week
    * cut branches off tree outside living room window
    * trim willow (probably should do BEFORE tip)

    * garden centre for compost and houseplants
    * tip
    * local school fair for cake

    * YNAB and banks
    * blog post

    Obviously that's all higgledy piggledy I've already been and done the parkrun though and had breakfast and done the (massive unwieldy pile of) dishes still sitting around in my running kit, so going to go and clean the bathroom and have a shower as a start, then finish off the kitchen and get some soup on, and then see where the rest of the day takes me.
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