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    • Peteireland83
    • By Peteireland83 14th Sep 16, 1:43 PM
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    Hello Guys,

    I flew this summer with easyjet and was delayed by more than 3 hours. I've applied through easyjets website for compensation and got the following reply:

    "Having checked the details of your flight xxxx, I can confirm that the reason for your disruption was due to Technical Issues. This event is classified as non-extraordinary under EC Regulation 261/2004 and you will therefore be entitled to a compensation of 400 Euros per passenger.

    In order to progress this matter we will need the consent from all passengers"

    I have replied to the email saying I have the consent of all of the passengers (my wife and two children) and now I seem to be just getting ignored. I have emailed basically daily for the past 2.5 weeks, asking them what the next step is and have not received another response.

    Should I be threatening legal action now or is there a telephone number I can call incase for example the person dealing with my query has left?

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    • Pat Gunning
    • By Pat Gunning 15th Sep 16, 11:48 AM
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    Pat Gunning
    I have found calling them has various degrees of success. My wife uses Easy Jet twice a week commuting between Glasgow and Bristol. A couple of months ago her return flight was cancelled. Expenses incurred were submitted and they agreed to pay but no payment was received. On another occasion 4 booked flights were cancelled. Again they agreed to refund in full but only 2 of the flights were refunded. I sent an email to Customer Services but had no response.
    I submitted a claim to Money Claim Online for the two payments. They acknowledged the claim at the last moment giving them 28 days to respond. Yesterday they refunded the cost of the two flights but we are still waiting for the expenses.
    My advice, especially as they have agreed the claim, is to email them with a request for a response within 7 days with a threat of legal action if they do not. This will work. Easy Jet seem to work on the basis that if they ignore people they will go away - and many do because they can't be bothered. The extra cost of settling through court (£35.00 for Money Claim Online) for those bothering to take action is small compared to the savings made from those who can't be bothered.
    They were not voted the second worst airline in the world for nothing.
    • Vauban
    • By Vauban 15th Sep 16, 12:39 PM
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    You need to give 14 days notice. And once you pay to issue the claim, the airline should refund you this.
    • mrchrisbrogan
    • By mrchrisbrogan 27th Sep 16, 11:03 AM
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    Last week I was delayed with easyjet for 4 hours.

    When I got on the plane the pilot said "Sorry, this is the first plane we could get available as the plane we were meant to have is stuck in prague with a tech issue"

    When I filled in the easyjet comp form they replied saying it is weather related.

    Do I have comeback?

    I was on EZY851 LGW-IOM 19/09/2016.
    • Justice13075
    • By Justice13075 27th Sep 16, 1:07 PM
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    EuClaims say you are due €250 per passenger. Put your flight details into Bottonline flight checker if they agree google "Vaubans guide" download and read it it is all explained in the guide
    • ianG
    • By ianG 5th Oct 16, 8:19 AM
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    easyJet expenses response
    Well, we had a problem leaving Pisa last month so I initially tried using the Resolver site but that site admitted easyJet do not respond to those claims put through there.

    So I went through the easyjet site for both compensation and for expenses (in excess of £400!). I had an email from them about the compensation that they agreed to pay and have as yet to receive the cheque.

    As for the expenses, not a sausage, just an auto-reply email.

    It has now been 2 weeks, what should I do to take this further? Is it reasonable to wait longer, there was a plane load of people but then again they decided to cancel the flight and accepted that we would all be claiming.

    Further up the thread someone who has more experience of this has started a Money Claim Online process. A bit early to do this?

    • DrA_Harrogate
    • By DrA_Harrogate 5th Oct 16, 9:22 AM
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    First download Vauban's guide (google) and check you are entitled to compensation, which sounds highly likely from the few details you give. You will quickly work out that your next step is to send them an NBA letter setting a deadline. If they miss that deadline you choose between a NWNF lawyer or diy via MCOL. Using MCOL is easy - google, create an ID, enter a few details, and launch a claim. They charge about 40 quid. They tell you what happens next which depends on Easyjet's response.
    • ianG
    • By ianG 5th Oct 16, 9:28 AM
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    Thanks, yes they have admitted and will pay sometime in the future my 250 euro each but the separate expenses claim has not been answered (other than an auto-response).

    I used that guide in the past for claiming off a dodgy mobile phone supplier and it worked. So I am happy to go down that route again. I have printed off Vauban's latest guide as well so I am prepared.
    • Blue264
    • By Blue264 11th Oct 16, 9:23 AM
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    Hi all,

    My Manchester to Basel flight on 1st October was delayed by 3hrs 30mins. At the time, the airline kept sending SMS messages saying that our flight was yet to depart from Venice, then the pilot gave a tale of landing at the wrong airport owing to weather conditions, etc... My friends who were in Venice at the time, said it was clear with blue skies all day, but that's another story...

    I filled in the Easyjet form on Thurs 6th October and had a reply yesterday declining compensation due to 'weather'. I've checked the flight details on Botts and they say we're entitled to €250 per passenger.

    As I'm no longer resident in the UK and will be using Easyjet a lot over the next 6mths, would it be best / simpler to employ Botts for our claim? I'm inclined to think it's worth the €100 / 20% to get someone else to do all the leg work on this one, as I don't want to go down the court route with not living in the UK. I do have a UK Government Gateway account for tax reasons, so would the MCOL route still be open to me?

    Thanks in advance.
    • startingout2016
    • By startingout2016 11th Oct 16, 2:52 PM
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    Hi, We were due to fly with Easy Jet from Italy to UK back at beginning of July.

    The flight was cancelled and a replacement flight wasnt available for a week later. We had to get back to work so booked through alternative airline which at the time easy jet agreed to pay for once we had submitted our expenses.

    Its now October, and we have received countless email responses back saying 'We have received your claim and will respond in 5-7 days'.
    We have posted on their facebook page and have been told it was escalated for quick response, but nothing back on there either and are still just receiving holding emails back.

    Getting really fed up now as we are approx £800 down from the replacement flights we booked to get home which has been sitting on our credit card since july being charged interest against.

    What do we try next?
    • ianG
    • By ianG 11th Oct 16, 2:58 PM
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    Interesting experience as I am in that situation from mid September (this year luckily!). Did you get the 250 euro each compensation at all? That came through quite quickly in my case but on the other hand they cancelled the flight, they did not offer any alternative and their T&Cs do say any alternative transport back to your starting point and an assortment of incidental expenses will be covered (several 55 euro taxi rides in my case).

    I am planning on taking the MCON route if I don't get any sensible response by the end of the month.
    • startingout2016
    • By startingout2016 11th Oct 16, 3:08 PM
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    Yes we received the £250 comp quite quickly which i think gave us false hope that our expenses wouldnt take much time to take to come through.
    • NoProspects
    • By NoProspects 12th Oct 16, 5:56 PM
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    Easyjet have agreed to pay me compensation, as per an e-mail I received from them in June. Problem is that they say there's a problem with the payee info (or something) and despite numerous phone calls they still haven't resolved whatever the problem is and I still don't have a cheque.

    Should I proceed down the MCOL route?
    • byron47
    • By byron47 12th Oct 16, 11:30 PM
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    My flight home from Kos to gatwick last weekend was cancelled due to industrial action that didn't then happen - the strike was called off , wI was told although they will pay reasonable expenses for staying longer in the hotel I am not entitled to Eu261 compensation as well . when I first phoned to try and get back home on their earlier flight to Glasgow leaving at 21.30 I was told this would soon be cancelled as well but it wasn't. Only my flight was cancelled .
    My flight was due to leave at 22.05 and the strike was from midnight so I should of been 1/2 way home by then.
    Can I claim EU261 compensation , and what about loss of earnings . ?
    • Caz3121
    • By Caz3121 13th Oct 16, 12:34 AM
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    Can I claim EU261 compensation , and what about loss of earnings . ?
    Originally posted by byron47
    put your flight details into a couple of the free NWNF checkers - EUClaim, bottonline which will give you their view on whether compensation due. Airlines not liable for loss of earnings so check your travel insurance policy to see whether it covers (not many do)
    • poggle99
    • By poggle99 14th Oct 16, 10:00 AM
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    Accepted transfer from delayed flight to slightly-less-so - can we claim anything?
    We flew back from Edinburgh this summer, and the flight we were due to travel on ended up being delayed by over 3 hours. EasyJet had spaces on an earlier flight to a different London airport, so we accepted the transfer (3 kids, wanted to get home, hadn't parked at our original destination so car wouldn't be stranded).

    As a result, we had to take a taxi all the way home as it wasn't possible to make the journey by public transport (which is what we would have done from our original destination).

    Fairly sure we won't be entitled to the automatic EU compensation, because the actual flight we ended up taking was only delayed by about 20 minutes, but is there any way I can claim for the taxi? Having probably saved them about a thousand quid in automatic compensation I'd quite like the 80 quid back we had to spend on emergency transport.
    • JPears
    • By JPears 14th Oct 16, 11:16 AM
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    What time would you have arrived back at the correct airport if you had taken taxi? If it was still over 3 hours than the original scheduled flight arrival, you are probably due compnesation, depending on the original cause of the dealy. Easyjet should be repsonsible for your costs of getting from the alternative airport to at least the original airport. Anythng over and above that is not their responsibilty, so I would find out what the taxi cost would have been between the 2 aiports.
    If you're new. read The FAQ and Vauban's Guide

    The alleged Ringleader.........
    • $nake eye$
    • By $nake eye$ 16th Oct 16, 2:17 PM
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    $nake eye$
    Just submitted my claim from my cancelled flight from Stuttgart to London Gatwick earlier this month. Not sure how much compensation to expect, but I believe the reason for the cancellation was Easyjets fault as they mentioned the incoming bound flight was delayed so the flying staff ran out of hours flight time.
    • sputnik1957
    • By sputnik1957 16th Oct 16, 2:34 PM
    • 21 Posts
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    Hello, I was delayed on a flight in September; just so happened during the France air strikes. Final arrival time (1 hour flight) was 3 hours later than scheduled. When we boarded captain told us there was a delay getting replacement staff following a unscheduled landing due to a medical emergency. (we were also told the delay was due to the air strikes by cabin crew, anyway...that's a different but conflicting story).

    I submitted a EU261 claim online and got the standard response:
    "The compensation rules set by the EU clearly state that if the disruption is within our control you are entitled to compensation and if it considered 'extraordinary' then no compensation is payable. Having looked at the details of your flight EZYXXXXX, I can confirm that the reason for your disruption was due to Medical Emergency. This event is classified as "extraordinary" under EC Regulation 261/2004 because it was outside of our control. This means that in this instance there is no compensation payable."

    Now, while I can see that the initial delay may be classes as extraordinary, we were also told when boarded that the subsequent delay was due to finding new/fresh staff.

    Surely there is a duty for the airline to have contingency planning in place for such events to mitigate the delay. The fact we were waiting for new staff tells me this didn't happen here. Any ideas if there is any regulation I can quote when writing back?

    Many Thanks
    Last edited by sputnik1957; 16-10-2016 at 2:38 PM. Reason: clarification
    • $nake eye$
    • By $nake eye$ 16th Oct 16, 2:48 PM
    • 354 Posts
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    $nake eye$
    Any recommendations for what to put in the text box when submitting receipts on the easyJet Expense Claim Form? For the attachments, would you include a letter and spreadsheet detailing the claim, along with the receipts?
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