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Gas Supply reconnection ~ Please advise on cost involved
Closed Thread
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# 1
Old 05-10-2008, 2:05 PM
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Question Gas Supply reconnection ~ Please advise on cost involved

Could someone please advise?
My Grandpa lived in a terraced street for many years and eventually became ill and had to come and stay with us. His house was not sold, but remained unlived in for almost 15 years.

Recently, after he passed away, I thought it may be a good idea to keep the house in the family, so instead of selling it, decided to modernise it with a view to letting it out.

Amongst the building work undertaken we had an engineer fit a new gas central heating system. He asked me to contact a gas supplier and check the supply.

Since they had no records I was advised to contact the National Grid,
who informed me that there was a gas supply to the house, but it was
"shipless", there not having been any gas used for the intervening years.
I was told to contact an escalations department and a new meter would need to be installed.

We have since been informed that we would be required to pay for a new gas connection since the pipes would be of the old type. They could give me no indication of the cost and I wondered if anyone could give me some sort of idea, since we had not budgeted on this in our calculations.

The house is a 2 bed garden fronted mid terraced in the north west of England. If it helps, the old meter was situated just inside the front porch, a matter of 4 or so meters from the main road.
I'd be so grateful if anyone could offer any advice, experiences or ideas on costs involved. Many thanks in advance, Heather

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# 2
Old 05-10-2008, 3:35 PM
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I can only say that from the odd customer who mentions it after contacting Nat Grid Gas that it's probably over 500. I hope I'm wrong!
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# 3
Old 05-10-2008, 5:28 PM
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what you need to do is call them as they the price will vary considerably on what actual work need s to be carried out and how far the main is to the house, it does not cost anything to find out exactly how much and when you have the actual figures then you will be in the position to make an informed decision, Also dependant on where exactly you live it may be an independant gas transporter you would need to speak to but in the first instance call National Grid domestic connections line on 0870 903 9999

More info for your area at

Once the new service is installed you would then need to register with a gas supplier who would arrange for the meter to be installed.

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# 4
Old 05-10-2008, 5:54 PM
Deliciously Dedicated Diehard MoneySaving Devotee
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Is there currently a meter at the property? Can you get gas out of it?

I'm not sure if things have changed, but when I arranged a gas supply to my mothers house through British Gas it cost us nothing.

Her house used to have a gas supply but the meter was removed a lot more than 15 years before I requested a new supply. First they said it would cost a lot (stating they, or at least national grid, needed to lay new pipe) I said the pipe exists, it just needed a meter!

After a bit of negotiation they said the pipe was probably too old but if they could line the pipe by inserting a new plastic pipe inside the existing metal one, then there would be no cost. That's what they ended up doing.
(It's not always possible to do this. Sometimes the existing pipe becomes blocked or perhaps the existing pipe has too small an internal diameter to accept a plastic lining)

If you actually have gas, I can't see it costing anything. They may want to change the meter as they do about every 15 years, but there's no charge for that.

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# 5
Old 07-10-2008, 1:43 PM
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Default Thank You

Can I just say thank you for all your considered replies and morever the time taken to answer my queries.....I am truly grateful, Heather
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