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Insulating a cold room cheaply
Closed Thread
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# 1
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Old 11-09-2008, 12:07 PM
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Default Insulating a cold room cheaply


I would like some advice please. We have a new build house that we have lived in for 3 years, the whole house is lovely in the summer and warm in the winter EXCEPT for the lounge, I don't know if the double glazing wasn't done properly or something but we have a very large double sliding door, which we believe, lets out a lot of heat, and as a result the lounge is always cold, and now that gas prices have gone up it is costing us more and more to heat the room.

Last year as a cheap fix it we purchased some good, lined curtains and basically pinned them across the entire gap where the door is, under neath the curtains that are already up there, which worked quite well. BUT, we can't do that this year as we have a dog now who needs to use the back door, so last year we just never used the back door.

Can anyone give us some advice or some cheap ideas of insulating this large door so that we can keep the room warm?

Kat x
My darling boy born December 2011

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# 2
Old 11-09-2008, 12:10 PM
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Draught excluder tape around the door? Run sealant around the edges to make sure it's sealed against the brickwork?

Posting a photo may help?
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# 3
Old 11-09-2008, 1:16 PM
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I agree about the insulation you need to check
that first seal up any gaps around the frame
of the door.Also check the rest of the house too.

lined curtains are a good saver too,you can get
thermal curtain liners that hook onto the back
your exsisting curtains.S you can open and close
them easily

Whats on the floor ? if its laminate or wood
throw down a big rug to add extra insulation
you can always roll it up again when the
warmer weather kicks in.

Also is the radiator in this room the right size
and type to heat a room this large ?

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# 4
Old 12-09-2008, 9:12 PM
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Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Milton Keynes
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Thanks for your advice, I like the idea of the thermal curtain liners, will try that.

My husband said it is sealed properly , they are french windows that go across each other, and where they cross, the gap there we think is letting in a bit of the cold, and we can't block that coz the door wouldn't open. The curtain idea would work, any other ideas?

The radiator is large and we have carpet.

Kat x
My darling boy born December 2011

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# 5
Old 12-09-2008, 9:19 PM
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A picture would help.
Closed, The door should not let in any drafts .
Are you talking about a patio sliding door ,French doors are two doors that close onto each other .
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# 6
Old 13-09-2008, 5:49 AM
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This is probably going to sound really daft... is there anything concealing any of the window frame? (The reason I ask is that when we were checking where we thought there were draughts last winter we lifted some of the decking at the patio doors - only to find a hole in the wall - which we then filled *rolls eyes*)

Do your windows have a upvc facing? (again ours do - as the windows need to flex in the winter - with the wind - they need to be resealed with silicone - which helps to eliminate most of the draughts) Please don't tell me if this is wrong!

Are the actual glazed units ok? as in no condensation/misting?

Just a couple of thoughts.
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# 7
Old 13-09-2008, 10:21 AM
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I have really badly fitted double glazing...I was thinking about replacing it and but was advised (by the salesman!...don't think he lasted very long in that job!) to get them repaired instead...worth getting some one to come and look at it ...or have a go yourself...
I have put new internal gaskets on most of mine and adjusted the interal bolt bits so they actually line up (some didn't....I could literally see daylight through the window and frame in the one of my windows)
Guess your window/door should still be within the guarantee...most have at least 10 years...except of course the company who fitted them might have gone bust/disappeared -mine had...

Go round the frame with a lighted candle to see where it flickers -should give a good idea exactly where the draft is coming from.
Thermal linings are very good - but can be heavy - might pull your rails down! Also shop around for them - you can often get them cheaper from shops like TJ Hughes or buy the material off e-bay and make your own liners.

I think that will be your problem...but

Check you radiator is warm all over - if it has a cold spot it needs bleeding.

With a new build your insulation should be pretty good but ....
If there is easy to access crawl space underneath your floor you could fix insulation roll between the joists with batons of wood/net
While you are there put pipe insulation on your radiator pipes under the floor -should save you money...
You have my sympathy -my house was freezing for years ...gaps in the windows, no insulation in attic, etc etc - better now but still not perfect...
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