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    • scottishminnie
    • By scottishminnie 23rd Jan 12, 9:52 PM
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    No T Words mentioned at all - a fresh start
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    • 23rd Jan 12, 9:52 PM
    No T Words mentioned at all - a fresh start 23rd Jan 12 at 9:52 PM
    I'm very aware that the old "Not Mentioning the T word" thread has kind of come to a halt. Some of our regulars had sad news and difficult situations recently and I thought maybe it was time for a fresh start? I don't want to offend anyone so if you think I'm out of order just say and I'll ask one of the board mods to merge this with the old thread (which is here if anyone wants to view it)

    Anyway -

    I like to think we will all be gardening soon - it's a sign spring is around the corner. Maybe quite a bit round the corner but on the way nevertheless.
    My mum bought me a gardeners journal as part of my Christmas so I will be poring over that in a week or two. I suspect I planted quite a few things too late last year so I will follow the calendar in the journal and see how it goes.

    Not much to report from my end. I'm trying to empty all the cupboards of tins and packets and start afresh. Maybe I won't quite empty them but I do need to get right to the back of the tin stash to see what curious items I have lurking there.

    I ordered my cream charger so am awaiting that and I will be able to whip cream for Britain as soon as it arrives.
    I bought a spare box of Kirkland belgian chocolate biscuits just in case I needed an emergency gift at Christmas - I didn't and now they are calling me every day. I must find a place to hide them where I can't hear their cries!
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    • Rosetta92
    • By Rosetta92 26th Jan 12, 7:37 PM
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    Eco advice please
    Second winter in this new eco house and I have been doing some experimenting re using more electric heaters v the wood pellet stove but have come to the conclusion that the stove cannot be beaten for getting all round warmth into the fabric of the building.
    Originally posted by kittie
    Can you share any ideas from your eco house for those of us in less eco friendly houses? I am in a newish build - about 9 years old. Only heating is gas CH at the moment. Was wondering about putting in a stove but would the fact we don't have a chimney be a problem?

    Thanks whoever posted about Lidl seeds - think I'll be going shopping tomorrow
    • scottishminnie
    • By scottishminnie 26th Jan 12, 9:23 PM
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    Thanks whoever posted about Lidl seeds - think I'll be going shopping tomorrow
    Originally posted by Rosetta92
    I think I might see where there is one near me - I can never remember if the one in Kilsyth is Lidl or Aldi. It's the one which sells the very tasty lasagne (I keep a frozen ready one for emergencies - hangs head in shame). I was quite shocked at how much the seeds cost first time I bought them so buying some each week from now is a good idea.

    Rosetta - I don't have a chimney either and looked into a multi fuel stove. It can be done, my challenge was the outside wall it needed to go on wasn't the most suitable of places so we've kind of hit a wall on that one. A builder friend also said that if I had a suitable outside wall it was easy to build an external chimey and then knock through. I guess it would be in the style of an ingle nook fireplace - that still does appeal to me.
    • flowertotmum
    • By flowertotmum 26th Jan 12, 9:45 PM
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    Evening all...o its so nice to see new and old faces here...

    Old don't have to spend a lot on keeping chooks..we were all set to spend alot of money on a hen house..when it was suggested we use our old garden shed..a bit of tinkering and cat proofing and bingo..a huge chicken house..

    Kittie..had to laugh at the specs..last year i must have got grit and dust in my eyes hundreds of like you say cycling to and from the lotties you have to dodge the gnats..bloody swallowed a dozen or more..hubby almost fell off his bike laughing at me gagging and trying to spit out the darn things..its so sad to be in the shops and see and hear how many folks ask if there are any jobs hubby is asked on a daily basis for forms..
    My lovely BIL popped in today to see how i am and brought me some flowers..i welled up but didn't cry..he also gave me a huge box of goodies..choclates,dates,figs,dried fruit and puddings and cheese biscuits..he won a hamper at christmas and he and his GF don't eat that sort of food so he wanted me to have was like christmas all over and iris had a great time..
    I totally agree with seed buying weekly..yes i have ordered from a company but only the ones i can't get from wilkinsons..chicken egg money paid for them lol...
    got to go iris is up and walking..
    Be who you are, not what the world expects you to be..

    Debt free and loving it.
    • kittie
    • By kittie 27th Jan 12, 8:21 AM
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    Can you share any ideas from your eco house for those of us in less eco friendly houses? I am in a newish build - about 9 years old. Only heating is gas CH at the moment.
    Originally posted by Rosetta92
    I don`t know where to start, except by saying it isn`t a grand designs type of house and was almost finished when we `found` it. We have always wanted an eco house and found one several years ago, it fell through due to our buyer being problematic. It was 280k then, on that development but not that particular house

    I am glad it fell through though as it is much warmer down south and the house we have now is a better design and location etc

    Last house we had was built in 2004 (normal town house) and was great for insulation in many respects and insulation is key to money saving. More than any other so called eco labels. Loads on insulation ideas on the winter thread by the way

    This house is truly eco eg even have wool in the ceilings and thermal store walls and floor ie it absorbs the heat so the temperature stays pretty even winter through summer. We have triple glazing and lots of window on the s side so get solar gain in autumn/winter and the verandah gives us solar shade in spring/summer. We use rainwater for toilets and washing machine and the sun heats the water and generates electricity. Walls are lime plastered and any paints are none chemical. Our electricity costs about 380 a year and wood pellets about 390 (in a bad winter).

    No gas and we are electricity -dependent, even the singing dancing stove so I have provided back-up as part of my winter planning (winter thread). Gas is cheaper than wood pellets by the way and is very useful in a hob as back-up. If I had a choice then I would have gas esp as we are now in our 60s and will always have to shift a lot of pellets. We are in a small villiage and there is no gas
  • linzmac
    I think I might see where there is one near me - I can never remember if the one in Kilsyth is Lidl or Aldi.
    Originally posted by scottishminnie
    You've probably already found out by now but I think it's Lidl!
  • rachbc
    My understanding is that for a woodburnig or multi fuel stove you don't need a chimney - just somewhere for the flue to exit. My parents' goes up through the ground floor ceiling, into the room above then out through the roof (new build barn conversion). You can just take the flue out through any external wall but the benefit of keeping it inside is that the warm gases in the flue heat the room it goes thru too. The important thing is to get a HETAS reg person to take a look - not just abuilder - they will tell you all the regs etc.
    HTH someone. We have an ope fire which I owuldn't be without - I knwo the stoves are much more efficient but it love the flames and have and good poke!
    People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
    • CCP
    • By CCP 27th Jan 12, 4:54 PM
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    I apologise for coming on here and moaning but I'm feeling decidedly fed up this afternoon - it's been a lovely day, just right for getting a batch of washing out on the line, but I haven't dared switch the WM on as I've been expecting a plumber since 10 this morning and thought he might need to switch the water off. I've now spoken to him and he's not coming until tomorrow - and of course now it's dark and hailing / raining, so no good for putting washing out. Grrr.

    On a different subject, I would dearly love to have a wood burning stove, or even a gas one, in my living room: I've got one of those coal-effect gas fires but it's been disconnected as the flue isn't usable. One of the down-sides of renting is that there's nothing I can do about it - I've asked my landlord nicely if the flue can be fixed but, not surprisingly, the answer was that it's too expensive.

    Hey ho, at least I've got my favourite macaroni cheese for dinner tonight.
    we all hold our own futures in our hands, so if we all hold those metaphorical hands and jump together, we can keep each other afloat - monnagran
    • scottishminnie
    • By scottishminnie 27th Jan 12, 9:44 PM
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    I had a blow out this afternoon - went to an M&S food shop and bought the dine in for 2. It was good value at 10 but I'm now feeling very bad about the fact that it's all pre prepared. I feel like a real lazy so and so. I also bought myself a pair of opaque tights to replace the ones I've worn to death. About 3 months ago I noticed they were all "bobbly" at the ankles, possibly since I wore long boots one day so I turned them inside out and they were perfect. I've now darned the toes twice though and there is a little hole just underneath if you know what I mean so I think it's time to let them go. I definitely had my money out of them though

    Picked up some buttermilk today as I plan to make scones tomorrow. I should have remembered that I have 2 cartons of it in the freezer. I feel a lot of scones coming on!

    M&S had quite a lot of reduced items today, not sure how much they reduce them but there was quite a scrum so I chickened out and kept moving on past. I did notice how close their best before dates are - I wanted coleslaw but the latest date was Sunday and that was after I dug at the back. They must have lots of wastage.

    It's really frosty here at the moment so I think I will be scraping the car tomorrow morning. At least we had no rain today which is a bonus.

    CCP - I feel for you. It's my pet hate and I can't understand why some tradesman can't make a quick call to let you know they are running late/not coming at all. Don't know why but I feel like a caged tiger when I'm waiting for someone calling to deliver things/fix things. I seem to pace about and look out to the driveway constantly. I'm probably just downright impatient!
    Last edited by scottishminnie; 28-01-2012 at 5:38 PM.
    • kittie
    • By kittie 28th Jan 12, 8:27 AM
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    I thought I would have what I call a `positive` ie feelgood day yesterday, doing a bit of feng shui-ing so I have completely sorted my filing system. I have one of those case-type ones with concertina compartments and I keep stuff in there like licences, insurance docs, car docs, savings certs and so on. I started this file 2 years ago and it contained just too much irrelevant stuff now, so it is now squeeky and sorted. It is the file I would grab if I had to get out in a hurry and it has a handle. You never know

    We also put up a great slot together 6` plastic storage cupboard for outside. It cannot be seen and has 4 good shelves, so plastic is ok and weather proof. I have got all my propagating containers in there now as well as fertilisers and so on, its very good and I am getting another one. I have already managed to clear quite a bit of space in the garage, so naturally dh is supporting me in this new project and I am delighted to be getting all the gardening stuff into one area

    I am waiting for signs of pepper sprouting now and will whisk them out of the propagator and into the light as soon as it happens. Next stage of seed sowing coming up in a couple of weeks and will likely be broad beans depending on weather forecast for march (I got a paid weather forecast for the year for my birthday so watch this space for hints and winking smilies)

    We are munching through some winter lettuces, they were superb last year but the mild weather has made them too soft and the bits of frost are finishing them off. I am clearing those trays today and that is yet another crop I won`t be bothering with next year as alfala sprouts and coleslaw are good (better) substitutes

    Soup made yesterday from my stockcupboard ie barley, carrots from the garden, dehydrated swede, dehydrated parsley. Nice too and half left for today. I always make double soup, so money and time saving. My dehydrator worked non stop this summer and I was apprehensive but all the produce tastes great in soups and one pot meals. Lots of brined stuff made too and bottled passata etc. What can I make with preserved lemons? They look good and are mature now but I don`t know how to use them
    Last edited by kittie; 28-01-2012 at 8:29 AM.
  • rachbc
    I like preserved lemons with chicken - this is yummy

    I also had an M&S meal last night- in fact I bought 2 as I had a spend 20 get 5 off voucher so got the chicken and large apple pie for sunday dinner. Becuase of how the discounts work I actually ended up paying 19 for 2 deals plus a few extra bits.
    Last edited by rachbc; 28-01-2012 at 8:51 AM.
    People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Memory Girl
    Preserved lemon

    - chopped up really small and made into a lemon juice,olive oil, parsley and chopped olive vinaigrette is fabulous over pasta.

    - chopped with olives, basil and cherry tomatoes as a stuffing for chicken breasts.

    - or in a Greek Feta salad

    - blended into home made hummous

    - Tagines of course

    ............ yup I got a big jar of these beauties and will make more this year when lemons come on offer. So easy - but GULP!!! so expensive in posh delis

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    • kittie
    • By kittie 28th Jan 12, 4:37 PM
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    oh thanks they sound lovely and I`ll be using your ldeas, starting tomorrow

    Sad or what but I do look forward to sunday evening tv lately. Call the midwife and birdsong. I do like these nostalgic dramas. Re call the midwife though, there is so much in there that reminds me of my childhood. The screens, the dishes they use, the whole ambience. It really was like that when I was little and I remember the midwife coming on a bike
    • oldtractor
    • By oldtractor 28th Jan 12, 8:13 PM
    • 2,221 Posts
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    I love Call the Midwife too kittie. Havent seen Birdsong yet ;must catch up on iplayer.
    Trying for 10 a day
  • cat_smith
    I think I might see where there is one near me - I can never remember if the one in Kilsyth is Lidl or Aldi. It's the one which sells the very tasty lasagne.
    Originally posted by scottishminnie
    It's a Lidl.
    GC Mar 13 47.36/150
    • flowertotmum
    • By flowertotmum 28th Jan 12, 9:49 PM
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    Evening all...o i love call the midwife..hubby thought maybe i wouldn't want to watch it with what happened to us and all that..but i do know life has to go on..its the best thing sunday has to offer..

    Had a few lazy days..but not spent any money..been looking for bits and bobs for my house do-over..found some lovely floral green curtains on ebay..i am watching them..hope i win..
    Just been on frugal queens blog and whoowee has she got a recipe for apricot bars..they look lovely and definitely some dried apricots in my store cupboard..going to give them a whirl tomorrow..
    My mother popped over earlier..she gave me some of my grans old linen napkins and knitting needles..she also asked if i would like my grans old china..blurted out of course i bloody would lol...its my fave thing of my grans..i can see her pouring the tea in to the teacups just thinking about it...
    Well me and my big mouth had to mention "what winter"..and it seems it was listening to 4 weeks of siberian winter is heading our way.Hope all of us are cupboards full,candles,big blankets,thermals,hot water bottles,thermos flasks ect..are we ready ladies?I know i bring it on..lmao..
    Hope your all ok..
    Be who you are, not what the world expects you to be..

    Debt free and loving it.
    • scottishminnie
    • By scottishminnie 28th Jan 12, 10:18 PM
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    Siberian winter I've got a nice big industrial generator now for the power cuts but I'd rather not use it and I've been working my way through the store cupboard and freezer because I was scared I would end up with too much. Oh dear!
    I do have lots of baked beans and toilet roll so I guess we could survive on the beans - which may mean we need the other though

    I didn't make the scones today but made bread and microwave jam instead and took it to a dear friend of my parents. He has limited mobility due to illness but his mind is razor sharp. Sadly he lost his wife last year so is home alone a lot of the time now. He was thrilled with the bread and jam which made me feel really quite humble. It does me good to spend some time with others who are less fortunate now and then to remind me never to take things for granted.

    I will make the scones tomorrow though, I need to get moving on my bags of SR flour as the date on them is March. I do recall talk on here of freezing flour so will have to go search for that discussion. It would also use up some freezer space as I've always been told a full freezer runs more efficiently than a half empty one.

    It's really cold here tonight so I'm sitting at the radiator with a G&T and an almost empty bag of chocolate peanuts.Hubby has a can of cola and is watching a John Wayne movie. He commented earlier that it seems light years ago that we would have been horrified at the prospect of a Saturday night in, now I kind of feel a bit put out if I don't get to stay in at the weekend. Changed days - and probably a sign of us being a pair of boring old fogies!

    FTM - I have both grandma's china sets and wouldn't part with them for anything. Granny C had a 1920's art deco set which is fantastic - she left it to me as she said my mother (her only daughter) wasn't as careful as I was. I'm now terrified to use it in case it gets broken.
    Granny M's 2 sets are a bit more flowery but much loved nevertheless. She was a bit more of a practical woman so I have no hang ups about using hers.

    I like the sound of the apricot bars -may make them later in the week. I feel the need for a batch of twinks hobnobs too. Looks like I will be having a baking day tomorrow!
    Last edited by scottishminnie; 28-01-2012 at 10:20 PM.
  • renegade
    I love Call the Midwife too kittie. Havent seen Birdsong yet ;must catch up on iplayer.
    Originally posted by oldtractor
    I have recorded Birdsong as I have read the book and it was the best book I have ever read, had me in tears. I just hope this drama is as good, can't wait to see the 2 programmes together, perfect for a boring night when nothing on TV worth watching.
    Also a fan of Midwife too and i also remember the days when these things really happened, nostalgic viewing.
    You live..You learn.
    • MaLarkin
    • By MaLarkin 29th Jan 12, 11:04 AM
    • 132 Posts
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    Good Morning everyone how lovely to see this thread revived. My computer died just before xmas and I was busy with work then came back to discover it way down the boards.

    Still got computer problems but at least I can get on line now.
    I am feeling very positive at the moment. I always find Xmas difficult (bad associations) and am glad to reach the New Year and I am very much in full "count your blessings mode" A good job because my man makes Victor Meldrew look like a real bundle of fun. I swear if we won the lottery he'd find something to moan about.

    Just got an allotment after waiting years (well half of one) so thrilled about that and about having somewhere to ask for advice.

    I'm not a prolific poster but I will be more regular now because I really hope this thread keeps going.

    Love to all dodgy hugs to those who need them. Got to get ready for work now.
    • Hobsons Choice
    • By Hobsons Choice 29th Jan 12, 12:23 PM
    • 999 Posts
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    Hobsons Choice
    I have recorded Birdsong as I have read the book and it was the best book I have ever read, had me in tears. I just hope this drama is as good, can't wait to see the 2 programmes together, perfect for a boring night when nothing on TV worth watching.
    Also a fan of Midwife too and i also remember the days when these things really happened, nostalgic viewing.
    Originally posted by renegade
    Probably just me....I also loved the book and read it at least twice.
    The TV play (only first part watched, obviously) I found slow and plodding. Too many meaningful looks and "Harold Pinter pauses" ifykwim. Plus the lead bloke wasn't manly enough for me, a bit insipid.
    I shall watch tonight's episode and hope I enjoy it more. Love ..."The midwife" though!
    Normal people worry me.
    • kittie
    • By kittie 29th Jan 12, 1:26 PM
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    It`s freezing today, winter at last and I like it because it won`t be endless and it means the garlic will split into cloves. The pepper seeds have sprouted and are now out of the propagator into a big tray with a top and the vents are open and they are exposed to light. The realseed co is brilliant, their seeds are so reliable and I want more chillis in the freezer so have just ordered 2 more types. Chillis work great in the freezer, I just pop them into a bag and chop them frozen. I do the same with fresh ginger and frozen ginger is easy to grate as well

    Stove is on all day today. Chicken casserole is ready for the oven and chocs and wine on standby for a good long and enjoyable tv session tonight. Oooh its one of those lovely cosy days I have been waiting months for
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