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    • Greying Pilgrim
    • By Greying Pilgrim 27th Oct 16, 9:11 AM
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    Greying Pilgrim
    The Simple Bare Necessities feat. Gratitude & Recipes
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    • 27th Oct 16, 9:11 AM
    The Simple Bare Necessities feat. Gratitude & Recipes 27th Oct 16 at 9:11 AM

    I think that the time may be right to start a new diary. So much has changed since I started my 2nd diary, which can be found HERE and we're a whole lifetime away from my first diary, which can be found HERE

    Whilst my first 2 diaries concentrated on living a simple life, concentrating on debt-avoidance for my (then) DP and I, we had a 'bit' of a tumultuous 2015, which meant that my DP became my DH and we 'Two' became 3, with the safe arrival of Baby Greying

    Our focus has changed dramatically. Far from contemplating 'downsizing' (a bit of a misnomer in terms of our house, honestly, I've been in bigger 'flats'! ) and somehow achieving early retirement; we now have a future focus that needs us to be super fit and active for as long as we can be. Also, as older first time parents, we are both committed to try to be in Baby Greying's life for as long as possible, without being a burden. Because whilst being older does have some distinct advantages when applied to parenting, there is no denying there's a downside too..............

    Also, the economic climate is changing once again. Blame it on whatever you like, but there is always some reason why prices of x, y or z rise. There is always a reason why, when you find a way to combat inflation; someone comes along and changes the rules of the game. A good example of this is our wood burner. When we had it installed, we had access to a goodly amount of free wood, we both had the time and energy to process it and we could live with parts of the house being cold. Forward 10 years; more people have stoves - and are all chasing that 'free' wood, 'purchased' logs are now very expensive around here and we've no time to stack nor chop wood. It's become easier, and 'as expensive' to flick the on switch for the central heating....... a cleaner in-house option, that can keep the whole house a manageable temperature and Baby Greying at a safe and comfortable temperature.

    Now it does matter if our hair-brained money saving wheezes make our teeth fall out or our toes freeze orf, because it impacts on our ability to look after Baby Greying in the now and in the future. Our health and well-being is a priority - but still not at any price. We want to have it all,;but with only a modest budget available, we're gonna have to get creative. I rarely shop in the 'big 4' supermercados. We purchase some things from mrL, some from mrAl. A smattering from mrW, mrT and m&$ (bananas mostly), with h0me bargins and h3ron f00ds being the sources of our regular shopping. We also have access to a food co-operative and I occasionally get to go to the next city along to get bulk purchases of pulses and spices.

    Our focus now (that we've got over the shock of Baby Greying ) is to move on from Greying Towers. The long and short of it boils down to it not being the right environment for us to bring up a child here. There are nicer places. We need to find them. So a move is on the cards. However, some renovation of the towers is necessary, and whilst funding has always been an issue; now we have the added upheaval of trying to do work around a baby. Not impossible, but not ideal. It's also still proving impossible to find reliable tradespeople. We're looking for a plumber, again

    The one thing that I've come to recognise with age is that there is always 'good stuff' in every life. Even when you're really going through the mill. There are good people, who say or do good things to help you. There are the wonders of nature to take in at every turn. There is humour everywhere, even if you have to look under a few rocks to find it. It is important to be thankful, even on the dark days. And I try to do that - and find writing it down, in my online diary a good exercise in stopping. And thinking.

    We like food at Greying Towers. I write about it alot. I take pictures of me tea. We're vegetarian (at present) and so vegetables feature. Alot. When it's gifted HG produce, it's even better

    So, do you fancy climbing aboard for the new adventure. Taking some time out to Fall apart in my backyard with Me, DH and BG?

    Greying X
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    'Ich habe genug'

    'I am not in the pursuit of happiness, only in the discovery of joy' - Joyce Grenfell
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    • hex2
    • By hex2 13th Apr 17, 11:58 AM
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    My local A had broccoli for 39p and 3 courgettes for 29p. Potatoes were good sized Melody. Some stupid woman banged me twice with her trolley while I was looking, and didn't so much as look to acknowledge she had done it. There was plenty of stuff, I was there before her, not blocking her, and it wasn't very busy so clearly I look like I need bashing away from the cheap vegetables. I had to leave before I beat her to death with some giant leeks.

    MrM still has various veg on 3 for £1 - spring greens, onions and swede if you are after some variety in the veg mountain.
    'If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need' Marcus Tullius Cicero
    • Greying Pilgrim
    • By Greying Pilgrim 15th Apr 17, 6:18 AM
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    Greying Pilgrim
    Good Morning

    Gosh, time is whizzing - must be a Bank holiday or sumfink! If you are working all, or any part of this BH, I hope that time is not dragging for you.......

    hex - I was in mrA yesterday, and saw their 20p offering. Very similar to mrM with spring greens and turnips (as well as carrots, parsnips and leeks )

    My lentil kedgeree concotion was scoffed on Thursday night. I didn't take a pic, as it would never win any glamour awards, but it filled a gap, utilised some of the S6 leeks and some store cupboard ingredients. I did get DH to buy feta for it (not a traditional ingredient!), due to bought eggs at the moment seemingly being cracked - I can no longer rely on buying 6 eggs and having 6 eggs at my disposal to use! I'm currently avoiding buying eggs from mrL, as it ended up that I couldn't use 3 out of the 12 I bought from them the other week - that's too high a waste percentage for our household I'm afraid

    I met up with my chum, we had a ball and a laugh and a walk. Perfick.

    Tea last night was black olive pizza. I'll not post a pic, as apart from the fact that the wedges didn't burn last night, it looks exactly the same as the black olive pizza we had a couple of weeks ago! I used the mrL 29p King Edwards for wedges, they cooked well - not super crispy, like roasties, but ok.

    Hopefully today we will complete a mix of banking, shopping, charitable donating and then taking a sanger for a wander in a local beauty spot That's the vague plan anyway. Although I have not yet detailed it to DH who will probably moan the entire time that he's got chores to attend to at home...... ho hum. There is truth in that statement, but we'll also achieving stuff by getting our toot out of the house and to a chazza, so that they can sell it and raise money and ensuring there is money in our accounts to pay bills and meet our commitments.

    And of course, I have not yet looked out of the window in sufficient light to check that it is not pouring with rain..........

    Right, I've no more MS stuff to report, I don't think. So best shift-a-tail-feather and start making sangers.......

    Ta for popping in, reading and joining in the right-priced vegetable hunt

    Greying X
    'Ich habe genug'

    'I am not in the pursuit of happiness, only in the discovery of joy' - Joyce Grenfell
    • Greying Pilgrim
    • By Greying Pilgrim 15th Apr 17, 4:09 PM
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    Greying Pilgrim
    Good Afternoon

    Well, we've had fun, fun, fun and there were birds twittering all the way, I have to say

    We dropped 6 big bags of stuff at the chazza; so space created at Greying Towers, money will be raised for a children's charity, and I even got a 'thank you'

    We had a quick pootle around to the wholefood shop and bought some bay leaves, and I resisted the temptation to buy beluga lentils

    We wandered over to the bank and deposited the cheques, which apparently won't clear until a week on Monday. I realise that there is a bank holiday, but I thought cheque clearance was gonna speed up?

    We wandered over to the square to see the once good street market, to find that it has been reduced to 3 stalls - 2 selling toot and one selling pet accessories; no fruit, no veg, no broken biscuits, no dodgy denim with one leg longer than the other t'weren't like the good auld days..... I treated DH to a coffee in an achingly hip caff. £5.50 for a 'flat white' and a 'latte'............... ho hum.

    It was then that we decided to beat a hasty retreat to the local beauty spot. Rather glad we did Free parking Fresh air Sunshine and flora, fauna and industrial heritage to look and marvel at; and revel in

    We ate our picnic lunch at a lovely spot that had the most wonderful 180 degree view. Egg sangers, veggie 'sausage' rolls and a choccy bun - does life get any richer?

    We've seen plenty more swallows today - more on the wing than on the wire. We saw on of these, right above our heads in a tree, we stayed quiet and watched it for several minutes - wonderful to get up so close to such a shy and reclusive little bird. And at our picnic spot, we were up on a level with the local buzzard population - marvellous.

    And there is still daylight to do chores by

    TTFN, Greying X
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    'Ich habe genug'

    'I am not in the pursuit of happiness, only in the discovery of joy' - Joyce Grenfell
    • Greying Pilgrim
    • By Greying Pilgrim 18th Apr 17, 10:06 AM
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    Greying Pilgrim
    Good Morning

    Well, start of the working week...... ah yes, Tuesday!

    Hope the weather was better for you this long weekend (unless, of course, you were having to/wanting to work). We had the best of the sunshine whilst we ate our pancakes on Easter Sunday. I don't think I'll bother to repeat the recipe which can be found HERE, not as per anyway. I don't think it would harm if you cut the almond meal down and replaced with flour (assuming you're not gluten intolerant - that would obvs be a no-no), as, in economic parlance, the marginal utility of almond was somewhat wasted. I added orange zest and vanilla extract into my batter, and was rather glad that I did.

    As the weather declined, we seemed to sleep most of Easter Sunday - which was obviously needed by us all. Tea on Sunday was fush, chups and mushy peas, and apart from inadvertently picking up the fish in batter (yuk! - the grease that came out!), rather than in breadcrumbs, it was just the ticket - low prep, easy eat.

    Pants weather here yesterday meant much more sleeping, although I seemed to miss out on this round I did pop up the high street in the afternoon, as I had to get one or two necessary items. I popped into M&$ - by far the busiest place in greying town - I think everyone was yellow sticker shopping. I got some bananas and then noticed that they had reduced their 'bagged' bananas - organic and one pack of non-organic. The non-organic normally retail for £1 a bag (I think) and had been reduced to 35p. I was almost tempted to buy them, but then thought to weigh them. Had they been sold loose, they only would have cost 42p (ish) anyway, and one of the bananas in the bag was bashed and bruised, and would have needed using straight away. I put the bag back for someone else to 'bag a bargain.....' And purchased my bunch of nicely ripe bananas from the 'unbagged' section. It pays to check................... Although I have noticed that in line with mrW, m&$ have started to knock less off some of their YS'd items. A lady in front of me in the queue was buying 2 pork chops that had been reduced from £5-something, to £1.40, which I thought was a good reduction (although the chops were only thin), but I noticed a pizza in the chiller that was £4-80something reduced price - goodness only knows what it was priced to start with.

    Tea last night was 'shepherdess pie', made with 2 types of lentils and the topping was 3 veg mash (carrot, parsnip & potato) to make use of the mrAl and mrL bounty. I wouldn't bother with the leeks from mrAl S6, again, this promotion. They didn't last 5 minutes before going yellow and mushy - I have one left to use. The potatoes were excellent (make gorgeous mash) and the carrots were good. I threw the equivalent of one bag of parsnips from mrAl in the compost, they went all sticky, mushy and smelly MrL's tiny tatties were OK, but the mrAL offer of white potatoes was much better. MrL's carrots were OK as were the parsnips. In theory these offers are good, but are dependent on having good storage - how i wish I had a paper sack, so I could have more mrAl tatties! but in practice, I think that the freshness of some of the produce was geared toward one meal, on the 16th, rather than for frugal households to eke out their grocery bill. Still, as I've said, there was a difference between the quality of product between retailers, and I know some branches don't necessarily have the best rotation/presentation of fresh produce. And perhaps I was just unlucky with the parsnips......

    Tea tonight will be Afghan Carrot hotpot, a dish that MWC told me about yonks ago. We've not had it in a while, and have a surfeit of carrots....... I bought some yellow split peas from HB (500g 49p) yesterday for it.

    I think that is about all MS that I have to report, so I'll vamoose orf.

    TTFN, Greying X
    'Ich habe genug'

    'I am not in the pursuit of happiness, only in the discovery of joy' - Joyce Grenfell
    • joeyjimbles
    • By joeyjimbles 18th Apr 17, 3:16 PM
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    It must all be down to storage with these veg offers as my MrAl parsnips were delicious, and I have 3 left that still look fine, but the Mr L ones we had mid-week were tasteless. The MrAl leeks were fine in texture and freshness but didn't have a great deal of flavour in the leek and potato soup - fortunately I had some home-made chicken stock in the freezer to boost it. Glad I didn't bulk buy them all the same.
    I succumbed to the courgettes and griddled them along with Halloumi both marinated in chili and coriander, and took them to a potluck barbecue at the weekend. They went down so well that I didn't even get to try them!
    • Greying Pilgrim
    • By Greying Pilgrim 18th Apr 17, 8:55 PM
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    Greying Pilgrim
    Good evening

    joeyjimbles - the courgette dish sounds grand - no wonder it went in a flash! The leeks I had were very fiborous, I made cream of leek soup (but with yoghurt) and it couldn't be described as velvety...... still, my big and small colons will probably thank me.....

    I grated some fresh turmeric earlier, and caught some on my finger. I look like I've a 40 fags a day habit. It's most distracting.......

    BG was a bit fractious today, so we didn't go out and make the most of the fine weather But then we spent no money either Not claiming a NSD though, as DH bought supplies from mrL, so money has been spent.

    The afghan carrot hotpot was really nice. Quite a simple, straight forward dish, and relatively frugal too I served it with basmati rice and broccoli. Picture here;

    Today i am grateful for these 3 things;

    for health and well-being

    for frugal recipes

    for the freezer

    Ta for popping by, reading and joining in the vegeable discussions. Appreciated.

    Greying X
    'Ich habe genug'

    'I am not in the pursuit of happiness, only in the discovery of joy' - Joyce Grenfell
    • try harder
    • By try harder 19th Apr 17, 7:34 AM
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    try harder
    All this talk of food is making me hungry ,loving all the recipes .I am taking lots of my plants out of my garden and replacing them with vegetables so far i have new potatoes and beetroot ,i have had two raised vegetable gardens for several years but as time has gone on we seem to eat much less meat and lots more veg so time for a change its actually looking better than i thought it would plants and veg mixed together quite pretty .
    I bought a sack of potatoes i thought it was a good idea and would save money but i am now halfway through the sack and noticing lots are very soft and lots are shooting its so annoying i have used them mainly for jacket potatoes the other problem is my aga is now out and using an electric oven for a couple of hours for jacket potatoes is so expensive i will have to get my slow cooker out i think and cook them in there sorry thinking out loud and rambling on .Keep up the good work i love copying your ideas just wish you could cook them for me too that would be even better .
    • EssexHebridean
    • By EssexHebridean 19th Apr 17, 11:33 AM
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    If you have a microwave then blast your tatties in there until just cooked through then shove in a blazing hot oven for just 15 minutes or so - crisps them up a treat.
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    • try harder
    • By try harder 19th Apr 17, 12:37 PM
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    try harder
    Thank you .I dont have a microwave but i really think i should buy one ,i have always been slightly nervous of them but we do eat a lot of jacket potatoes with our salads so im guessing i should get a bit mote with it .I often see them on freecycle too so will look out for one to try ,
    • Greying Pilgrim
    • By Greying Pilgrim 21st Apr 17, 10:27 AM
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    Greying Pilgrim
    Good Morning

    We've clearly been having way too much fun, as time has just flown.

    Spending has been kept in check - just as well, as the credit card bill is in for some necessary items for DH, so we'll be getting the penny jar out and beginning to count!

    I did pop into mrT yesterday, as it was a rare day where Mrs Greying had a hold of the car keys! I picked up some of their lincolnshire style veggie sausages, as whenever I actually purposely put them on my list, they are OOS! When I was driving home, I was thinking what to do with them, and thought that toad-in-the-hole would be good, but knew I was out of eggs. That's where serendipity stepped in, as I got chatting to a neighbour as I walked down our street, and ended up being gifted several duck eggs (never used duck, nor goose eggs before) - how cool is that? I didn't even mention about tea/sausages nor lack of eggs. So toad-in-the-hole was on.....................

    The parsnips were mrL, tatties mrAl as was the leek. Carrots probably a mix from Al & L. YUM!

    Tonight should be pizza - probably just cheese, as i don't think we have anything else. wedges will be conjoured up from the wide assortment of tatties at my disposal!

    I can't think of anything else MS off the top of my head, so I'll vamoose.

    Ta for popping by and talking baked tatties - I do mine in the microwave then oven, but only if I've the oven on for summat else, coz I is tight............

    Greying X
    'Ich habe genug'

    'I am not in the pursuit of happiness, only in the discovery of joy' - Joyce Grenfell
    • rtandon27
    • By rtandon27 21st Apr 17, 12:52 PM
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    Morning GP!

    On the subject of being tight...

    Well actually on the subject of cheese...

    Mr L is having Super Weekend & has an 800g block on for 1.79...

    I may even convince OH that we NEED to go on a weekend jaunt to the village to get some...
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    PSST - WE ARE DEBT FREE!!! (24 OCT 2016)
    (With heartfelt thanks to those who have gone before us & their indubitable generosity.)
    • Fortune Smiles
    • By Fortune Smiles 21st Apr 17, 2:06 PM
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    Fortune Smiles
    Ooooh! I love duck eggs.

    Fortune x
    Mortgage: 1.2% paid House Deposit Contribution: 80%

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    • Greying Pilgrim
    • By Greying Pilgrim 22nd Apr 17, 2:14 PM
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    Greying Pilgrim
    Good Afternoon

    Well, I'm pleased to report that we have a little of the mrL 'special offer' cheese. I'm quite glad as a) we'd run out of cheese! and b) it is a product that we normally use, so to get it discounted feels a little like a reward. DH braved the crowds. Apparently there was alot of jockeying for position at the door (DH wisely stayed in the car until the shop was open), and people 'overtaking' each other to get to the cheese aisle first. Thankfully, MrL had (in our store) put the cheese in several locations, so DH quietly pootled up to the fridge and got some without any bother.

    I returned 2 library books. And promptly took out 3 more.... will I never learn????

    I also decided to risk getting some avocadoes from the over-priced on some things greengrocers. 3 for a £1. The one was very ripe - perfect for mashing, so I've had it in a sandwich for lunch The other 2 are firm. So fingers crossed they will ripen up nicely.

    I saw someone who didn't exactly know I'd had a baby. They had seen me with BG but didn't know if the baby was mine/got it off the internet/found it on the YS'd shelf...... anyway, we had a chitter chatter and they gave Baby Greying some 'luck' money, so that will be going into their savings account.

    I need to conjure up a curry for later. MrW had some aubergines that they had *generously* discounted to 30p each. Given it looked like someone had been playing football with them, I *generously* left them where they were.

    Tea last night was cheese pizza with sauted tatties. The tatties were in the oven too long, so were very well browned (perils of timing with a baby), but it all tasted OK and filled a hole.

    Right, best do a bit more pootling.

    Greying X
    'Ich habe genug'

    'I am not in the pursuit of happiness, only in the discovery of joy' - Joyce Grenfell
    • muddywhitechicken
    • By muddywhitechicken 22nd Apr 17, 10:41 PM
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    Afghan carrot hotpot I was wondering why my ears were burning...

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    • EssexHebridean
    • By EssexHebridean 24th Apr 17, 12:23 PM
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    Thank you .I dont have a microwave but i really think i should buy one ,i have always been slightly nervous of them but we do eat a lot of jacket potatoes with our salads so im guessing i should get a bit mote with it .I often see them on freecycle too so will look out for one to try ,
    Originally posted by try harder
    Personally I'd not chance a second hand microwave - they are rather too "dodgy if abused" for my taste on that front. You can however pick up a basic one new for around £35.00 which will almost certainly do all you - as a "new to microwaves" person would require...

    I'm glad Mr G's savvy approach served him well and he was able to slalom around the sharp elbows to reach the cheese stash Greying!

    We also had an avocado yesterday - although NOT at a bargain price like yours, sadly, it was with a salad and was extremely tasty, though!
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    • TalesfromtheAvenue
    • By TalesfromtheAvenue 24th Apr 17, 1:14 PM
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    Loving the recipes and the cheese-heist adventures, GP!
    The toad in the hole looks amazing, and what a treat with gifted duck eggs too. I'm a bit partial to a boiled duck egg and soldiers - mmmm - although unfortunately no such gifted eggy luck on the horizon here and I can't justify the expense of them in the shops. Maybe as a treat soon!

    I've just acquired the happy pear cookbook, enjoyed reading it sat in a sunny spot yesterday, thought of you. Although haven't made anything from it yet, will read it through first and then go back and mark the favourites to try first

    Hope it's sunny with you today.

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    • try harder
    • By try harder 29th Apr 17, 5:00 PM
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    try harder
    Thank you EssexHebridean ,thats a very good idea ,i only need a very basic machine i will have a look .
    • Verbatim
    • By Verbatim 30th Apr 17, 8:02 AM
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    How are you GP? Hope all is well.
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    • Greying Pilgrim
    • By Greying Pilgrim 30th Apr 17, 10:29 AM
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    Greying Pilgrim
    Good Morning

    Yes, all good at Greying Towers. We've been enjoying a mini-staycation, so have been doing chores and nice things all week.

    I need to learn a thing or three from EH about holiday budgetting, as the 'normal' budget has very much been busted. Whilst actual 'holibobs' things have come from a separate pot, the grocery budget was pretty much shot by the start of the week Think I'll probably just draw a line under April and start afresh for May.

    One thing that I find utterly annoying is that we spent £47.60, or the equivalent of very nearly 1/3rd of a month's food budget on 'eating out'. What did we get for this HUGE amount of money? 2 normal coffees, 2 cappucinos, 4 slices of cake - 2 were indifferent, 2 were lovely, 2 soft drinks and 2 lunch dishes of such average quality, and which did not contain half the ingredients listed on the menu; that we will not darken the doors of that cafe again. Not all that food was consumed on the same day, I hasten to add! But whilst I thought that we couldn't afford to eat out, I now know that we cannot afford to eat out. If I have learnt one thing this week, it is not to be ashamed of packing a picnic - ever. Whilst I appreciate food outlets have got to earn money, and they create employment etc, there seems to be a disconnect between quality of offering and price charged. I have never paid £3 for a slice of cake before, and won't make a habit of it in the future. M&$ chocolate cake was nice (still a bit pricey), but their carrot cake was indifferent - not too sure what it was supposed to taste of. I wouldn't buy it again. However, anyone that has ever made Viennese fingers from the bero cookbook will know how utterly delicious, those buttery biscuits can be and I certainly enjoyed the version I ate in an independent cafe - the deliciousness almost outweighed the £2.50 pricey tag.

    The lunch outlet was a certain genre of cuisine . Whilst they clearly feel they have the monopoly in Greying Town, their cook/chef is clearly not experienced, and the food was utterly indifferent, meanly portioned and a triumph of style over substance. At £23 for 2 dishes, that is not good enough in my world. Probably most of that revenue goes to buy 'funky crockery' so you don't notice what's placed on it.....
    We won't be going again.

    Chores have been predominantly limited to 'maintenance' with no 'development' chores undertaken. Something which I find frustrating. But maintenance is better than nothing I suppose.

    We've enjoyed some walking and visits, as well as calling in on family, which was nice. Baby Greying was oooohed and ahhhed over, showered with gifts, money and a banana and it was a thoroughly lovely trip, rounded off with a picnic lunch at a beautiful location, where we were entertained by the birdlife, just going about, doing their thing

    So, whilst additional money has been spent, the actual things that have given us maximum joy have been free/inexpensive. I've benefitted from some help from the Natty Healthy Service - hopefully I'm not a decrepit auld wreck........ and we've enjoyed time together as a family, so no complaints really, from us. Just never, ever, ever going to that cafe again for lunch!!!! They're not getting their hands on our hand-earned moola.

    We've a slow-start happening today, as BG had a very disturbed night - I'm not sure why. Probably just because, and which hopefully means that it will be an isolated night, and not set a pattern........

    We've been following a vague meal-plan, but have switched around to accomodate what we've been doing. We had our 'fish supper' on Friday night, as we had been out all day, so it was an easy prep/eat. Last night we had Jack Monroe's Peach and chickpea curry, Tina's dhal and rice. A cheap eat in view of overspends! I'm hopeful tonight will be pizza - I should get on and prep the dough now, so that there are no excuses if we decide to pop out for a while this arvo.

    Right, can't think of anything else money-spending nor money-saving to report, so I had better shuffle orf.

    ta for popping in, reading and joining in. Appreciated.

    Greying X
    'Ich habe genug'

    'I am not in the pursuit of happiness, only in the discovery of joy' - Joyce Grenfell
    • apple muncher
    • By apple muncher 30th Apr 17, 10:46 AM
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    We also have a 'we're-never-going-back-there-again' eatery. We had lunch there and then came home and had lunch again as it was so un-filling! About 2 hours later, dd threw all her food up (supposedly gluten free food - we now have serious doubts...) and I also had a dodgy tum, having had some of her gf pancake. A waste of money and time indeed.

    Like you, we am not afraid to pick and choose where we partake of decently priced beverages, (if at all) and will happily munch our own snacks whilst out and about.

    But it is a lesson learned, as so much of today's culture is geared around eating out, and having someone else cook for you, that it is easy to consider it a 'thing that ought to be done every so often'. But when you spend the time there thinking about how you could do it better and cheaper and with a lot less faff, then it is time to leave those doorsteps to be darkened by the unenlightened .
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