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    • kirtsypoos
    • By kirtsypoos 24th Jul 15, 12:08 PM
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    I WILL get there!!
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    • 24th Jul 15, 12:08 PM
    I WILL get there!! 24th Jul 15 at 12:08 PM

    I've been lurking on this site for almost 2 years now, admiring everyone elses stories but never quite getting the balls to sort myself out.

    Well, that's all changed. I've been diagnosed with a severe reproductive disease and advised to have children in the next 2 years if I want them or it will no longer be an option...bit of a shock to the system and a jolt out of the credit card haze I've been living in, as I'm in no position to have a family with the amount of debt I have now.

    I had a lot of time off sick whilst waiting for a diagnosis/having surgery and don't get paid sick pay so used an interest free money transfer to pay my rent for a few months last year and managed to keep up the rest of my minimum payments but this just added to the problems I already had. I've started a great drug regime and haven't had any time off since my last op so I'm aiming to keep that up and pay as much as I can off all my debts as quickly as possible.

    So here's the list of debts that I've buried my head in the sand about for years!

    £6732.27 MBNA (interest free until Jun 2016)
    £2746.89 Barclaycard (Interest free until June 2018)
    £560.00 Barclaycard
    £2740.96 Vanquis (This is actually my parents debt albeit stupidly in my name as the were on an IVA, and they are making the repayments)
    £1789.23 Very (half Interest Free Until November, the other half interest free until May 2016)
    £10562.14 Natwest Loan (Cleared an amigo loan and some payday loans that I had stupidly got into - much lesser interest than the original debts)

    Total £25131.49 (ouch!! Although better than the 29400.23 it was at this time last year...)

    (with the MBNA and long barclaycard interest free I've managed to balance transfer 6(!) smaller credit cards which I was paying extortionate interest on, so that's a bonus at least)

    I guess I'm just after a bit of support - I made a lot of stupid decisions when I was younger but never thought it would affect me having my dream of a family but when I sat down and added it all up I felt sick, and like it was a little insurmountable. I know I can do it - I can't think of a better reason than my (hopefully) future children

    Thanks for reading

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    • kirtsypoos
    • By kirtsypoos 20th Jun 17, 3:34 PM
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    Had a few issues at work last night and today with some staff thinking they can pick and choose which work they want to do HR takes up so much of my time when they misbehave (and it makes me feel like their bl**dy mother!) What 50 year old carpenter needs a 31 year old with very little site experience to tell them how to do a job they have been doing for 25 years?!

    Have been struggling to sleep for the past few nights but last night was the worst - had fan on, both bedroom windows open and I slept with a wet towel on me but even though it was cooler, I had an awful sleep which has made me quite irritable today

    Still feeling quite reluctant to cashout on PA - if I can get another £4 clear I will be over £100 in 5 weeks

    Still haven't ordered the patio stuff, still looking at slab colours. We are so decisive with some things and so indecisive with others.... need to work on this. Usually we can't even agree what we want to eat if we have a treat meal, drives us both mad.

    Feeling a bit down about the whole baby issue this week. My acupuncturist is lovely and keeps telling me that she's very positive it will work but I'm getting less and less sure. I was so positive when we first started trying - convinced myself it would happen naturally, very quickly and I wouldn't need help. 10 months, 2 medications and a fortune on acupuncture later and I'm feeling less positive
    £960/3000 OH BC(68% PAID)
    PAID VERY, Barclaycard x2, Vanquis, Natwest, O/D, Tesco & MBNA x2 PAID LBM 24/07/15 - Debt: £960/31010.23 (96.90% paid)
    Mortgage - £163,450.00 (2017 O/P £1213.91) PAYDBX 17 #006 - £14789.69/14,539.71Make £10 Apr £194.58 Make £10 May £159.75 Make £10 June £245.11
    • sashybo
    • By sashybo 21st Jun 17, 9:26 AM
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    Hi Kirsty, hope you decide on the patio colours soon - we went to the merchant's yard that the guy laying our patio used & had a look at all the slabs. We moved the edging stones about in the yard to see what went well colour-wise & ended up with a completely different colour than we thought we wanted.

    Sorry to hear you're feeling down about the baby issue, I don't have any experience to help out but will send positive vibes to you and a dodgy hug.
    Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

    PAD started 27/01/09 - £8204 extra paid off debt. Total Debt paid off £41,696.64
    Loans 1 & 2 £6246.99, Car loans £25,815.54
    • Jessy103
    • By Jessy103 21st Jun 17, 9:37 AM
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    Sorry to hear you're feeling down Kirsty and not being able to sleep certainly doesn't help! I don't have much experience with baby issues but I wish you all the luck in the world and lots of positive thoughts! Take care x
    Original Mortgage Amount 2007 - £87,310.50
    Mortgage Amount April 2017 - £64,990.00
    Overpayment Target for 2017 - £5,000 /£2,396.80
    Jan - £873.26 Feb - £185.38 March - £269.07 April - £193.66 May - £467.64 June - £407.79
    • kirtsypoos
    • By kirtsypoos 21st Jun 17, 9:50 AM
    • 2,814 Posts
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    1 disciplinary down today, 1 to go Definitely not my favourite part of the job.

    Thanks for the dodgy hug Sashy we went to a couple of builders merchants last week and I think we are set on colour now (dark grey) but we aren't sure about finish - we wanted smooth but I'm worried about them being too slippy when it rains (especially with the niece newly walking) but the guy who is doing the patio for us said not to use riven effect as you get a lot of standing water so we are very torn!

    I think I'm just going to have to accept that until it happens, I will have very down days about it. It doesn't help that my little sister is trying for number 2 now and she caught in 4 days with the niece so I'm on edge waiting for that announcement. Not that I won't be happy for them, but I foresee a few 'woe is me' days in my future

    OH is being so good, he isn't letting me wallow - he just makes me laugh about something, usually ridiculous baby names that he knows I hate and he insists they are his favourite and the only ones which he will agree to

    I think you're right Jessy - the not sleeping can't be helping - I hadn't even thought that could be having an effect. Doh!

    On the upside, it's payday today whilst there isn't much earmarked for PADs, there is a £200 mortgage OP to go next week so that will be nice to see Time to think of the positives or I'll wallow all day.
    £960/3000 OH BC(68% PAID)
    PAID VERY, Barclaycard x2, Vanquis, Natwest, O/D, Tesco & MBNA x2 PAID LBM 24/07/15 - Debt: £960/31010.23 (96.90% paid)
    Mortgage - £163,450.00 (2017 O/P £1213.91) PAYDBX 17 #006 - £14789.69/14,539.71Make £10 Apr £194.58 Make £10 May £159.75 Make £10 June £245.11
    • monz
    • By monz 22nd Jun 17, 11:05 AM
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    How are you Kirsty xx
    Debt (1/9/14) £6,702.11 Debt free (30/11/2016)
    Florida: 15th July 2017 save for spending $2,370 exchanged pre election: June to July savings after election £60.13/500 (RBS Rewards £14 pending) (PA: £16) (pending £7.50 survey) pending £20.80 circle
    house deposit £5,506.25/10,000
    • kirtsypoos
    • By kirtsypoos 22nd Jun 17, 11:15 AM
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    I did the mortgage OP yesterday so I'm feeling very happy with that it means that in this calendar month I've made just over £500 of mortgage OPs - OH would kill me if he knew but the one yesterday was actually one I'd earmarked for July once the DD had gone out to take me to a nice round figure so I've just made it a bit early - any saving on interest is better in my pocket than the banks!

    I work for a company which is quite laidback in it's employee approach, some of them have gotten away with far too much but I finally made my point a few weeks ago and we are now sticking properly to disciplinary procedures....which I'm sure will help in the long run but right now I'm swamped with HR work - some of them really need to get their act together or they will be on final warnings within a month!

    OH is finally going back to king fu tonight after a couple of weeks off for various reasons and normally I would be looking forward to hot bath and catching up on my programmes but it's too hot for my hot bath and we are mid-decorating the lounge so I have no TV to be able to watch and I can't even access half the house to give it a good clean thanks to all living room furniture being distributed between kitchen, hallway and a bedroom

    We had a date night last night at Nandos which was lovely, apart from extremely stale garlic bread that could have killed someone if thrown correctly it literally snapped when I picked it up and I couldn't bite it at all. Luckily the lovely waitress brought a fresh one so that was nice

    I've got £40 ready to cash out from consumer pulse and £10 from shop and scan so far. I'm trying to save them up to cover a few meals while we are away for the weekend for a friends wedding in August. PA is up to £35 confirmed, £68 sat in circle account which will cover the wedding present and more

    I've also started an 'if I don't get pregnant this year' fund which will be used for a holiday over early next year for us to chill out. I know that sounds silly when we have this lovely trip planned to NZ but it's such a rush trying to visit everybody and I come home feeling like I need a rest! I want some time just the two of us, chilling out and just being together. Well, I don't want that as much as I want to get pregnant but I can't do any more about that yet!
    £960/3000 OH BC(68% PAID)
    PAID VERY, Barclaycard x2, Vanquis, Natwest, O/D, Tesco & MBNA x2 PAID LBM 24/07/15 - Debt: £960/31010.23 (96.90% paid)
    Mortgage - £163,450.00 (2017 O/P £1213.91) PAYDBX 17 #006 - £14789.69/14,539.71Make £10 Apr £194.58 Make £10 May £159.75 Make £10 June £245.11
    • kirtsypoos
    • By kirtsypoos 22nd Jun 17, 11:16 AM
    • 2,814 Posts
    • 11,785 Thanks
    Cross posted there with you Monz Thanks for thinking of me! x
    £960/3000 OH BC(68% PAID)
    PAID VERY, Barclaycard x2, Vanquis, Natwest, O/D, Tesco & MBNA x2 PAID LBM 24/07/15 - Debt: £960/31010.23 (96.90% paid)
    Mortgage - £163,450.00 (2017 O/P £1213.91) PAYDBX 17 #006 - £14789.69/14,539.71Make £10 Apr £194.58 Make £10 May £159.75 Make £10 June £245.11
    • kirtsypoos
    • By kirtsypoos 23rd Jun 17, 4:32 PM
    • 2,814 Posts
    • 11,785 Thanks
    I changed doctors a few months ago to a more local one (I'd still been registered at my parents house for *shhh a few years longer than I should have been )
    The female GP at the practice has specialisms in gynaecology and family planning so I've booked an appointment there for next Friday, will see if there is anything we can do about an earlier referral, especially given the issues I've already been diagnosed with. Fingers crossed! Right, I'm going to stop whining about this on here, it's not the nicest thing to read and I need to stop wallowing!

    I'm off to a local food festival tomorrow for my friends birthday, OH is going to drop me at the train station so I can have a drink and then I'm going to try and get my parents to take me home and we will take them out for a meal as we didn't get to see them on fathers day.

    I'm so excited for OHs birthday trip - it's 2 weeks today and I hope he'll love it. He's got a few little bits and pieces to open but the trip is his present so it's important he likes it!

    Not much going on finance wise, other than I have been accepted for a halifax clarity card so that we don't need to take loads of cash to NZ, huge bonus!
    We are moving to joint finances in July, which will be an adjustment for both of us. I hope not too difficult but time will tell! It's the best thing going forward because it will ease things when/if we have maternity pay to contend with! Wish me luck
    £960/3000 OH BC(68% PAID)
    PAID VERY, Barclaycard x2, Vanquis, Natwest, O/D, Tesco & MBNA x2 PAID LBM 24/07/15 - Debt: £960/31010.23 (96.90% paid)
    Mortgage - £163,450.00 (2017 O/P £1213.91) PAYDBX 17 #006 - £14789.69/14,539.71Make £10 Apr £194.58 Make £10 May £159.75 Make £10 June £245.11
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