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Delivery rights: B&Q
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# 1
Former MSE Rose
Old 25-11-2011, 2:23 PM
MoneySaving Convert
Join Date: Dec 2008
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Default Delivery rights: B&Q

Hi all, this discussion thread's part of the Delivery Rights guide, specifically for if you've complained to B&Q about delivery problems using the techniques in the guide.

Please tell us how you got on - we want to know if you were awarded any compensation from B&Q, and if so, how much? Just let us know the amount and reason below; to add more general feedback on the guide, pop over to the main Delivery Rights discussion thread.

for your help,

MSE Rose

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# 2
Old 15-12-2011, 11:49 AM
MoneySaving Newbie
Join Date: Dec 2011
Posts: 1
Default Result

I complained via the website to B and Q about 2 failed deliveries. They called me back and offered 60 in vouchers which I am happy with.
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# 3
Old 19-06-2012, 6:11 PM
MoneySaving Newbie
Join Date: Feb 2012
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I am in the process of complaining. As the only day I lost was the original day I had booked off work (it was rescheduled for a Saturday delivery) I have not used the very helpful form letter, but have written to the Group Finance Director with the following letter. I shall let you know the outcome.

I see on the Kingfisher plc website that you are to be the future Kingfisher Divisional CEO, B&Q. I thought you may be the best person to address, therefore, with some comments about B&Q’s lack of customer service.
I am originally from Canada, but have lived in the UK for over six years now. Where I come from, customer service is taken very seriously. I think that UK businesses could learn a lot about customer service from their North American cousins. This is especially true in an ‘age of austerity’.
On 26 April I placed an order for a bath panel with B&Q. The website clearly stated that the item is normally delivered within two weeks. I finally received the bath panel on 16 June, over 1.5 hours late, without apology or explanation. It was supplied and delivered by PJH Group. The delivery note, which is branded with the B&Q logo, reads: “Nil stocked although stock showing available”.

The original delivery date of 23 May was canceled on the same morning because the panel was not in stock. Presumably, however, the panel was not in stock for at least a couple of days prior to this, so why did PJH wait until the same morning to cancel? I did not receive an update from B&Q, and wasted a day of leave from work for a panel which was never in stock.

When I wrote to B&Q to ask when it would be delivered, I was told (3 emails later) that it would be delivered on 19 June. Yet no one from PJH confirmed this directly with me.
As you can imagine, I was hesitant to book a second day off work, so I phoned PJH via B&Q’s customer service (as they had no information) to ensure that the panel was in stock. I spoke to Emma, who confirmed that it was. I then asked to speak to customer services, as I wanted to lodge an official complaint. I did not feel confident that this panel was truthfully in stock. I was transferred to customer services and spoke to Saffron, who then transferred me to a manager, Carole. Carole then proceeded to tell me that this panel was NOT in stock. As you can imagine, by this point I was very angry and ready to cancel my order with B&Q. She told me that they book delivery dates for merchandise even if the product is not in stock, as that is easier for them.

I do not understand how your company can run its business this way. When a customer orders something from B&Q, they do not expect to have to deal with such a labyrinth system just to receive the item they ordered! Judging from the online reviews, I see that this is a common problem with PJH deliveries for B&Q. I can assure you that I will never order anything from B&Q in the future. I have decided to support local suppliers, and Homebase instead.
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# 4
Old 19-06-2012, 7:07 PM
Serious MoneySaving Fan
Join Date: Sep 2010
Posts: 944

Your 'letter' just looks like the rantings of a mad man. It starts off bad basically addressed to someone not even in the position yet, then goes on saying all UK businesses need to take advice from Canada on customer service which is absurd surely all countries will have different companies with different levels of customer service.

The middle is just random sentences added together and the only thing I can gleam from it is that on the quoted secondary delivery it was actually three days earlier than they said.

It then closes with the classic 'I'm never shopping here again' rant which would give them no reason to care about your complaint
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# 5
Old 19-04-2013, 6:02 PM
MoneySaving Newbie
Join Date: Apr 2013
Posts: 3
Default Compensation received

My delivery failed to arrive today, even after ringing halfway through the day to check that there were no problems.

I rang the B&Q at Home free phone number and was offered 25 (5% of my order value) compensation. I didn't haggle, although on retrospect think I should have. So for anyone who is more assertive & quick thinking, 25 should be your base point!
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# 6
Old 20-04-2013, 8:30 AM
Deliciously Dedicated Diehard MoneySaving Devotee
Join Date: Apr 2011
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The base point would depend on the order value. If you spent a tenner for example you wouldn't be offe 25 compo.

As for the article an letter template, they don't just need improving, they need completely re-doing
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# 7
Old 28-05-2014, 8:58 PM
MoneySaving Newbie
Join Date: May 2014
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Angry B&Q delivery

Ordered some kitchen worktops and other goods. Was told that it will be delivered on Friday 23rd May 2014 between 7:42 & 10:42. Never arrived despite a few phone calls and reassurance that they will be delivered on 23rd. Today is 28th May 2014, and despite promises that it will be delivered on 27th & 28th, we still have not received the goods. Had to take three days off based on their promises, but still no goods delivered. Surely I have a case against them and I could take these guys to court, right?
So disappointed in B&Q. Emailed their customer service, didn't even bother to response. Now I am thinking of cancelling the whole order for everything we ordered and Also thinking of contacting the watchdog and the Which? Magazine. What do you think?

Last edited by Whatsupdoc; 28-05-2014 at 9:07 PM.
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