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Building Regulations for Fence Height
Closed Thread
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# 1
Old 12-04-2008, 5:05 PM
MoneySaving Newbie
Join Date: Jan 2008
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Default Building Regulations for Fence Height

I've just moved into a new build property with a private garden. The partition fence (feather edge/closeboard) height in the garden to the property to our right (also new build as part of same project) is only 90cm tall. The neighbouring property is built perpendicular to ours which means that their ground floor living room (with patio doors) and upstairs bedrooms have unrestricted views into our garden (unless I'm lying down or crawling on fours close to the fence!).

Is there a building regulation that states that if a property is overlooking another then a fence must be a certain height?

I'm going to get the fence height raised anyway as it is my boundary fence, but I have a one year build defects insurance with the construction company that built it. If they've just made it shorter to save costs but shouldn't have done, then they can foot the bill.

Many thanks for any information.
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# 2
Old 12-04-2008, 5:13 PM
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Location: Midlands
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It would be a planning issue rather than a building regs one. I'd give your local one a call and see what would have been specified in the planning permission for your development.

I'm not sure that rooms overlooking a garden are a concern to planners. Admittedly, it does seem lacking in common snese on the builder's part if your neighbours are watching you playing volleyball when they should be watching tv
Everything that is supposed to be in heaven is already here on earth.

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# 3
Old 12-04-2008, 6:33 PM
MoneySaving Stalwart
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In certain cases there are specific rules regarding heights. these are often applied to victorian terraces to keep the original "feel" of the property. To the best of my knowledge there is no hard and fast rule regarding fencing (unless again specifcally mentioned in the deeds) and therefore you should be able to eract a fence of upto 1.8mtrs (6ft) tall without problems. But as Doozer girl has said, give the local planning dept a ring and I'm sure they'll be able to advise further.. I do doubt you will hae any comeback against the builders, as I would imagine all their documentation states is the provision of a boundry fence, no details provided.

City & Guilds qualified Wood Butcher
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# 4
Old 12-04-2008, 8:42 PM
Deliciously Dedicated Diehard MoneySaving Devotee
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generally speaking, any fence next to the highway (usually front only) is to be a max of 6ft.
(corner houses have 2 sides to consider).
there doesnt appear to be a national standard written in stone.
as been said, speak to your local planning office first. they are usually very helpful.
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# 5
Old 13-04-2008, 12:16 AM
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Join Date: Dec 2006
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Default Fence cover

I think its 6ft on the sides and 5 foot on the front but there can be loads of local variations so check.
However - plants are a different matter so can always put some bamboo plants in for screening.
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# 6
Old 13-04-2008, 8:56 AM
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Good morning: An excellent government website for accurate info on all things planning and building regs related...


Ask to see CIPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering)

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