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Old 01-11-2010, 12:41 PM
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11:45 Connecting...
11:45 Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
11:46 Support session established with david jones.
11:46 david jones restarting application as Windows system service

11:46 david jones: hi..this is david jones...
11:46 david jones: please click on ok than continue..

11:46 Connection closed. Attempting reconnection...
11:46 Application running as Windows system service
11:46 Checking configuration...
11:47 Connecting...
11:47 Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
11:47 Support session established with david jones.
11:47 You have granted full permission to david jones. To revoke, click the red X on the toolbar or press Pause/Break on the keyboard.
11:47 Remote Control started by david jones.

11:47 david jones: please type down your name,e-mail & phone no.(land line)..
11:49 david jones: thank you just leave the control of your mouse & keyboard....
11:50 david jones: 1157 infections and viruses r der......
11:52 david jones: 85 junk files
11:52 david jones: can u see???????????
11:53 david jones: after diagonising the problem of ur computer we have come to the conclusion that the software protection expired.........of ur computer........
11:53 david jones: u need to renew the software protection..

11:59 david jones has sent a link:

12:25 david jones: did u renew the software protection............
12:26 david jones: u der???????
12:26 Customer: yep just googling it but also on phone to friend at the moment. it's too expensive....
12:27 david jones: sir the software protection which u renew it's totally depend upon the basic configuration of ur computer........
12:28 david jones: like the opertating system which u r using........
12:28 david jones: it is mandatory for ur computer.........
12:28 david jones: today tomorrow or after one month u have to renew
12:29 david jones: otherwise it will crash the harddisk of ur computer............
12:29 Customer: which as you can see is unlicensed as i can't even afford that. i am an unemployed computer engineer so can't afford 99.95 no matter what the risk.
12:29 david jones: sir u can go ahead and renew for 6 months as well...
12:30 david jones: the renewal cost for u will be 59.95 pounds
12:30 david jones: it will take 1 hr to fix up all the problem of ur computer.........
12:30 david jones: bcoz i have to remove the errors and warnings from ur computer...
12:31 Customer: that's more expensive at 119.90 per year. i have bt broadband and get support through bt with netprotect plus from mcafee for free
12:31 david jones: mcaffee is just and anti virus and i m talking abt the total protection of ur computer.....
12:32 david jones: like ur running 100's of software in ur computer for the total protection u have to renew this is just the betterment for ur computer........
12:33 david jones: anyhow ur computer is badly infected by the infections and the viruses
12:34 david jones: u have to clean ur computer and u have to mend all ur software parts
12:35 david jones: If you are satisfied with our services then please reply us at
12:35 david jones: thank you for your time and patience have a nice day..
12:35 Customer: that's strange as this is a virtual machine and never been used before.
12:35 david jones: to end the session please close the chat box...
12:37 david jones: sir whenever u and ur family member browses internet when u go to google search engine or play onlinegames wathappens along with all this stuff all the infections and the viruses from that particular website gets downloaded into ur computer
12:37 david jones: bcoz internet is an open traffic
12:38 david jones: and slowly and slowly they r eating up the softwares part of ur computer.....
12:38 david jones: decreasing the efficiency of ur computer............
12:39 david jones: that is the reason ur harddisk is giving u the warning signal which is dangerous for ur computer
12:39 david jones: and it will crash the harddisk of ur computer............
12:40 david jones: and again u have to go to the market and purchase a new computer alltogether.....
12:40 david jones: and it will cost u more money........
12:40 david jones: so wat we r doing we r fixing up the software parts of ur computer so that u wont be facing any problem.
12:41 david jones: bcoz the hardware parts r fine there is only a problem with ur software's.........
12:42 david jones: like the application software,commercial softwareand the operating system software...........
12:43 david jones: so whenever u have sufficient fund just giv us a call and we will renew the software warranty of ur computer.....
12:43 david jones: call us at our toll free number...08000029135
12:44 david jones: anything else i can help u with.........
12:44 david jones: u der?????????????
12:45 Customer: still here. sorry still on phone to friend and still checking out your company on google.

still going i'll update this post later

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